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I swear, somebody brought a cat. He did it! by james smith My old Friend by Danielle Bloxsom Mom He Won't Get Up by Linda Miller Gesualdo He Had The Face of a Cherub by Chris Lord My Boyfriend Doesn't Coach Boxing For A Living He Does It For Fun by supernova23 Super He-Man  by Letter-Q Because He Loves Me Because He loves me / He died for me. / Because He loves me / He set me free. how vulnerable he must feel ...... by Alenka Co Is He Watching? by Starr1949 Chrissie by ducatirose What Is He? What is God? / Patient, / Kind, / Love, / My Strong Tower, / My Refuge, / My Fortress, / The Rock, / The beginning and the end, / IS / What… He is one of the world's greatest stunt guitarist by Chrysler Menchavez-Carlow He Knows The Way by Max DeBeeson Is He Following Me? by Keld Bach "Yes!  Here he comes." by Joy Rensch HE SPEAKS WITH FORK TONGUE by BCallahan He Makes Me Lie Down In Green Pastures by The Jonathan Sloat He saw us by David Shaw No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings by Michael Humphrys Ha And He thinks That's The Right Way-Duck Troubles by Michelle Scott "He just smiled and handed me a vegemite sandwich" by TheOracle Leviticus 5:5 he shall confess that he hath sinned by aprilann He said "Life is the dancer and you are the dance" by Danica Radman Date night with the Most High (He pays) Hey God / lets have a party and / lets not invite anyone / because it’ll / ruin / the / mood he watching you by keumurian elsa Nobody likes Rorshach when he drinks. by Coldtown he loves me, he loves me not... by byzantinehalo And he looks down over all the fishermen by butterflyashes He Walks he walks at night / pacing the cold steel / checking his watch time to time / worried / wondering if she managed / to slip away / without d… To He Who Pissed Me Off Rest the quill and stay your hand, / For your work is soft like shit. He and She on late April by yanoschick ty thinking he is king lear by dnlddean He Was Happy Once He was happy once. And now he’s not. Somewhere along the way that happiness faded until now it no longer exists. But if you ask him when, h… He is Back. The Campaign – Extras “What’s ‘Friends’ about?” he asked. / “How do you reach the age of of of?” / “Twenty four.” He obliged. / “Twenty four and not know F… lightly said he; was :"years for faith, and I have some: / if what faith is for cannot become, / then what must loneliness be in a / lake of fear? Here Come Old Flat Top He Comes Groovin Up Slowly by Robert Douglas He Leadeth Me Beside the Still Waters by librapat He Tries All his life he tries to please everyone else / He goes out of his way to make sure others are happy / He puts other’s problems before his … Functionalism 40 And he said I have two holes in … once upon / the possibility of consciousness unfolding humility rising / like the sun over the limits of parenting our sick duck with a bad leg he was lost and we found him  by darren  shaw Wheres he going! by Greg Parfitt He sang about white lilies and wiped a tear from her eyes by silvadove HE REALLY GREW UP by Thomas Barker-Detwiler Here He Comes by Julie Everhart He Swept Me Off My Feet by Jeanne Vail Dedicated to God And The Beauty He Has Given Us by marilyn diaz Let He Who Has Eyes See! by PaulCoover The Try He Couldn't Stop by Allen Gray He shoots, he scores!! by TheMobFanClub "He loves me, he loves me not" by Janine Branigan He Almost Got Away! by Peri He and She II by Jo-PinX I Love My Boyfriend Because He Protects Hamsters  by supernova23 My Husband Doesn't Coach Swimming For A Living He Does It For Fun by supernova23 Hannibal Calendar by Julia V. Almeida Calendar Oh how cupid he laughed. by Dawn Louise Sims He Crept In Through My Window. He crept in through my window / licking his lips / the cold followed him in / and clawed at my throat / where he planted his kisses / like … He knew everything... by robmiddleton He who laugh last... by Joshua Talboys he saw what was more interesting.  by Megan Smith where he should be  by Trish Threlfall Won’t He Also Repent? far from this quickness of attention / between me and God there is contention / for in the stroke of electrical charge convention / I was m… GraySkull Battle Cats by manikx He Loves Me? by Terri Tuazon “He who hesitates is a damned fool.” by HennaGoddess he is still the one the beautiful word forever A Poet is…… A poet is.. / Your sexiest dream, Your worst nightmare / Your best friend, The world’s best wonder / A rollercoaster ride dipping you / In… He Must Be Gently caresses my / shivering sides / My breath quick as a / r o l l i n g tide / Voice soothing in my / aching ears / Fingers wiping m… His Name Was Dragon, He Wore A Davey Crockett Hat by DavidBaddeley he runs rings around me by limerick The Master by Joseph Payton Only wished he had of stayed by Dareimages Is he, or is he not ? by Janone He has risen 2 by tonyflake2 He Laughs by Godfrey Blackwood He Walks  by Adrena87 Darkind by virginiapatrick Any chance he is carrying food? by Ron Co He likes to smoke by Erica Sprouse He is risen! by sunshine0 Master of all he surveys by mike  jordan. he oak by Clare McClelland Here he is, Lance A. by Rune Monstad A very tired Carota. Isn't HE lovely when HE yawns? by MissElenaT So He Paints. by Zaldy Infante He-Man by Crusader And then He came.... by IzzyGumbo He Lives by dianecarsey Kookaburra before he dived into the fish pond by Marilyn Baldey Part III He Failed To Show Up Part III He Failed To Show Up / It took Maria more time than she had anticipated with her decision to answer the soldier in uniform that o… Is he GORGEOUS or what??? by Lisa Taylor HE UPON by RayFarrugia he knows by Megan Smith He was THAT Hungry by paulmcardle HE  IS  RISEN by guitarman Because He Loves Me by STREETJEANS SIGNATURE CREATIONS
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