Mind Reading What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts? Letting Art Go I laid back and let tears roll down my cheeks / I laid back and heard the wind sweep across my belly / I laid back and shut my eyes to the … House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made A Daughters Farewell Revisited It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father Darkness Has Fallen Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun… picture of humanity there’s no more apartheid / so no more apocalypse / no more bewilderment then / I’m seeing the existence of bias / all conflic… Harmony Of Peace We need a world, where there’s no darkness / Oh God grant that we never seek / We need eternal life / We need peace! Feminine Intent – 4 part HARMONY As we humans, female/male balanced, embark on goals to freedom, happiness, health and love, we sometimes forget that the main ingredients n… AN ATROCITIES I was thinking bout last night when darkness to set back / from this monstrous things / that thing brings the pain / my eyes were crying / … SOUL TIME As I lay here in the grass, arms spread out, / My soul sinks into the Earth. / Gaia connects me to the earthen field, land of flowing river… In the Key of Peace Peace in you A Prayer for Enemies Lord, you know our hearts where our foes are concerned. We are filled with doubts about their motives and their actions, but at the same ti… RIVER Ever raging / Splashing at my heals / Taunting me / I thirst for it / But it burns / As tears often do LOVE THY NEIGHBOR we are God’s creation / each and every one of us / no matter what color skin / or what religion we favor / no matter what our customs are /… Pleasant journey I don’t mind travelling over the hills / the ups and downs of the terrain / all connect in a gentle and flowing ebb LIVING FOR THE PEACE + HARMONY OF ALL / [Video] My Theory on Crop Circles waiting till 2012, we can all clearly see that from an ecological & economic & spiritual & scientific point of view, we need so… Racism ~ I Too Have A Dream ~ Racism Racism , Life 2008 And Beyond ‘New Dancer’ bright flash! / my sudden dash, to sweet sounds just ahead; / I strain my ears, and try to hear / the mysterious melodies… / “…you ar… Peace and Conflict War / Three tiny letters / One destructive word / Fighting / Killing / Obliterating / How many times must / history repeat itself, / Bringi… the ocean inside how cruelty cowers / behind its reign / its empire the Past, / stained with stale bitterness / how we opened wings and flew / from the bott… Cosmic River …we are the captains of unsinkable ships. = Harmony = (no more war) will we return? / how can we leave! / war is the peculiar form of suicide fallen men invent / to fill the empty space in their souls, / ste… I Know This Man . . . I know this Man / Who possesses immeasurable courage and dignity, / Appeal and worth beyond belief, / More than anyone else I have ever kno… Contentment Contentment is a rejuvenating thing… Harmony To me harmony is when the fighting has stopped / When everything has gone quiet / When the bruises begin to heal and the scars start to fade Crusaders Within a pure heart… DANCING IN FIELDS OF LIGHT The moment we open wide / to simply receive what is here, what is now, / then the music for us begins again, LOVE PART 2 LOVE IS SPREADING AROUND MORE LOVE The Candles In The House Warmth. I don’t know I don’t know… / I was born alone / I died within the years / of sadness / of life’s hard winds / that blew me here and th… Harmony [Original Prose] Each person has a melody inside of him. / For some it is a light, lifting air in his heart, / for others a loud, resounding symphony Good Feelings I want to be that feeling. Peace & Harmony Peace & Harmony, / To the world, / Peace to live life. / As happy as you wish, / Be joyful for Peace & Harmony, / In the world &… Tread Softly Tread Softly my dear / I welcome your presence,

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