If only for a while.

showing you what life is all about / and being there for you,

All The Little Things

It’s the little things in life / that make the world go round; / that whisper in our ears / that oh so perfect sound. / It’s th…

You Took My “Alone”

yawn, / stretch, / wish for bead. / Shake it off, clear your head

Happy New Year and thanks

Lovely way to finish off the year

No Happy I See.

Ever from first… / Forever now cursed…


Im Happy Indeed / I Got A HOMEPAGE FEATURE / Thanks To Bubble HQ " – )) / “HOME PAGE ":http://www.redbubble.com/

do or die.

This or you, / alone. / No one to, / come home to. / No where to, / call home!

Objective: To be happy.

…my tears and my teeth can’t be tamed.

The Star…

Time passes and I have seen a million shooting stars / Each time gone before my mind can register their existence / Each time only leaving …

Still-Life favoured by Happy Haven

Thank you to the hosts of Happy Haven for favouriting my “Still Life”

Happy thanksgiving

well is that time of the year were we all give thanks for everything that has happen this past year and everything is good. / well it will …


I walk around with my head held high, a smile on my face, not a tear in my eye. / Everyone sees me as the happy girl with good grades and a…

Wishes are nothing but fake.

If wishes actually came true, / Then why am I here and not with you? / 11:11 ticks casually away, / And as I wish, this is where I stay. /…

Happy Mothers’ Day Mom~

Your like a flower / You slowly grow into the life your meant for even tho sometimes your flesh & peddles want to rid it’s self …

Happy Dance Time Top 10, 5-4-09 Featured 5-5-09

Thank you all of you kind friends who voted for my little bear “Sleepy Time” In the nostalgic bear challenge. ! Thank you…



Once upon a time, I lived on the 23rd floor just …

Alice in forever wondering land

It’s 9:27PM

I couldn’t help but care to listen. / My body was lunging me towards releasing / Another set of recollected thoughts / That could eas…


happy happy happy :)

Happy ending.

“Skip to the last, paragraph, just before we start, / To see the happy ending, or the broken heart.” / - The Futureheads.

happy on sundays

why would i try.

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my friends a happy and a prosperous New Year! Thanks for all the support in 2009 and nice comments on my photos….!

Snap Happy

It seized the young wife between powerful paws, / and started to run, with her held in its jaws

Happy Holidays!!


Twilight Invite

Twilight beckons the weary soul / to take part, / to lose the blanket of no hope, / of despair.


" Piccola e fragile . Merry Christmas and Ha…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

True Love

I smile at your idiocy


Silence can tell.

My little boy.

A smile on his face / a child filled with joy, / it makes me so happy

truth beyond words

I’m the dead spot in your diamond, / I’m the wasp on your daffodil; / I’m the bruise on the sweetest apple, / From the highest high, I’m th…


Friends are there to make you smile / To pick you up when you are down

I want to take a walk

I want to take a walk / through anishanabe / and listen to the still night / try to hear my ancestors whispers on the lake

True Story

On March the 13th Joanne a twenty-two year old attempted suicide. / Most people say only cowards take their own life / Tomorrow is another…

My life as a bird.

Simple, elegant, and a stranger to tears;

my happy dream

On my own / realize with no updates / I’m now alone / don’t think / you are inside myspace / no longer reading my blog / So you…

h a p p y II

They could take me / right now / and it’d be alright, / here in this crevice / of night, cloud-covered / in fetal where / nothing hur…

Finally… A happy one

Your arms around me / Holding on so tight / I’m happier than ever / With no end in sight / My hand is in yours / Fingers locked toget…

Merry Christmas Celebrate Year 2009 Happy New Y…

Merry Christmas Celebrate Year 2009 Happy New Year…………best wishes for all my Friends in Facebook…. / New Year’s Eve is December, …


The taste of a whispered smile; / Smooth and sweet like honey. / Savored by those / who’s heartstrings are tangled / in an everlas…

You Could Be Happy

I wake up in my bed with the sun in my face, / My heart racing, my blood pumping at such a pace, / I rush to get to school on time, / Throu…

WOOOFFF ! (Happy To Be Featured In Doggy Word)

WOOOFFF ! is featured in the excellent Statues And Such group… Another great choice ! / Many thanks to the hosts… / My best, Fr…

What tomorrow brings is yesterdays pondering

My life sometimes

Mood Swings of the Moon

The moon cries at dawn / As tears drip onto the now fading smile

“Happy Father’s Day”

Love for Dad / On / Fathers Day each year / Hello my Dad, how are you? / I miss your hugs, your talks, your loving / Most of al I miss you …

I Wish I Could Fly

One day you told me / I wish I could fly / I want to be weightless / High in the sky

Happy Momma’s Day

Happy Momma’s Day to a mom that’s been there spiritually / And spent summer swims and winter malls with me / Rode ridiculous ho…

Fear; Dilusion; Happy ending

I feared for his life last night / I never saw such a stone crack into pebbles / I didn’t want to believe that it could happen / I re…

tethering tide

i’ve sought out all the / petty salt watery tears, / but light does and can glisten on the other side, / question is will you let it

Happy Birthday

your song is one that brings / hope / that one day your stars shall be able to look out of the window again

Simple Emotions

I meant it when I said that I was sad to leave; / Leaving you left me restless and gleaned, / Emotionally picked through, / And torn of all…

Paint your self

“Colour My life With the Chaos of Trouble” – Belle & Sebastian

Life..simply put

Maybe we all need something to lok forward to..something to keep us wanting the next day. When people do not have this incentive to live th…

Happy vs. Crappy

Funny how some days go by, / Filled with joy and laughter. / While others make you want to cry, / And seem full of disaster

Little Black Box of Lost Love

There is a little black box / It is kept beneath my bed / It has the keys to my memories / Of a past love / That are locked away in my hea…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Paraphrasing Webster’s Dictionary and / from the Bible’s Love chapter / First Corinthians 13 / I am patient / I manifest forbearance u…

Happy Birthday Dad !!!!!

You are 58 , / this fine day. / Oh my, what shall I say. / You dont have arthritis, / your teeth are still in, / your able to bath , / and …


Mr.Drunky Poo spots you from the crowd of miserable, mourning people, waving his disgusting beer stained white hanky and alas-all eyes are …


RAINING A TREAT IN MELBOURNE Thats Good News. " – ))) / We have 4 Million + People with reserves of water @ 33 % @ the moment. …


Smile – it makes people wonder what you are up to!

Happy Mothers Day

A letter of love to my Mother on Mothers Day.

Happy Wherever You Are

It Doesn’t Matter That We Are Not Together…As Long As…

Happy Veterans Day!

To all who have and continue to serve! / THANK YOU / Happy Veterans Day! / Stay safe and healthy and come home soon!

Gently Into the Night

Say not my lover, / That these deeds be true / My faith, I had bequeathed to you / How could I not see past your hazel eyes? / Has all th…

A Happy Coincidence?

What price a coincidence? / A fortunate one, unexpected and pleasant / That would bring a smile to dry lips / So accustomed to limp accepta…

Way to be happy

There was a guy, / happy I’m told, / he lived so long / he forgot to be old.

Happy Solstice

This morning I sauntered on to Yasmin Boland’s Facebook site and saw this quote – I liked it and wanted to share it with you immediately: /…

Picture Perfect

This is the vision I paint

without you, my little boy

with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission

Dream Shot #14

“Once upon a risk factor of your dreams; the ones you are living and …”

I made a Sale : )

I Just Sold A T-Shirt: / http://www.redbubble.com/people/elenne/works/9345506-love-beats

Living With a Chronic Illness

The loss I feel everyday, / reminds me to fight, / hold on, / and don’t let go.

Happy Spring Day……!!!

Every sunset gives us 1 day less 2 live! / But every sunrise give us, / one day more 2 hope! / So, hope 4 the best. / Good Day and Happ…

Do something for others.

Make someone happy / make someone smile, / make them feel good / if only for a while,

happy bubble

a happy bubble just popped in my head


To think of leaving / makes me sad, / but i look at you / and it makes me glad, / to have known you and loved you / as you have with me,

Happy Anniversary

Some build their dreams in brick / Some build their dreams in stone / Some build a dream together / Some build their dreams alone

" Sending You and your family special wishes…

Merry Christmas & Happy…" was featured in Country Bumpkin

The way i feel around you.

you make me feel happy / you make me feel glad,


Give me your darkness and give me your light / Show me I said as I closed my eyes tight / I’m swimming she said, I’m surrounded by waves

Be aware of the kraken

On the verge of all chances lurks something, dastardly sneaking closer, clenching … keeping it small and weak. Like a kraken … …

Is this wrong?

The rattling of the wind on the windows / Deafens the sound of emptyness that repeatedly elevates through this room, / The echoing sound of…

A Special Kind Of Love

Blood may be thicker than water but love is thicker than anything. / Love is a friendship set on fire!

Seasonal Hours.

Opaque coverings on a cloudy day / Atomic blowup, you blew me away… never can quite say the things I want to say… time for fore…

Stealing Happy

No more passive anthems / No more handsome loneliness / No more affections for feelings that melt me / into insecurities / bury that old n…


One day and someday we’ll buy you a dog / You’ll name him Eduardo and give him a log / A dog did you say? / I don’t like it that way / A L…

Happy New-Year to all

Dear RB members, / I wish you Health… / So you may enjoy each day in comfort. / I wish you the Love of friends and family… / An…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Every mother is special.


Open your eyes to a new perspective / Take the colorful sounds and high pitched images / Watch how my words solarize an idea… / and c…

Happy Birthday

Please eat up all your cake…Before it decides to eat you.


Once a man of old age sat beside me and spoke, / And I listened and nodded polite. / He spoke of a difficult life long ago, / Days of hard…


Sometimes I see you / As a different person / Not a person / At all / An exhausted soul / Battered by the fall / You had no idea was comin…

a happy birthday [i.d.] WRITING IN PROGRESS

yes, tomorrow the chemist comes / to lecture me re the pills subs / scribed me; pill/ailment relations / inbetweenians, yes, tween d.n. / a…


My one, my only, my sunshine, please say you’ll be all mine, ’til the end of time.

Alone again.

To hear you laugh / to see you smile,

Eternal Student

This is not a test / But it is a test… / …Don’t let me hold you back, but please, please hold me down
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