I Am Tiger I am what I am, and I will not change because you think me beautiful. / I am what I am, and I will not change because you think me cute. /… SAD – Seasonal Adjustment Disorder this is so true / in winter, i’m blue / in spring i’m waiting / for summer ‘now few’ Unanswered questions We land on our bums or stand tall and proud / But at least if we’ve followed our dreams / Our lives will be full and not ruled by the… Written On My Skin Each caress / Each torture / Every single loving word / Every single bitter accusation Possibly Maybe, Probably Not. . . (the poem) Oh how I love the feel / Of that sacred one first Kiss. / Can it be the start of / A love that should not be missed? Dumped. A bear hug, kiss on the forehead / And a giant toblerone would also be welcome. Mermaid You always thought of me as a / Mermaid / In a sea of sharks / You thought they were always looking at me / So you were protective / Then y… lost and found nothing worth living for / no one to hold / no more ’I’m home love’ / fled band of gold Do You Know? Always asking, never ceasing to compare, / We compare ourselves to those around us, / Revealing only what we want them to see. It is a curious feeling It is a curious feeling / When something happens that hurts so much / That you cannot feel it / Like water so hot it feels cold / Emotions … When Will I be Happy Waitin’ for this fog to lift It took one. Fast ridded you of your old friends and loves / Changed through the bright surroundings / Of life Rolling Hills of Skipton This story has lots of emotion, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Time Perception Time / Is perpetual / Perception of time / Is not I wish i were a song. I wish i were a song. / Maybe then i could flow with the melody and my life would last just 3 minutes and 23 seconds. / But i would exist f… Remember “Remember,” said the girl. / “Remember,” said the boy. Life is a segment, not a ray. Life is a segment, not a ray. / No one’s forcing you to stay. / Death is more than a place in time, / it’s the only point that … replace me inside of me / does not cause happiness / things outside of me / I look for / to replace how i feel One More Minute It’s a lesson thats never new, nor never old. / Always preached, never practiced. A sad story for a happy day if the boy could fly too, / fly that high / he would be free ALTERNATIVE …. choice of the inevitable… Hide N’ Seek Around 1998 my brother tells me to stop singing. I tell him to get a life. We sit down and watch “The Sound of Music.” / Around… Nature is my Goddess Nature is my goddess- / take me back, make me foliage, / and let dampened moss come envelop my organs. / Filing-cabinet morgue rent to pay… Happy A word is a word, / A sigh is a sigh, / Both are heard, / Both can lie. / A touch is a touch, / A smile, is a smile, / Both we crave much,… Sand In My Undies (Another Novel Idea Yeah… it was like wet stand against your skin. Rubbing away layers until it was embedded so deep it didn’t hurt anymore. Jerk Why / won’t you / let me smile? Toby does Sturgeon Bay You have to be happy within yourself Butterfly butterfly / linger on my window / butterfly / float beside my door / butterfly / show me where my love is / butterfly / give me wings to so… My Hearts True Love My heart pounded loudly, quickening by the second………..It beat faster and faster as if it were a humming birds wing, stinging so… this is what makes me i guess… I am the breaker and the broken. / I am the take that has been stolen from. / My greatest weakness is what makes me strong, loved feeds me … You only have one chance… I just hope next time sadness comes to visit me, I can actually sit down and share my time with her instead of trying to scape. Maybe that … For all those people that the holidays are not so… All this holiday crap will be over soon Crushed Her heart finally told her / to stop wasting her time. The Queen of the Boat Epilepsy fictional story of love and loss. timeless family R.I.P 08-19-2008 No hay riquesas sin trabajo, / No hay placer sin consencia, / No hay comercio sin moralida, / No hay siencia sin humanidad,, / No hay educa… You can’t have light without dark. Those days when you’re a queen; / On top of the world, / So alive / And happy. / Nothing can ever stop you / Or get in your way. / Yo… Sanctuary Ants, earwigs, crickets hide behind blades of grass, / Find safety and seclusion under the fallen leaves of trees Zoning Myself To Sleep so in the mean time / i will sleep just when i can / sleepless days have / left my mind behind / but when i’m sleeping / all i do is … I MISS HER my grandma was the world to our family, her life made us. she is the person I want to be In your memories I’ll give you this you left with the grace of a plane crash, as subtle as a train wreck. I Hope You’re Happy I hope you’re happy now / Luring me in, / Building me up, / And dropping me like I was an old soggy news paper / You take, take, take… The Sad And Happy Face From the back of the pick-up truck the view was un forgetting, / The bumpy road made the ride dangerous and at times regretting. / Many poo… Our Story How do you measure in units of pleasure, the value of short lived love, whether you brought enough, thought much on all I’d done sometime b… If I Could Tell The Old Me A poem I wrote when I finally realized that there will always be good things at the end of tough times. Where you are I am glad, / that you’re far away / and smiling; / comfortable inside your own / precariously arranged space / of perfect / while I&… I’LL SEE YOU WHEN YOU GET THERE When, where, and how do we all get so sad we gotta live up to much. ALL of us can keep on truckin’ as long as WE ALL BECOME A ONE! The what if game. They say that I’m a worrier / Constantly bothered, / Scared and afraid. / There’s no need to worry, but, / I can’t help it when I play / Th… For the First time For the first time / For the first time / For thr first time / Will I be able to say “You’ll always be mine?” Love is Love is / your face retreating / a shy smile curling / your lips closing / eyes wide opening / those eyes that swallowed my breath away BETTER NOW Don’t try to deceive or refuse to believe / …You like to admit, you won’t let it fit… / …….Like fair to accept, lif… the stolen heart for she was mis led Would you? Would you? / Strap me down / So that I wouldn’t hurt myself Is this love? Is it love that makes me lie / To say that I’m ok / That everything’s alright? Emotion without it, you wouldn’t be who you are now. IN LOVE WITH HATE A HURT, IS A BEE THAT STINGS BECAUSE IT IS SAVING ITS LIFE…. Life? To Live they say / Is to love SUICIDE NOTE OF THE SIMULACRUM Then they have the audacity to ask me why. / Why am I being so cruel? / I must be a fool / To think that an imitation / Ever mattered at al… Our Emotional Gadget Maybe we’ll meet in New York- BUT FIRST… A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR I don’t know anything…anymore / Save that what I do…is who I am… Let it go. . . . . .So keep the past the past / Leave those memories to collect dust / Thrown them in the river / Let them sink and rust. . . Five Summer 2005.. Three groups of friends joined as one. / We stayed up for days at a time. Drinking,smoking,singing and dancing. / What a fami… the advice no one asked for: So, I’ve been thinking a lot. / I know a lot of people in my life / who seem… well, lost. To say / the least. Sometimes they co… Done Because I am no longer your pawn / I had loved you with everything I had / And you had once made me glad / But now all you know is how to h… Mask There is a face you cannot hide, / a mask in which we all reside. / It is a burden we must bear, / a mask that we must wear. / It’s t… EXCUSE THE POETRY or ALWAYS… Away and back again / Or never having left you / Out of my mind My Guardian Angel… You hold my hand when I am weak, / And vulnerable at times. / And as you smile I cannot help / But turn my lips upward, / And duplicate the… Eternal Bliss im wishing for the first time / a glimpse of light something to lead me home / as the snow melts so does my thoughts, / drifting away slowl… Happy and Sad If you are happy, / you will remember the person, / whom u love the most…. / But, when you are sad, / you will remember the person, /… Not Always a Happy Ending. . . I tried to call you / All I got was your voice / On the answering machine / saying “Leave a message after the tone” Happy? It took me a while / To realise, / that what I’m feeling / is a strange emotion / called happiness. / Then I was sad, / because I cou… Star Crossed Lovers Gentle breeze; star-crossed lovers; I breathe his name / An angels whisper; the softest sweetest sound / My senses awakened; heart heavy w… how, then, should I presume You were happy. I have known you happy. I have seen your happiness and been the cause of it. I have seen it light up in a yellow room. I ha… R-E-A-L-I-Z-E Realizing, / Contemplating, / The depth, / Of my soul. / I know I’ve, / Lost my cool, / My unkindness, / My unfaithfulness. / I knew, / My… Lets Just Be Friends – For L***a (the beautiful) For everything / I have ev’r known / In my heart Me I walk around with my head held high, a smile on my face, not a tear in my eye. / Everyone sees me as the happy girl with good grades and a… I want to take a walk I want to take a walk / through anishanabe / and listen to the still night / try to hear my ancestors whispers on the lake True Story On March the 13th Joanne a twenty-two year old attempted suicide. / Most people say only cowards take their own life / Tomorrow is another… Liars The taste of a whispered smile; / Smooth and sweet like honey. / Savored by those / who’s heartstrings are tangled / in an everlas… You Could Be Happy I wake up in my bed with the sun in my face, / My heart racing, my blood pumping at such a pace, / I rush to get to school on time, / Throu… Mood Swings of the Moon The moon cries at dawn / As tears drip onto the now fading smile tethering tide i’ve sought out all the / petty salt watery tears, / but light does and can glisten on the other side, / question is will you let it Simple Emotions I meant it when I said that I was sad to leave; / Leaving you left me restless and gleaned, / Emotionally picked through, / And torn of all… Little Black Box of Lost Love There is a little black box / It is kept beneath my bed / It has the keys to my memories / Of a past love / That are locked away in my hea… THE THEATER BOX FUNERAL Mr.Drunky Poo spots you from the crowd of miserable, mourning people, waving his disgusting beer stained white hanky and alas-all eyes are … Living With a Chronic Illness The loss I feel everyday, / reminds me to fight, / hold on, / and don’t let go. Friends. To think of leaving / makes me sad, / but i look at you / and it makes me glad, / to have known you and loved you / as you have with me, Eternal Student This is not a test / But it is a test… / …Don’t let me hold you back, but please, please hold me down light will prevail when the darkness creeps across the land and the bird give their last cry / all is over for that ray of hope that a moment ago seemed so st… The Madness of Shoulbe Couldbe Shouldbe stole my happiness last night, / And Couldbe made me run a million miles. / My legs are weak and heart is full of fright, / For Sh… Tears of a Memory I soar through the clouds / mist on my eyes / like tears of a memory Happy Day The weightless feeling caused by roller coasters. / The sound when an earthquake is growing closer. / The shaking hands of the sick. / The … Life or Death? I am a hope that you have not found, / My voice carries words, without a sound. / These blotches on your screen, / compose everything I mea… as sad as being happy I talked to someone today. / Someone who’s paid to listen to me. / Because people don’t actually listen. / They’ll pump y… First Love Nothing can ever compare to a first love / They get trapped in you head / Never wanting to leave the endless fantasies taking place / Wonde… Hopes Oh there is a hope, / Pick your head up, / No reason to mope. / Your life is a cup, / and circumstances fill it, / The amount of liquid, / … Take a Sad Note, and Play it Under the Moon take a sad tune, and play it under the moon; / that way, it’ll sound less sad, and you won’t feel so bad. / so, you see? life is hard, it’s…
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