I feel safe, / I feel hope, / For I have seen tomorrows luster today.

Written On My Skin

Each caress / Each torture / Every single loving word / Every single bitter accusation

Possibly Maybe, Probably Not. . . (the poem)

Oh how I love the feel / Of that sacred one first Kiss. / Can it be the start of / A love that should not be missed?

Bowing Sun Flowers

These modest sun flowers bow because they are shy, / They are happy to let all of the other sunflowers have the entire sky,

just right

you know it’s right / when you feel / that little click / on the final notch / when the tumblers / all fall down

What Makes You Happy

My heart has bloomed a thousand hearts / And those thousand hearts / A thousand hearts / And they all / Make / Me Happy

It is a curious feeling

It is a curious feeling / When something happens that hurts so much / That you cannot feel it / Like water so hot it feels cold / Emotions …

The Singer Who Dances With His Songs

wonderment to your face / That sensual smell / weakening and bodies giving

Happy Easter | Karin Taylor

I rather like Father Bob / cos he’s not a total knob / and I love a lot of people / who are different / I’m a seeker / I like m…

Be Happy

I’m depressed / But I guess / It’s just all the stress / Clenched like a fist / And taking refuge in my chest

no happy endings

Once a shiny toy with a pretty bow, / it now has lost its halo, / rusty creaks and dirty smears, / cobwebs and bitter tears, / nothing …


float through streams

I wish i were a song.

I wish i were a song. / Maybe then i could flow with the melody and my life would last just 3 minutes and 23 seconds. / But i would exist f…

Constant and Sure

Dreams in quiet thinking, singing waters flow. / Bubbling over green, mossy rocks. / Under a blanket of shade of midevil days, / Away from …

Clear Days

I want to lie here forever. But I know that it’s getting late and I must go to bed. But I’ll be back tomorrow

A Little Train Ditty

Clickety clack / And all that / Hustle and bustle / Turmoil and trestle / An urban abstract of geometry / Above and below / As trains cree…

Happy New Year Poem for You!

Redbubble is a bright light shining our way, / bringing us together each and every day. / Happiness, peace and love I wish for you, / Surro…

3 evening haikus

The stars are a song / my mind plays during sunset, / waiting patiently. / I often stay up. / Two a.m. is my good friend. / We were forced …

Our Love

We were young / It was so new / We were in love

Angels Smile

A glint, / Of hope, / A shard, / Of light, / A piece, / Of happy, / A sliver, / Of truth. / Today in heaven / Angels cheer, / For the child…

Thank You

Thank you, Love, For everything. / You’ve made my life worthwhile. / You’ve made me so much happier. / Thank you for your smile.

The girls

Water splashes as feet run through the stream / Peals of laughter under the summer sun / Once ashore, they link arms / Skipping along the p…

two Americas

the work of our champions of art and liberty without having in any way aided us."

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat / Give me something good to eat

Happy thoughts….

my bare feet feeling for the first time the cold wet dew on the grass / the sun peaking over the houses and trees around me like a game of…

Eye Wonder

Her eyes / Looking up / See me looking at her

It looks like love to me

You look / Then smile / All the while / You never look away / My eyes / They see / It looks like love… to me

my point

When I say they read,I mean they know how to read; when I say they write, I do not mean that they can always spell;




It is the big black before an execution, / Dark enough for him to feel the texture of a sound. / Fresh from an alcoholic stupor (giving a s…

And Then I Saw the Light

So lonely, not knowing what to do / Wandering aimlessly, going nowhere / Does anyone know what I’m going through / With my everlasting desp…


A girl sits and contemplates all of what she’s been through. The men she’s talked too. Thoughts of Him rush to her head. Eve…

Racing Down The Highway

Pushin it up from / One to five / Smoothing out the ride / Freedom’s a highway / Glorious and empty / Racing speeds / Blue skie…


Once in a while i like to take a moment, / To catch my breath and break a moment, / To forget all the hate, the stress, and the hustle: pos…

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

why believe the wolf / if he swears / (by all that’s good) / not to tear my heart out / and eat me whole?

If I Could Tell The Old Me

A poem I wrote when I finally realized that there will always be good things at the end of tough times.

To see your face…

To see your smile each day / is heaven

Too Much

I peer at the finish / Through the pounding hail

Beaching laughter

The winds raced the grainy sands / Up and down the shore / A child’s laughter joined the throe / As he entered the sea for more.

A wee poem frae the Auld Yin fur this wee burd:A …

Bonny wee burd luvly wee burd ; sittin’ oan the waater,


What’s that creeping, sneaking, / Through the grove of angry trees? / The taint of evil visions, / Painting shadows on the breezeR…

The Happy Poet

A poet is a person deep / Or so I have heard them say / They rise pondering the universe / Before they start their day / Love lost and love…

Upon this Christmas Day

Go forth and tell all others / Who had no chance to hear / The news of hope and of… the joy


This is my place never disturbed

True Friends Are Rare

Friends are there / Friends are the ones who care / They comfort you / When you cry / They share the joy / In celebratory times / Friends a…

Summer Sweet

Categorically / she / is an orange in / the lemon trees

Blissful Dream, or Heaven?

Teeth flash / Eyes sparkle / Heart sings / Such beauty

Happy Anniversary

And I thank God / we can communicate / without always / talking…

Electric stars are tickling my palms

I’ve got a happy-dancy sort of feeling in my heart / The urge to run / The urge to scream / To be

Tripping (poetry)

Tripping / through life, / on my tongue,

dreams a funny place

A wake from wake ups and its still sleep / the dream is the start but it never ends, / ascends to the past to visit figures and a fumes / a…

A poet’s death scene: Happy Halloween ̵…

yes, i think this is how they will find me: a poet, dead from unspoken words.

Clowns paint on happy;

Filled with jokes for everlasting laughs / Balloons creating giant giraffes / Hair just like a rainbow / Tricks are up your sleeve / But no…

What Makes me happy.

 When I see my friends run to give me a hug in the morning before school. /  When I do well at a subject that I think I’m bad at. /  Whe…

Pretend to be happy.

In love. But not who it should be. what to do.


Shine like gold under the sea,…

Eternal Bliss

im wishing for the first time / a glimpse of light something to lead me home / as the snow melts so does my thoughts, / drifting away slowl…

Dreams and Nightmares of Space

Where are dreams born that is clearly in sight? / Where the sun isn’t day and the moon isn’t night.

Star Crossed Lovers

Gentle breeze; star-crossed lovers; I breathe his name / An angels whisper; the softest sweetest sound / My senses awakened; heart heavy w…

Happy Birthday

When I wake up and see your face / Your soul shines beauty, grace. / I yearn to touch your skin, / For it improves the state I’m in…

Snap Happy

It seized the young wife between powerful paws, / and started to run, with her held in its jaws

I Wish I Could Fly

One day you told me / I wish I could fly / I want to be weightless / High in the sky

without you, my little boy

with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission

Dream Shot #14

“Once upon a risk factor of your dreams; the ones you are living and …”

Living With a Chronic Illness

The loss I feel everyday, / reminds me to fight, / hold on, / and don’t let go.


Give me your darkness and give me your light / Show me I said as I closed my eyes tight / I’m swimming she said, I’m surrounded by waves


One day and someday we’ll buy you a dog / You’ll name him Eduardo and give him a log / A dog did you say? / I don’t like it that way / A L…


And if you ever open the door, / And I hear you cross the floor, / And you say, ‘I am sure.’ / Then…

Happy Endings

lost another. Monday bloody Monday. all but ending. Twenty-three hang myself. Snowdrifts 6 feet high. 20 deaths limped on my ba…

Lunch Line Love

He told me he loved me in lunch line today / He said it so softly, but meant it I pray

Happy Place

When you wrap your arms around me / A smile comes to my face. / Combined with the warmth of your heart- / I reach my happy place.


You sing / And the melody / Delights me, / Resurrecting / Faded, sepia memories / Of simpler, happier days

What is Love?

Love is loving you more than the universe can hold stars and makes your heart race faster than a bundle of speeding cars.

Finding your place in the art community

As a great man once said when the hounds are silenced it is the mad dog who barks..


Dancing to Nature’s merry suite / On slender legs and slippered feet.

just lie with me tonight

man / cannot love / but only himself / because we so quickly and / with ghosts and whispers / forget

Happy Day

The weightless feeling caused by roller coasters. / The sound when an earthquake is growing closer. / The shaking hands of the sick. / The …

My fairy tale

…She wanted to rise above / She wanted to have control / To destroy the lover’s love / This was her goal…


Warm sun filled universe, attacked by darkness to the death.

Bee-ing Happy (Haiku)

Written to be combined with a display of 4 macro photographs of bees on flowers.


Dancing in the wind; / We were happy, then. / Life was almost constant joy. / It was pure gold- / without alloy. / Though, we could not be …

Exploding Heart Technique

The dynamite is packed and loaded, / For my heart to be exploded. / The fuse it fizzles ever shorter, / I wish I could be dipped in water. …

the night is starburnt and whimsycut

with pitterpattern fingers / & thunderstiken eyes

Oh Happy Day!

Well you plied your trade / Despite the tyrants heavy boot

just turning off the oven

now that you’ve turned away / and wrote my ending for me / as a beautifully drunken goddess at dusk would

I Hope You’re Not Lonely

Colloquial evanescence unbuckled / Made hard to find / Coffee hot and pot high / Pulling bagels out from where they hide / Mouth full of f…

Rain of What I Feel

Eyes that call to mind vast and beautiful vistas / Warm soaring stretches of natural wonder, quietly leading into the tranquility of home /…

Crouching with a Bottle of Green

I am the creature with one hundred eyes / Colorful yet blind / Hungry and trite / Pulling quotes from outside / I am rising to the tides / …

Have I Ever

Have you ever cried because you felt so alone? / Have you ever been left outside in the cold? / Have you ever lived in a home that did not …

Loud Like the Taste of a Memory

Loud like the taste of a memory / Thick and cold with the hint of a reverie / Sinking your teeth into the extremities / Of all, that is lef…

Digitized in the Evolution of Youth

Add a poem / Write a thought / Post a video / Like & Subscribe / Clutch your mouse / Click and drag / Watch as you waste away / Another…

The Worst

All the fish know what you did that day / They told the dolphins and the whales / The sharks were present, to no avail / To them, you are t…

Untitled in Life

Been so long since I cared about anything / The ocean, the sea / All so far from me / Every chance I got to be a human being / I turned dow…

The Monologue

Lay me down / Upon a river of sticks / Pour out your heart / Strike the match / Watch me burn / Tie the knot / Secure the cement to my feet…

A Simple Gift for Christmas

I stand before our Christmas tree / admiring the beauty of the lights / My spirit is full of joy of what I see / It’s the magic of …

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