I wrote this first in long hand in the dark I wrote this first in long hand in the dark / to feel the words take me innocently upon the page / the distractions of the colour of life … 9/11 “America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just… LUCKY IN LOVE Lucky is the person who walks amongst the bad in life “Thankyou…..for holding my hand…… In a faraway corner of the farm, I stumbled across the small cairn of rocks, with the little brass plaque, and the memories came flooding b… The deceitful hand of a friend I took your hand / with a trusted shake / you took my man / when I was not awake / inseparable as friends / some say joined at the hip / … Moonlight Sonata in the palm of a Poet’s hand It’s no accident / that light comes through / like mosaics of windowless panes: / from Sunday hats and prayer bowls— / to screaming in a … The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … POET’S LAST SITTING he was found there / morning after / sitting naked I will hold your hand… holding hands with those whom I love and love me back! A New Hand In Yours Created for my daughter… I kiss your hand now I kiss your hand now / to add love to all you’ll touch / it could be important tomorrows a flower child / without a flower / where did those years go / i close my eyes / the clock rewinds / there i am / with a glass of wine /… Touched by Art A warm story of how an artwork warmed the hearts and souls of two artist halfway around the world from one another. Momentum living on the edge of obnoxious / by some freak of fate I escaped / nothing would tempt me to live here / the hope slipped from my grasp an… When You Take My Hand Starting in the light of love / I could carve my world / only from the different shadows /        &nbs… Stretch out your hand . . . Have you ever wanted to give up . . . Give me your hand. I will take it to my face. / I cannot see. / I don’t want to. / I just want this. / Here. / Run it over my features. / This / is your… Shotguns and hand grenades leave no words behind. my poetry / is rough,tough, / no dictionaries needed, / much like me, / carefree! / just a bunch of words / left over from the roads / that… Is It A Twist Of Fate Or The Hand Of God ? When the floodgates of opportunity and prosperity are open fore you / Is this a twist of fate or God’s hand of provision ? The Blender “What happened to your watch?” / “It got caught in the blender." …And all of a sudden. Creating moments of life, love and every little thing that hung inbetween. Style Style is like a hand writing. / It is your identity. / A beginning artist is struggling at first to look what style he really wanted. / A… RED and willing ….. his warm hand What do I hold in my hand? They are but shadows / of a man I once loved / who is but a memory, / who cannot for all asking, / return from the dead A Helping Hand I was getting pretty alarmed at one point as the flames spread down the hill towards the two houses above the village, one of which was min… This hand of mine CRYING HAND / This hand you see here / once spoke to me…. / …about a forever bound broken / and I didn’t understand the m… Path to Eternity if not you, Lord… / Divine spirit / devine God / sacred firm / strengthen / merciful savior / you would not hand us conscientiously o… The Lovers Journey….. Two feeling umbilical, as one and whole / No one can take flight from you / the etching upon your pillow / not another soul can dry those … Mental Artefacts that Slumber in the Dirt of Hist… Most of my photos / are not in albums or collections / rather - / they’re indexed in the vault of my psyche. / Like me / sprawled on the … Simple. I send a smile, / that stays for a while, / a whispered kiss, / a moments bliss, / a light caress, / to help you rest, / a quiet song, / so… Mysterious Life, What Do You Hold For US in Your … A bit more classical than my normal approach. I leave it to you to judge. Take My Hand when i get disturbed at life or just need a pick me up this is the poem i find myself reading….. ? On the other hand The thought of you fills my heart / To know you, completes me. / The thought of us, / makes me smile. / On the other hand… / The thought of… capricorn hand my fetal curl a hand span …to do as done beyond the ways of which is seemed bequethed to us… THE RED ROSE A single rose / Crimson red / He sat beside her / On her bed / Fragrance filled the room / She turned and looked into his eyes / Gentle an… With a hand under her chin the screen flicked to … a bit o silly “A Bird In The Hand” “A days wage for a meal is what we are billed, to buy now and then to pay later” My Sweet Toxin The reality hits like a bullet to the heart / we can never be. we are bound to others. Hand Holding… … is heart holding. / :) A hand of lost thoughts that careless moment of limbo between consciousness and sleep My hand on your heart…. Blood rushes through my veins / I am heady Talk to the hand because the face ain’t lis… It is perhaps the most obnoxious phrase to ever grace the human oral tradition. Many of us have said it at least once in our lives; whether… A Vicious Envy Wasn’t that your eye, / that green? Jim Yes we all love jim Worlds Apart ( A Continuation of the Queens Libra… Opening the large doors, Mez smiled, “ Yes, I cannot find it. It was going to help me defeat another queen in a distant city. Her magic is… domestic ass his other hand searched & grappled her bosom firmly whilst he mouthed her tense slender neck. one hand strained rhythmically below whi… MOTHER The hand of a “Mother”…. / Who cared for “ALL” others…. / But you sweet Mother, were gone… la indias rose galery of pop-art hand drawen sinc… the drawings that are displayed are all done in the year around 1983 to the end of 1999 that was the last and i still have theme FLOWERS A flower blooms so gently / Softly growing in the warm earth / Showing it’s petals / In glorious birth / As the petals open / In the … THE KING OF NAPLES Clad in black like an Italian Ninja.    Reminiscing He has the kind of lips that say forever and mean it. The kind of lips that kissable does not well enough describe… the kind that sta… A Hand. In a hand, / Lies a truth, / Lost in lines, / and scars. / The truth we hold, / The lies we’ve told, / The lovers held, / And broken.… Slight of Hand Lock away your children / And take away their light You could be no stranger I pull at you with every willing breath / That isn’t screaming Under the Tree – In the Rain no body saw / you kissed me A RECURRING DREAM Every night when I sleep / I hear breathing so deep / When I turn you take my hand / We fly over the land / Over terrain, over sea / Only … Raise your right hand When I was nineteen / I raised my right hand / To honor and protect / My country / Then / I raise my rifle / In a foreign land / To hono… Your Hand In Mine Put your hand in mine and I will never let go. / We’ll walk the path of life together and see all the beauty and / experience and sh… THE VINTAGE COUPLE THERE IS LOVE AND EMOTION / PASSION AND DEVOTION / HE LOVED HER MORE THAN LIFE / MADE HER HIS ADORING WIFE / THEY MARRIED AT A YOUNG AGE / … crumbs and a gentle hand crumbs,and a gentle hand / raise the day to new heights. / the joy of the gift, / unlit eyes, then given to shine, / smudged minds / think … TRUE LOVE Never wanted love that was tainted / Nor love that was painted / Only wanted love so true / And then I found in you / Music plays when I lo… Fate’s Cold, Grim Hand The wind whipped on a frosty night, / The stars and new moon darkly bright. / The village slept beneath the chill, / Though snow remained u… Autumn’s Hand With a whispering hand, / almost unnoticed, / Autumn gently dispels the summer the artist’s hand There’s a cat that eats / the tips of my long grasses. / I say beware of the silk / within them. Nothing I emit / is either all true … your hand we dance in distances too great Golfing “Got a surprise 4 u.catch u 2moro.” i’ll dance in the rain a leaping cloud / sky so gray / trees are barren / rain today / took off my coat / and my shoes / danced in the rain / to rid the blues / t… Thanksgiving Thought, To Every One At RedBubble You don’t have to be American, to set tomorrow as a day to take some time to thank God, for all the blessing He has granted in your l… GROOVY GUITAR PLAYER He’s groovy sitting there playing guitar / Hopes one day he’ll be a star / One day Jerry Lee will be around / And hear his wond… The Letter What about the letter, sent so it should never arrive? Coiled in an old Chardonay bottle and set free to sail the open seas. Hold My Hand My hand is cold, my path alone. / Hold it now and walk me home. / My heart beats a love for you. / Its oh so nice if you want me to. / A ye… The Hidden Hand His eyes opened, then, and he smiled at her. Peace be still Peace be still and know that I am God….. with paintbrush in hand with paintbrush in hand / paint me a purple sky / gold glistening stars / Angels dancing between / the moon and the sun / white clouds flo… On the other hand… I have compassion / you throw it in my face / I find peace / you destroy it / I move on / you follow me / I heal / you open my wounds / I … Heart in Hand ( My Vow ) Delicate Strengthening Love Hand in Hand take this light, watch it shimmer in the night / let the gift of light, shine into our life / the world collides, and we watch it all pass … Future Wife let the songs swing from those streetlights HOLD MY HAND HOLD MY HAND / LET’S TAKE A WALK / WE CAN LOOK IN EACH OTHER EYES / WHILE WE TALK / IT IS TIME TO REMINISCE / AND REMEMBER OUR DREAM… i just want your hand ill make it my music / from your fingertips / to palms / sing my soul / to sleep and to wake / with what id never have / without you withi… The Beauty of Creation The beauty of Creation / reflected in the Master’s hand / call Him Mother Nature / He doesn’t mind, / He understands Honor the Heart in Hand Antiquated customs disguised as honor / take her breath away / WHILE / men with jagged stones / steal / her last / heart beat. twitch The retarded flicker of luminosity on this velvet night, / Aggravates my retina causing blepharospasm, / Twitch twitch. Deep Blue Tuesday: A First-Hand Account of the Ev… People were screaming. People were crying. People were livid with anger. People were running. © HAND CRAMPS BY GRAMPS Remember – / days in school, / when breaking the rules / meant writing down / 100 lines? Those who see His hand at work…. The gift of sight, makes possible the imagination, / a sky of cobalt blanketing a peaceful and placid ocean / God rests His feet upon a vas… my hand when i hold / my hand up / to the sky… / it has your fingerprint on it Take my hand…. Take my hand. Please, lead me there. / The softness of your skin excites me and I want this so very much. / But,…………… Five Fingers to a Hand It’s the collective essence of everywhere that hand has been, from nose to itchy scalp to bathroom break and now it’s in my mou… He needs a helping hand The man without…. a plan ……he needs a hand to stand….. on his own in this terrible land…… he is along w… adulteress as I wrap my arms behind you, coil my leg between yours, / and suck all words from your lips with a desire / beyond mere lust, but surviv… Take me away, Love There is this girl I know / with hair, golden, / in perfect hue / like a sunset over sand dreams / of easy east coast beaches / she sees in… One Hand on the Wheel (Adult Content) No silk worn to block his path / They had not traveled far Nothing Less As if it isn’t beautiful, when a wolf cries to the moon, / Or when the dry land drinks her fill, in an African monsoon, / When the la… His Love Shines Just open up your heart to God / and let his love shine through / and you shall learn the precious / things that he has meant for you. / …
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