Music from the dance hall My leather bound prayer book is closed and I’m handing in all my amen’s. With relief I will be waving through the universal spec of … My Heart Beats Fast in The Highlands I’ll give my soul / to Burns / tonight; / whisky will flow / down / in glasses(!) / like river Coe / through wild heather - Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Ph… Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Photography & Writing Merlin’s Eyes Myth, magic truth, / Elevated through dragon’s breath, / Ruler of my darkest forest – giving meaning to chaotic… City Hall, London, United Kingdom 1.998 – 2.002 / Cliente / Client: Autoridades Locales – Local Authorities / Arquitecto / Architect: Foster + Partners / Tipo / Type: Ofici… Virtual Check-ins Venus is blushing in deep space; / now I’m flirting with / your coastline, / I’d love to see your / great outback. Earthwalk Was it morning or just twilight? / I retraced steps after high tides, crystallised us in last snowflakes; / walked to the edge of our gar… A LONG LONELY TIME I remembered your smile! / hold you close to me, / not bothered who else is here, / Suddenly our eyes met, broken chains One train, / one man, hope, destiny. / Physically speaking, we can not separate.* the wakening The nothing. / The heart of God. / The coldness & silence. / The dark side of the earth. Intervention(from the rock & roll hall of fam… I’m hearing Jimmy Hendrix, / And Janis Joplin to, / Saying we are prime examples, / Of where this roads leading to. Phyllis She holds her bow, / tightens fingers, stretches courage against the string – / clad in her dress of gemstone green; / her gentleness lies… The Tenth Realm-Hall of Records Cage, cage, cage, rib-cage, heart bird-cage / Sings less with poisoned bird seed- dead bird / Or the little creature is stunned, legs in … SOUNDS OF LOVE exchange of glances in cold rain, / rainbow, sunshine, / at close quarter / or lips apart… Music Hall Exhibition: 5.15.09 – 6.30.10 JAZZ – HEAD SHOTS / “The Stir of Emotions at the Jazz Café” / ~ A PhotoARTgraphy Exhibition ~ / “This exhibition is a celebrati… The Whole of the Sky Tonight I stand at my backdoor right before you, / asymmetric to Moon & Mars, / allegoric to northern night, as I’m waiting for flying… Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 8. Changing of the scene from the gold of Kalgoorlie to the normal life out west. CHURCH HALL DINNERS …Green clad dinner ladies stand / Dumpling breast, fat legs, sausage hands, / serve and clear like automatons. From Lerwick 2 Leith From one nomad to another, / we share the soul of the solan, defy the I of the gannets, / as we freeze time inside your den, like a treasu… The People in the Hall by JJ There / are three / people in our / hall, who stand right / up against the wall, Mummy / says ‘They are not there at all,’ but, … As I Walk Down The Dark Narrow Hall my time has come already The Room At The End Of The Hall One night, late into the night…..I’d finished tucking him in and was making my way out of his door and into the hall…and I heard a noise Third Time Plucky (Show of Hands at the Albert Ha… The gallant band, the motley crew / Gathered over days / Thinking of those things to come / In their own endearing ways. / The Tonkins all … Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 11. Today was full to the brim with pleasure. We would spend time with old buildings and talk to people who were proud of their occupation. Hall of the Moon Surprised, as my mouth sounds forth my graces. / Voice sounds forth, and deep within is shouted out. / I fly for fun, as they flee, I’… the musical hall penydarren. 1799-1982 suddenly the pages of the book blew open GROOVY STARE I saw him standing there / Not wanting him to see me stare / I stood behind a tree / So he wouldn’t see me / I saw him kiss my frien… Dark Ceiling Hall Of truth / The truth of the wisdom of what a child knows / What age cannot see / Cannot touch / Science can’t explain can’t sca… End of the hall.© End of the hall.© / Song lyrics By: Hector A. Encinas Burtle Village Hall Dear Village Hall you show your age / What’s left of you is creaking THE BATTLE of the DINING HALL I. / A hundred march to great bells ringing / Down to the feast, their stomachs grumbling / Walk the worn wasted warriors. / As they sit i… Diary of The Red Bull Air Race – Perth, Apr… Perth, Western Australia, and it’s Time for the Second Round of the Red Bull Air Race of 2010… / It has been 18 months since t… To a Faggot (With Apologies To Rabbie Burns) Where once the mighty faggot roamed / Was also where the ocean foamed / And now where each of us is homed / This ancient level ground. / B… We Did It Again, Or Did We? And so dear friends / The time has come / As it does every year / We’ve basked in limelight once again / And given of good cheer. / … Hall of mirrors fuck morals, / it was never your thing / grace falls passively / into the pit of the past. / you weren’t made for success / boring acceptan… Transformation It was a day / Not like any other day / A day when a strange shade of orange / Changed to something more revealing / A day when the broads … After the Night Empty was the hall today / But still the chairs in rows / The echoes of the laughter there / Whispering down the aisles. / The props are qu… a gathering of both well-dressed and respectable … to chance upon a number of / suits and ties, all in pairs / will often bring, with wonder / a most curious stare / and n’er one of us… Its Behind You Reflection time is here again / Reviewing what did pass / To see if what we did was good / Or if we’re out to grass. / Tween now and next i… The Hall of the Ancients A conversation between an ancient man of wisdom and a mouse. hall of secrets i am going to burn in Hell for this, / they’ll say the Hell of their own making / if they ever find me out… “With mirrors, does the hall…” With mirrors, does the hall look inwards at itself / And believes its own lie that it is vast / “Look at me,” it declares to th… A 21st Century Hall Suntanned villagers work hard / Under the azure sky WEDNESDAY NIGHT PRAYER MEETING That Wednesday night / prayer meeting / with that old guy / with the glass eye / and Miss Trilde / who had that fixed smile / like the wi… Hall of Fame Started at 1st base / Led to the center / Of the field / Cornered in by the / Soft pale roses / Playing purely by ear / She ducked / Then … a drunkard’s communion with his junkie ne… “I can’t see through this mask”, she gasped.” Really, I can’t even feel my face. These drugs have me all stuffed up.”. Another line is cut … GIRL AT SALVATION HALL. (Mature) Tom coughlin a hall of famer by Chad Hatten If the Giants win this super bowl, it will be tom coughlin’s secong title in five years. In my view, this would make him, and probabl…

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