The Girl with the Red Hair The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a… goldilocks she had the longest hair. an appetizer His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar. Esmeralda and her hair (revi… When Esmeralda was two, her mother cut her hair. She stared into the mirror and did not recognize herself. It was so short her ears froze… The Secret Keeper He stood in the dark wood, doubtfully looking at the moon through the trees. He shivered in the cold air. Before he had time to consider hi… I’m losing You. The nutritious dandelion in the middle of a crack / the old that you call new / always coming back Their Passionate Love… Underneath the starlit sky he reaches out for her, / Running one hand through her silky brunette hair / And with the other pulling her clo… FLAMING RED HAIR Flaming Red Hair hung around her shoulders / She looked into the night saying a prayer / A beautiful young girl with gorgeous green eyes / … Underarm Hair We shave it away, culturally speaking / to satisfy aesthetic prospects / yet we’re doing away, Wikipedia says, / one thing that stimulates … Coin Tale Ohh…I hope she steps into the sunlight for me. diversions (Mature) My Own Makeover/Photoshoot! (Photos Here) So on Saturday April 10th, my makeup artist, Kelsey Johnson ( ) came over and made me over into a classic beauty then to… What! you went and shaved your hair? What! you went and shaved your hair? / But I loved it’s bush, now it’s bare / I miss its twisted frizzled curls / Covering your oyste… The Waiting People At 5:11 he stood eerily in the shadows under the scaffolding next to the grimy Brooklyn subway station – the G or the F. My Love Is Black with Golden Hair. My love is black with golden hair / a see through dress she slips inside / I long to taste her straight away / but patients rule, I must ab… like the longest wildest hair there is a mass of energy in my hands / curling around my fingers in strands / like the longest, wildest hair / i move with the moon’… sydney & astrid (erotica) (Mature) Trapped She was swallowed up and trapped in her lion hair and no amount of coaxing would get her to leave her harem of waves. funny freckles and frizzy hair funny freckles and frizzy hair / passengers admiring stares / a pretty little turned up nose / pink paint on fingertips and toes / morning … Rapunzel’s Lament You stole me from the / Only home I almost knew / When I was just a little one / Crying in my mother’s arms. “the dreams in which I’m dying…… “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…” / The sky is black above me; there are no stars this night, an omen of what I w… Pretty Doll Her ivory body shows grime Scattered dreams While the wind / blows my dreams / far away / scattering them / one by one wicked woman the spicy taste of you / burns my tongue / your forbidden touches / smolder into my skin / your devil eyes / mesmerize me / as you gently p… A Hair Story Rapunzel’s heart beat with extreme excitement, never before had she been so close to such a gallant knight. His eyes, brown and intense dra… I Think I May Be Drunk I’m asking her things / I swore I wouldn’t / I’m letting down barrier’s / I knew I never could / I’m enjoyin… The Hair The Hair- / Phil Miller-1995 / She… / She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, a full blown genuine beauty. “Cute” would have been a ho… Turtlehead The fact that my nose is slightly hooked will help this impression. The Note He came from a place I’d never heard of / Summoning / Through a window held ajar with string / Bird song / To land on his strong olive hand… Ode to the Hair Dresser Gods I’ve never been one of those people that had a “regular” hairdresser, I prefer to be spontaneous when it comes to coiffur… A Hairbrush, Covered In Hair… I sit by the window, my eyes and chest hot and aching from the heaving sobs that had previously wracked them. My inhaler lies by my feet a… cocoon/papillon Autumn-leaf red and gold / threads of memory / grow from my head / and spill down my back If only they knew, said Melissa. Diane, where are… Meanwhile, the front cover of the latest Sun & Health magazine, lying here, on top of my printer, is doing its best to attract my atte… The boar-bristle brush and your hair like an Autu… To Eric, with love – RIP The Invention of the Electric Guitar But those electric guitars / were making waves in the air, / so I just laughed and danced away… Goth Girl Nanananana! Hanna still looking at her reflection straightens her posture, adjusts her boobs, sucks in her tummy, gives a sexual teasing pout at her re… abuelita carmen has flowers in her hair. We see their smoke rising above the trees, (Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos) red rivers of blood swirl in our wine, our bread is fill… The Girl With Auburn Hair Your mouth which pouts and lips / which part in a most sensual way / simply help to form a ready and overtly / cheeky smile. Hair-restorative oil If there is a heaven it can’t be much better than this The Dream Maker honeyed hair all goldened by the sun / shoulders kissed n freckled sienna brown / silken locks frame fuschia lips beneath your little crown… push n’ shove he forces her legs apart roughly as he mounts her from behind. with ease he penetrates that sweet subtle core. HAIR IT GROWS EVERYWHERE. Do You Still Love Me? That lovely smile / That I see / Is it still / All for me? You are the wind within my hair You are the wind within my hair / you are the wind whom surrounds / my awaiting body, / My eye’s closed, / feeling your presence wit… He’s a blond! Men with long fair hair are probably my favourite thing. after you. I will listen to the couple downstairs screaming and a dog cooing somewhere past the city. I will leave the radio on classical and listen t… The Secret Keeper, Part II – Pandora The Secret Keeper’s eyes open. She looks up into the canopy of leaves and stretches. Time to be up and get going, she thinks. A LOCK OF RED HAIR. thank you for thinking of me / a lock of red hair / reminds me of just where I need to be Prayers In Her Hair she laid bare under her stairs / there were prayers in her hair / waiting for God to take them / the wind blows them away / as she tried to… the locks and keys of a passionate night but you moved that night / while i laid content in my dreams / you got out of bed / found the scissors / softly grasped a locks of my hair All I want is a head of hair I know I’m not the only one / Without the funds of Sir Elton John / To replace what’s long since gone I wandered into Faerie…………… I wandered into Faerie / I didn’t know that I was there / Until I saw a lady / With shimmering silver hair / She said I could go with… Her hair cataches Eucalyptus blossom pollen There are scents which might slide from books of travelling / Or adventuring / Tender, exciting, brushing silently across her fingered pages your sun burnished beautiful hair… i dearly wish i could taste your lips and hold you / but am unable to show i care My Yellow Pillow Striped he is / Snuggled in my arm / Always willing / To keep me warm / A daytime nap? / He’s right there / Always willing / To kiss … Prerogative It’s your prerogative prerogative prerogative A prerogative prerogative prerogative prerogative prerogative Fist prerogative prerogat… I climbed the stairs of her golden hair I climbed the stairs of her golden hair /  a lizard creeps up the turrets stones / My hand touches her handrail hands / Above the ribcage, … THE BEAUTY IN KNOWING THE YAKUSA (Mature) Possessive But you don’t understand / You need me here, / Honey / You need my shining face / My glistening arms / Pining you to the floor / The black … A Quick Touch Hair Cut That was really quick. Perhaps the quickest hair cut I’ve ever had! It was almost sad. I’m an Australian who’s been living in Egypt for a… tonight tighten the wavy strands in their restrictive band / wipe the lip print away from my glass / and settle down / to type some words / about s… Hair Brushing your hair / Falling into a / Silky river / Discovering / Shades of amber / Riches of copper New beginnings are skin deep A goodbye to my former life / A hello to the new / The sadness carries over / I still feel blue Black Dog Suicide 79’ “a man like me would never contest the shit that he gets, So there I was Scrawling a suicide note on the back of a pack of cigarettes… This is me ~ who am I? This is me / This is who I am ~ / and who I am to become / But who am I to become? / I do not know bare Pieces of metal / found day by day / nailed with memories / of unwanted pain Crop Failure I’ve got….. / Hair on my arms, / Hair on my hands, / Hair on my chin and my lip. / I’ve got….. / Hair on my shins, … The Beauty Of It All A summer sun, an autumn breeze, the spiraling leaves of fall. / Just look around and you will see the beauty of it all. / Folks holding han… Daydreaming. I’ll start with the eyes, / The wisest of stares, / Move on just beside, / Soft whispy hairs, / Look at her face, / The porcelin chee… FLOWER CHILD she was a flower child / a hippy…some say / she danced with no shoes / liked it that way / walked on the edge / of life’s simp… if i had blonde hair it would be spilling over th… if i had blonde hair it would be spilling over the upturned collar / of my peacoat as i lean alluringly back on the front fender / of your… Flora In Perfumed Colours Flowers in her hair flew as she ran / across my eyes.Radiating her colors to / the eyes of the forests and the wild. / Naked is her mind,vi… Mr Eckles Mr Eckles had a funny shaped head. It was the type of head that did not have a single distinguishable feature. It was not quite round, nor … THE BULLY The words she said / Were as if she cast the first stone / It hit the child’s heart / Down to the bone / She yelled “fat and u… WINTER’S DANCE Raven hair.. lips so red / Hair prancing around her head / She is in a cosmic state / Dancing so the snow can escape / The skies above so g… ~ Valley of Hair ~ I dream of the valley each night when I sleep / and the gentleness of the body contained A Lock of Hair This a poem of sanctuary. A haven, inside a page. IMPRESSIONS The dress is right, for tonight must be different, / A whole new chapter, not just a turn of a page. Candy Candy on the mirror / sticky candy stain / Five dark thoughts I kept hidden in my brain. PLAIN JANE Although Jane was very plain / And oh so quiet / She drove Armando insane / Her dull brown hair / When the moon shone on it / Sparkles flew… Love In Abstract, Distractingly Detracted A flow of temperence, into mercy, through veils and vale, down to the heart, and falling into love / Dark tides pool and sway, sliding and … A ‘hair’ Trigger for a Hare Faster than a fleet wind, with no trimmin’s or fat / Springin’ thru the air -will you look at that! Last Hair Cut © 2005 December My recent haircut was a disaster! Gemini – A Perfect Day i have seen the breeze of a summer’s day caress a field / free flowing corn swaying as ocean waters / if i could but see the spirits that d… Bridge in the Sky (for Raven Hair) “…the old bridge is too rickety, like songs I never sing..” / I walk to the edge, climb in a small green canoe, / Make r… dream maiden she came in the night / as soon as he closed his eyes / he could feel her hair / touching his chest / long dark flowing hair / chestnut ski… My Mother TIME TO REFLECT I see the reflection of the trees / In the river and I can’t help but reflect / On the things in my life I have done / And the things… We Just Wanna… Tattoos! The more, the merrier! / Pink or blue dyed hair or both! Spike it or shave it!!! flowers in her hair the light faded from her eyes / silver threads in her hair / she looks at us questioning / are we really here / her memories are scattered … GRACIOUS Soulful blue eyes / With flecks of gray / Rosy cheeks / A shining ray / Long tapered fingers / With polish of red / Silver touched hair / P… for Pluck sake- only tweezing (warning- the F-wor… Grandpa: Plucking what, she says, Hairs, Hairs What else do you think I want to pluck? / Norma clenches her jaw / Sarah: What hairs Gran… Hair Dye and a Hammer When Jack was sufficiently pleased with his terrifying performance, he stood up and left the bathroom taking the hammer with him. The Fragrance of Her Hair an elderly gentlemen, with fantasy lingering. “Look At Your Hair” “Here, let me have a look” Tom said gently removing Amy’s hands from her knee. He rolled up her pants softly and very carefully straightene… posies I see her eyes, I see her hair / She looks to the world without a care / Seeming not to notice that I stare / BUT IT’S ALL I CAN DO T…
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