On waking A cotton candy sunrise … Cassanova Collage  by bev langby Enso 3 by Karl Eschenbach Possessions Our things are impressed, / With perverse uneasiness; / Oft wish I had less no. by DarthWillow Tears of Time Waves crashing on a beach / Washing away, / The tears of time… Haiku 22 – goodbye marriage / lovers say goodbye / divorce Fallen The tears have melted You are like the rain ..leaving rainbows in Your wake Florida Rose by SquarePeg climbing in sky by Ron C. Moss Renew Haiku Wash away my blues… Haiku for Granite gorgeous / naked man haiku himmel 2 (so always with you) i did not know that / she was busy on her own, / but love’s my proxy / juddarwin Deeper . . . by Ron C. Moss One Won Two Too 575 Haiku poem – Old Clothes Toothless zips, wrong size. / Tired elastic with no spring / Loose threads, colour drained Anticipation Haiku Nestled in moonlit shadows Autumn Leaves- A Collaboration Opportunity Haiku 6.5 Fuck you Haiku hacks! / intolerance is ugly, / eat my flaming shit. RED WAVE by Ron C. Moss Regal Leisure by GemmaWiseman cold sunlight by Ron C. Moss Last Leaves of Autumn. by George Petrovsky Betrayal Haiku Nothing left but thorns. “Breakfast” Haiku Its Haiku – the extract would be as long as the poem. Winter Haiku by Cathy O. Lewis nothing is real as i breath in / you mess me up in side / nothing is real FEAST I FEAST ON YOUR SIGHS. / I SWALLOW YOUR SWEET KISSES. / I DINE ON YOUR THIGHS! Stars “…To hold the child as it cried, / my heart felt numb and cold inside….” haiku himmel 6 (to their poetry: lisa jewel… reading you / yet am / writing poetry like hair, long / nosing prints & pores / . / line links close as if / osmosis territo… Bella & the Breeze by GuyAmazed Haiku on the Menu Like a gourmet chef / I simmer similes, then / feed you food for thought Disguise Body talks… / pain and glories of our world… / The eye that cries… not seen… Silence which lingers The groan and whisper… / The moan and whimper… / …Silence which lingers. GAIA GAIA IS ANGRY. / HER CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING. / MAN IS THE CULPRIT! Silk Poster by Richard G Witham For sale by owner(Haiku challenge) Chaotic mind / endless thoughts and static / for sale by owner heart's echo -haiku by Maria Catalina Wiley Invitation to a feast by goanna Believe Haiku You can fly if you want to… Beyond This Horizon You are not alone Hard to Haiku by benj Dawn haiku Haiku The Rain is Coming Storm clouds gather / on the edge of the horizon / - the birds are gone. Haiku cyclamen’s / perfume assails my senses / layering pink folds. / * old love by Ron C. Moss Sheltered Cove by Ron C. Moss Rumble Of Steel by Ron C. Moss haiku challenge by vigor Haiku pale moonlight… / leaves flirting with the breeze / morning all too soon. ‘the’ solon haiku, (unscrolled) cancel the paymens / ‘cannot pay’ is same as ’don’t pay’ / but same amount of p.r. . / use the eraser / resta… Photo and Haiku About The God of Creation by Charldia ….ERGO, I’M WRONG. I’VE LEARNED TO SHUT UP! / I’M A MALE, ERGO I’M WRONG. / …. NOT ALL OF THE TIME! the haiku marathon (part 6) god get off my lawn / or i’ll turn the hose on you / my snake in eden Haiku for my cat by Bonnie coad autumn gold by Ron C. Moss Northern Hemisphere Haiku relief from the heat… / autumn shakes her leafy tail, / summer’s remnants fall. Illuminate me Illuminate me / Burn into my memory / Photograph of you Storm Haiku The soothing rain / A bright flash~ / The sky grumbles. haiku thinking of love the one thing with love / is allow self to be loved / is allow self to love / juddarwin Haiku a field of daisies / dazed in the blustering wind / stems all a quiver. funneled “…pictures of you come to mind…” Daffodil Haiku by Nigel Bangert Seeking Goodly Pearls Upon golden thread CHAMELEON (HAIKU) Hiding from your sight / I’m one with my surroundings / Supernatural Persian Gulf Haiku dripping sweat stings eyes / polite thank yous, profane talk / roar of jets jolt you / no change in view / predictable ground hog day… wired & hung-over by GuyAmazed Haiku Stairs by jyruff Earth Flowers by Ron C. Moss WINTER AUGUST 2009 BIRD SONG, COLD GREY SKY. / WARM FIRE, SOFT SILENCE INSIDE. / SAD CAT SQUEAKS AT DOOR. LOVES’ FOOL ICY WIND, COLD HEART. / LOVES’ FOOL SO EASILY LEAD. / TEARS FLOW YET AGAIN. Scent Of Pine by Ron C. Moss f a i t h by Ron C. Moss CNG'S HAIKU CREATING HELMET by roxburgh A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE HOMO ERECTUS. / HOMO SAPIENS, FIRE, WHEEL. / HOMO NUCLEAR! Someday Morning by Richard G Witham Dreams---HAIKU by butchart snowflake in blue 7 haiku  by Dawna Morton The Conveyance Of Time And Space This I will do The Shadows by Jack Grace Highkus, Lowkus Spring, and quick wild sap / scampers through leafing branches / like yellow-haired monkeys. / Summer, the hot rut / baking brains, boiling… Haiku poem – Souvenirs Faded photographs / Pressed petals, sea shells which speak / Voices from the past Snowflakes Drifting down haiku, on purple by PoemsProseArt FANNING THE FLAMES From deep within Haikus of Despair At Last, Tears / I celebrate today / They flowed like rain from the sky / Cathartic, healing / Like rain, pouring. DANDELION (CLASSIC HAIKU ) Into the unknown The Death of Realism The world echoed horror today / Two towers crashed, and then lightning came. Summer Haiku  by Alicia R. Bernal Cherished Memories by Richard G Witham TEA, POEMS (HAIKU) TEA / Tiny leaves of green / Bountiful and life giving / Flavoring my world / POEMS / Words flow from my pen / Inspiration comes from life … chaos & control …sometimes when you fly / you fall, hopelessly, freely / never reaching ground Black Tulip by Ron C. Moss Haiku by Wendy Brusca Lee’s First Haiku… Language. haiku challenge downy ear-lobe … / bedtime smile / by crackling logs
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