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365 days of writing: April 12, 2013 Haiku

Teaching in 5-7-5

Trick or Treat Haiku Two

Kids in costumes go / House to house to gather treats / compliments and thrills

Halloween Haiku Three

Cutting pumpkin flesh / Scent triggers my memories / of my mother’s pie

High Street Haiku – Parking



Oh! A mosquito! / Please don’t drown in my shower. / I will help you out.
pine cone (haiga XXI) by dthaase

Simply Haiku

a biscuit / and a cold nose / in my palm

Dahlias (Haiku)

Haiku by Laurel Talabere. Copyrighted. Written 2010.

Orchids (Haiku)

Written to be combined with a display of 4 macro photographs of orchids.

Haiku 67

each night / through changing seasons… / moonrise

Haiku 61

summer rain / whispers on bare shoulder - / muffled cries

Haiku 16

her golden hair, / a brief reprieve of summer / before the harvest

Haiku 21

embroidered too / on meadow’s kimono - / violets

Haiku 58

Swimming / Among dolphins / Silently

Haiku 14

Winds whip between tall / Buildings, causing birds to fly. / Men crowd the doorway.

Haiku 28

As government rapes / Masses do not beat an eye, / Vultures are circling.


indelible ink / artist sketching hearts entwined / love’s touch inspires

Haiku(II): Morning Moth

Woke up this morning,

A " Haiku Doing Yoga " Re-Write

As though, thrown-on, browns, / now, lay on the ground, autumned, / her legs just as bare. / All is on the ground. / yes. zero’s low…

Red, Yellow

Red, yellow / blue, green, orange / - parasol petals.

Among Clouds

Among clouds / the church bell tower / as an island.

On The Bedside Table

On the bedside table / his metal alarm clock / - dented.

What We Do

What we do / for us / dies with us.

Three On The Sled

Three on the sled / then three in the same / hospital room.

kayaking haiku

day breaks beneath steel / above the life its housing / river field of stone / where boulders await / square but rounded by the waves / in …
perusing in peach by GuyAmazed SAY WHA cleane 0s by AjanovicNizar Pineapple Truck by reflekshins haiga XI by dthaase

Haiku on love. 2N

‘Tis pulse: ’Tis yearning / ’Tis sweat and pain / tender touch / No pot o’ gold won! / Juddarwin
19th century Japanese Haiku by Maggie Hegarty Shadow Shapes by GemmaWiseman


Immanuel / * / the hope of peace waits / on the Messiah’s return / all the earth will see.
Issa's Frog (Rainy Season Series) by dosankodebbie

The Ironic Haiku

just say what you / Mean

Scope – A Haiku.

There are always / so many different ways / to say the same thing

haiku love

no no sir/madam / pornography’s jumping ’round / ‘stead of standing still / . / . / INSPECTOR: she do / she’d be &#…

third haiku

It was ’neath the bush / Long lines of unwarrior ants / Said firsts do not win / LarisaZ

Running waters

Running, rippling waters can be so soothing….

Falling Stars Haiku

In the sunlight / Dust motes twinkle / Like slowly falling stars

The Night She Died

I woke in the night and saw her on the landing at the top of the stairs, standing in the darkness with a stillness that seemed to slow ever…

haiku NRG

every time now / new connection comes to us / emerging through love / radiating a / great light from on high, the one / you had always felt


long my journey home / face i thy demons of lore / address death,abhor.
Haiku by Spring-Spring


Each moment’s passing / Brings silent-stealing sadness, / Like faded flowers.

Haiku 31

time and time again / cherries blossom in the spring / leaves turn in autumn

Haiku 65

twilight… / a field of barley / in her hair

Office Haiku

in the world of forms / we’re just one more name – special / like everyone else

Haiku 32

whispering your name / mountain’s delicate shadow / startles bamboo

Haiku 18

Snowflakes gently fall, / Only to be forgotten- / Lost amongst many.


I think I might well be wasting my / Fourteen syllables


at the car sales place, / heaps of snow, shaped after / the latest models

A Vampire Haiku

The rush of your blood / sublimates, illuminates / once you’ve been bitten

does he haiku

does he write you poems / does he listen to your problems / does he take your troubles away


apple pie crumbles / falling, not far from my feet / cautiously the birds

A Haiku again

Big Bailey sat at his / computer, empty / and wordless

Summer Morning

Summer morning - / after the pneumatic drill sound / the cicada song.

Violent Wind

Violent wind - / the junior executive tie / as a leash.

On The Doormat

On the doormat / my cat’s trophies / - serial killer.

The More I Know Men

The more I know men / the more I love / women.

In My Flesh

In my flesh / my first break-up / - navel.

Summer Morning

Summer morning / washing me in the brook / among butterflies.

Crossing The Street

Crossing the street / by wagging the tail / the three-legged dog.

Two Magpies

Two magpies / on electrical wires / - G (sol) and B (si).

Quiet Sea

Quiet sea / under the boat / the reverse boat.
Spring Haiku by Carol Megivern

Haiku for Her

Deep within my bones / Stillness always can reside / Free for all to share / Nostalgia from some / Childhood lucid dream / In union loving …
Haiku by Nightingale

Winter Haiku #2

You all but demand / a shiver and chilling shake / commanding winter.

Fall Haiku #1

Drown brown grounds in rich / soils made prolific by leaves. / Sound! Swish! Falling ’round.

Miles – A Haiku.

Miles from where you are / laying on a dark, cold floor / waiting for your love.

Loss (haiku)

..my grief blooms this Spring.
Cumulus (The Gathering) by James Watson Profiled by AjanovicNizar

Haiku #1

Sunflower kisses / She’s fingerpainting the sky / Beautiful, distant.

Haiku 52

hastening / toward fullness - / late autumn moon

Haiku 54

dawn peeks between / pine’s silver laced edges… / warm fingertips

Haiku – day ends

the day ends right now / there are panic bells ringing / my friend, it ends here

Haiku 30

at dusk, / a butterfly’s wing / recalls your absence

Haiku 43

dawn, / recollection of blushing / thighs

Haiku 51

edges / near the sound of emptiness - / autumn’s crescent moon

Haiku 57

trailing the cat / through a gap in my fence - / autumn arrives

Haiku 58

between blue sky / and a crack in the sidewalk, / peony’s cloud

haiku himmel 4

and would take days and / ( vicissitudes / hems., quaking) / kiss, negotiates / . / . / juddarwin / . / . / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…


I have one question…

Haiku 29

Trains blow their horns / At each other. / Waking the sleepy town.

Haiku 37

Fleeing from his dreams / Reality does more harm. / Leafless trees stand still.

Haiku 11

Icicles form on / The eaves, crashing to the ground- / The window rattles.


fluttering to me / strong muse created by one / willing butterfly.

My Body

I think / It moves and / I am connected to it.

Haiku 87

beneath / the crunch of winter… / wildflowers

Haiku – languages

it is in my mind / languages so soft and sweet / escaping through dreams.

Haiku 73

Our souls dance freely / Having melted into one- / Sparkling snow approves.


why do we find / pleasure in little birds / that steal our bread?

3rd Haiku by LarisaZ

Vegetarians: they / stay from ever eatung meat; / unlike vegetables.
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