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Crying Crying / and waving her hand / she runs along the train. High Street Haiku – Kebabs Open Late Miscellaneous meat / Grimy floor tiles, stained ceiling / Smells like cheap dog food Haiku 28 scent of spring rain… / cherry blossom’s shadow in / an old photograph 9/11 (A Haiku) Was 9/11 / A life changing event or - / Just another day? Haiku 41 a warm sigh… / the curve of your breast / collects dew Summer Afternoon Summer afternoon — / saved a drowning / thirsty fly. Haiku 72 Hiding from humans- / Stars begin to reappear / Beside waning moons. Winter Night Winter night / between two dreams / a past life bubble. / * / Winter night / snoring on my chest / the kitty / Who really’s the hot-w… Haiku(V): Little ladybird Red/yellow flower, Haiku – heart of man in the hallow woods / there is a tale unspoken / in the heart of man Feelings Unshared – Haiku The warmth of her kiss, / Nothing felt so perfect, / Time froze, just for me. 4th Haiku by LarisaZ Earth’s moves: suns, some longitudes / like Tess, tanning, turns Climbing Up Climbing up / the mountain trail / a two-legged hay bale. Haiku 1 branches stretch / twist to reach the light / always leaves The Little Boy The little boy / barely bigger / than his schoolbag. Meditating About Eternity Meditating about eternity / I didn’t see time / passing. If Sylvia Plath Wrote Haiku Deceit is a watch / It’s bones cut from destiny / The dead bell’s sweet chime Haiku 5 Sullen and wilted, / Winter snow has come early- / Killing the flowers. Night Road Night road - / crossing my windscreen / a falling star. Shell Against The Ear Shell against the ear / the little girl is talking / to the ocean. Haiku: No Return Darkness overwhelms / Minds as night suddenly falls / There is no return Haiku 8 naked sycamore / clothed in twilight kimono / owl whispers to moon Lost… Lost / in iris jungle / - the watering can. ~ Haiku ~ by Alexanðra  Lexx Norðóttir HAIGA XIX  by dthaase unscroled haiku auto bio truths / the kiss it grows, deaths shadow / death, e’en though no body there / takes corpses all, he. / but, first the fingers / oh no, just the nails … undcrolled, haiku eliza b poem ll who would say her name / almost broken whisper each / atempt stolen from. / selfconscious daydream / (suddenly here it appears) / whispR… haiku himmel 10 (expanded / meditation) the poetry was surely all / i was ever left what of / it happed that got kept / juts just of what was pining / stealing of veridity / rh… haiku violets 3 when too sweet you sound / swiftly echo reply chimes / backwards to your lips / . / juddarwin haiku love 5 there is some meaning / when the snake’s biting its tail / meaning more to me / juddarwin Grape Vine (Haiku 5 - 6) by aaeiinnn snake charming by marysia wojtaszek scaling the rungs by GuyAmazed Haiku 44 wrapped in warm sheets, / creating the illusion / of your embrace Haiku – true it’s just not living / if you say goodbye tonight / i ask you, be true “quicky” haiku play on words / sensual / haiku / short High Street Haiku – Sainsbury’s Local The Sainsbury’s Local / Is not what it says it is / It is miles away Twilight orange singed mountains / wishes winking from heaven / Candles in windows Marked Out Marked out / by beer bottles and polythene bags / - the hiking trail. Haiku(XIII): My 1st bike Bike running downhill… Doodle blackest doodle Haiku 22 each grain of sand / awash in autumn moon… / ivory crane A Car A car / in the ditch / - new year’s day. In This World In this world / we are just / tenants. Clamped Clamped / between two branches / - the full moon. Haiku 80 rising / from this floating world… / lotus Bored Haiku Sitting in our room / Waiting for my love to loom / Patience consumed Bangkok, part II No limitations / a vibrant metropolis / You’ll never be bored / Mighty palaces / Innumerable temples / Chao Praya river / Sights to l… Haiku creation and birth / caught in the stretch and tearing / a flower’s short life. How Many Lives How many lives / to distil / a soul? Haiku children’s hospital / robin and autistic boy / share the swing set. Haiku 35 Shooting stars collide / Exploding in the heavens / Littering the sky. Haiku 115 acing / hotel anatomy… / inch by inch The dragon named rage Spiting out bright red ambers Begin With Your Haiku, End With My Love I love you darling. / You said these words don’t matter / no, not anymore. / It has been too long. / far too long my darling / since … Haiku(X): Writers Blues Write, thinking, alright! Haiku 148 July heat / resting in honeysuckle shade… / squirrel carcass Haiku +1 inspired / ten tiny fingers painting / her rainbow mess. / I saw your fingers / dancing across the paper / tiny efficient fingers / inspir… haiku writes . . . 4 the best wrting creeps / out your struggling something else / teaching you something / . / juddarwin haiku himmel 15 mirror, my thoughts view / suddenly i think of cams / be, worse Berlin Wall! / . / . / ----juddarwin haiku…. s… 4 we can kiss all night / wet kiss cat clean come morning / wholely communion / andrewboehm haiku love 2 i’ll kiss you all day / everywhere in everyway / thinking still of more / juddarwin haiku love 3 you on paper on ink / imprint in literature / ’sthough cyber wrought now/ / (instead) and besmirch / able by desecrators / by chance … haiku love 8 love is wine between / the hairs as they kiss your lips / juddarwin Mellow Yellow Scarecrows at Red Hill by GemmaWiseman Simply Haiku a biscuit / and a cold nose / in my palm Among Clouds Among clouds / the church bell tower / as an island. Haiku 58 Swimming / Among dolphins / Silently Haiku 16 her golden hair, / a brief reprieve of summer / before the harvest Dahlias (Haiku) Haiku by Laurel Talabere. Copyrighted. Written 2010. On The Bedside Table On the bedside table / his metal alarm clock / - dented. Trick or Treat Haiku Two Kids in costumes go / House to house to gather treats / compliments and thrills Haiku 21 embroidered too / on meadow’s kimono - / violets Haiku 14 Winds whip between tall / Buildings, causing birds to fly. / Men crowd the doorway. Orchids (Haiku) Written to be combined with a display of 4 macro photographs of orchids. Golden Buoyant Autumn Haiku Thank You Card by Lisa Knechtel Haiku 61 summer rain / whispers on bare shoulder - / muffled cries Mosquito Oh! A mosquito! / Please don’t drown in my shower. / I will help you out. Three On The Sled Three on the sled / then three in the same / hospital room. kayaking haiku day breaks beneath steel / above the life its housing / river field of stone / where boulders await / square but rounded by the waves / in … pine cone (haiga XXI) by dthaase Red, Yellow Red, yellow / blue, green, orange / - parasol petals. High Street Haiku – Parking NSFW haiga XI by dthaase Halloween Haiku Three Cutting pumpkin flesh / Scent triggers my memories / of my mother’s pie Haiku 67 each night / through changing seasons… / moonrise Haiku indelible ink / artist sketching hearts entwined / love’s touch inspires Haiku: Snow Slowly Falls A distant sadness / Returns to my lonely heart / As snow slowly falls Haiku(II): Morning Moth Woke up this morning, Haiku 28 As government rapes / Masses do not beat an eye, / Vultures are circling. Haiku – Poetry NSFW What We Do What we do / for us / dies with us. 365 days of writing: April 12, 2013 Haiku Teaching in 5-7-5 A " Haiku Doing Yoga " Re-Write As though, thrown-on, browns, / now, lay on the ground, autumned, / her legs just as bare. / All is on the ground. / yes. zero’s low… haiku love 9 NSFW perusing in peach by GuyAmazed
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