Grouchy woman (haiku) grouchy woman pauses / silently fuming / orchids flop blindly Haiku chain clear / picture / —revealed / surprise / —withheld / exclamation / not syllable / count / —beat / essential / —ev… Mountain Ermitage Mountain ermitage / alone and possessing nothing / - just happiness. / * / Mountain Ermitage / sharing my bedroom with / dormices and spide… Avalokitesvara Avalokitesvara - / I should engage you / to clean my house ! Sat on a Bench Sat on a bench / her dog in arms / she cries. Siesta Siesta - / I am the favorite pillow / of my cat. Buddha… Buddha / and Mona Lisa / - same smile. Road Edge Road edge / on the uprooted tree / a bunch of flowers. Torn Posters Torn posters - / under the politician / the clown. Haiku – Marked Changes Crisp pitched be-witched nights Two Human Beings Two human beings / to knit my body / - how much for my soul? Subway Station Subway station / on morning perfumes / on evening – smells. Railway Station Platform Railway station platform - / in the old lady’s bag / a cuddly bear. After Thunderstorm After thunderstorm / alone / on a petal road. Train Station Train station / the ballet of the cleaning machine / around the sleepy tramp. Rainy Day Rainy day / the coat of the dog - / a refuse bag. Job Interview Job interview / between the recruiter’s teeth / a piece of salad. Sunny Morning Sunny morning / on the balcony the grandmother / and her walker. Summer afternoon Summer afternoon - / more butterflies / than flowers. Cabin in Woods Cabin in woods / nearby on an oak / a basketball net. Tightrope Walker Tightrope walker / on the telephone wire / - full moon. Night Road Night road / crossing a blind in one eye / car. Schoolyard Schoolyard / they turn the rope by singing / she skips by laughing. Tail of Lizard Tail of lizard / a bit farther its head / the cat cleans its claws golden melt – (haiku) melt exceptional / golden coat oozes soogy / cheese on toast for lunch Break-Up Break-up / in the mirror the bearded man / is back. / * / Break-up / the cellular phone memory / full of love words. On The Coat Rack On the coat rack / the cap and the jacket / he will never wear. Winter Morning Winter morning - / the swan kisses / its reflection. Bundle Bundle / of old letters / - where is she, now ? Wandering Wandering / in the cemetery / - alone without a grave. Running Away Running away / from the paint roller / - the little spider. Crossing Times Crossing times / through different bodies / - my love. Grandmother Cycling Grandmother cycling - / behind her / a baby seat. Room of Lost Steps Room of lost steps / from travelers just remain / imprints. Teeth Teeth / of the hilarious tramp / - a piano keyboard. Lost Chapel Lost chapel / no more priest or parishioners / - just pigeons. Exhibition Opening Exhibition opening / peanuts are more successful / than paintings. Internet Internet — / avid reader of my haiku / - the Google’s bot. Broken Windows Broken windows / of the abandoned factory / - a checkerboard. Found Found / a childhood friend – his name / on a grave. Crying Crying / and waving her hand / she runs along the train. Summer Afternoon Summer afternoon — / saved a drowning / thirsty fly. Climbing Up Climbing up / the mountain trail / a two-legged hay bale. The Little Boy The little boy / barely bigger / than his schoolbag. Meditating About Eternity Meditating about eternity / I didn’t see time / passing. Night Road Night road - / crossing my windscreen / a falling star. Shell Against The Ear Shell against the ear / the little girl is talking / to the ocean. Marked Out Marked out / by beer bottles and polythene bags / - the hiking trail. A Car A car / in the ditch / - new year’s day. In This World In this world / we are just / tenants. Clamped Clamped / between two branches / - the full moon. How Many Lives How many lives / to distil / a soul? Among Clouds Among clouds / the church bell tower / as an island. On The Bedside Table On the bedside table / his metal alarm clock / - dented. Three On The Sled Three on the sled / then three in the same / hospital room. Red, Yellow Red, yellow / blue, green, orange / - parasol petals. What We Do What we do / for us / dies with us. The More I Know Men The more I know men / the more I love / women. On The Doormat On the doormat / my cat’s trophies / - serial killer. Crossing The Street Crossing the street / by wagging the tail / the three-legged dog. Quiet Sea Quiet sea / under the boat / the reverse boat. Summer Morning Summer morning - / after the pneumatic drill sound / the cicada song. In My Flesh In my flesh / my first break-up / - navel. Summer Morning Summer morning / washing me in the brook / among butterflies. Violent Wind Violent wind - / the junior executive tie / as a leash. Two Magpies Two magpies / on electrical wires / - G (sol) and B (si). Among Crowd Among crowd / a perfume reopens / an old wound. Summer Morning Summer morning / around my neck / - the Mediterranean Sea. The Desire The desire - / a beggar who always asks / for more. Morning jogging Morning jogging / slowing down not to exceed her / - such a nice ass! Summer Night Summer night - / the roof window / full of stars. End of Mosquito Show End of mosquito show / he died / under applauses. Mountain Bivouac Mountain bivouac — / whistling coffee pot / and campfire smell. No More Hair No more hair / eyelashes and eyebrows / but always her beautiful smile. Summer Night Summer night - / over the wall our shadows / make love, too. Love Love / and foodstuffs / - best before date. Enemies Enemies / of sand castles / – children’s feet. Sad Smile Sad Smile - / around her finger / a ring of white skin. Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud Dark cloud, dark cloud / please / don’t cry! Landing Landing / the helicopter gets back / its shadow. Summer morning Summer morning / the dog swims faster / than his master. Stuck Against The Window Stuck against the window / children’s faces / - candy store. Summer Siesta Summer siesta / missed the mosquito / - not my cheek! All Along All along / the telephone wire / the morning glory flowers. She Runs She runs / after her hat / - dead leaves, too. Night Fall Night fall — / somewhere in the mountains / sheep. Spring Night Spring night - / somewhere / a syringa tree. Fisherman – (haiku) fisherman casts line / faintly catapults feed, float / patiently brings salmon tea

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