Roses Are Red

Roses are red, / Violence is too, / I have a bullet, / Just for you. / It’s lasar-guided, / Makes its aim true, / So that it gets the…

My BB Gun

Sometimes I’m impulsive! I just don’t think!

From Light To Black

The light is now fading to black – my eyelids are coming unattached

Gun Tootin Crack Smokin

Smokin pot and Poppin pills / Will niver ever cure your Ills

Run like the clappers

A bloke had to be pretty bloody stupid, two kangaroos short in the paddock, to even think about driving two hundred miles west of Burke …

Girls with Gun and Dog – The story behind t…

They were lucky to find this place; they’d have no hope without it. They had to get out and to her grandfather.

Sedona Gun Club: Second Amendment Protecting the …

On a living room bookshelf, rising floor to ceiling, ranges an arsenal of literature from Friedrich Nietzsche to Dante Alighieri, David Sed…

Conscription smoke

but you’re up there in your government seat, / pasting smaller faces all over your deceit..

The Hit-man

There’s nothing left to believe, and I can’t sleep at night, and now the last one to leave…

What girl ever dreamed of pr*stitution?


His Intentions were Honorable..

the old west, lovers, saloon, gun fighter, sheriff, lady,

HISSS Why Do They Need Gunsssss Anywayssss

A guy goes about killing a bunch of people in a Colorado movie theater. / Here’s what it was NOT: It was NOT a Second Amendment IS…

The Morning Shoot

The grass it crunches, when flattened by boots, / fingers feeling numb, with toes following suit. / Diesel fumes drift, polluting the winte…

there is no beauty in a gun

bent down to collect the weeds / scooped up the masses / whose own brief life matters / in the scheme. / family life , morning coffee’…



Sorry Dude …

Suddenly, there was a popping noise outside,

Happiness Is A Warm Gun


Forever Can Euthanasia a War of Bullets

Unable to deal with these 100 little curses / Finger on the trigger / Ready to extinguish the riot within me / With this bullet

Camouflage and Children

You scoop me up / I am 8 years old / School Uniform / Throw me down in a heap / Away from the bomb / Tossed behind the rubble / Where a Ch…

With A Gun In Your Mouth, You Speak Only In Vowels

I haven’t slept in weeks / To sleep is to dream / Wish to create / Copy of a copy of a copy / Wake up in a new place / Wake up as a d…


With the power of a look / the power of words / the power of conviction / the power of knowledge / the power of the masses / …


he was a gun-tottin’ boy / from the south / liked to shoot squirrels / that’s what life’s about / well, if a black man / or Arab pass…

The Final Shoot

At the end of the day a good bag by all, / gundogs at heel, obeying the call. / Back to the farm we slowly make our way, / choosing our bra…

Blood Spilt (Spirit Walks Part 5. Monsters Ink)

Both Auberon and Sama unconsciously bent lower, peering at the Ken-doll-smooth crotch of Gabe’s ghost.


answers seem to find their way / into a hammer forged barrel that plays / vaudeville with him the dummy, / and he is speaking to us all / v…

The Morning Shoot

The grass it crunches, when flattened by boots, / fingers feeling numb, with toes following suit. / Diesel fumes drift, polluting the winte…

One More Minute

It’s a lesson thats never new, nor never old. / Always preached, never practiced.

ouch, that one hurt

little bullet / my heart is feeding / and every hole is almost full


Snatching the gun from the boy’s hands, White limped to the cot bed and lay on it in pain. The boy did not move.

The Crave (poem)

These twisted winds, / wrap a wicked air around me, / locking me into a craze, / lending me to a gun phase,

Fixed With a Gun

I felt sick to my stomach while anxiety built;


Our President has come up / With some really important rules / For controlling gun-totting morons / Who really are such fools / Every gun m…

I’m not bullet proof

The words are harsh, / The words are cold, / The words are mean, / The words are bold…

Steady on the trigger

Zane panicked, the building was less than 200 metres away, his head whirled with calculations that all boiled down to one option; now, or n…

Taken – Crime Time Weekly Challenge 1

With all this thought and the sound of his heart filling his ears he had missed the crucial hurried movement of the intruder in his house

Stolen Love

You have other’s who love you, / I know for a fact. / No matter what happens, / I’ll still be your best friend. / Don’t p…


A finger / Lays resting / On the trigger / The safety off / The gun ready / To go / To blow / To explode / The bullet / The ammunition / Th…

New Gun in Town

Howdy Pardners, / There be a new gun in the town of Redbubble. / The name’s Keith Burgoyne and he’s just rolled in from way out…

The Alleyway

I strolled through the alleyway, staying in the shadows

the man behind the mohawk…horse sweat and g…

6:30 am and the mist is still chilly; my coffee, over in the corner, is playing wispy little games with the still-cool summer air. before l…

Why? [18+]

Stream of consciousness story of a man contemplating suicide. Not for the squeamish nor the young’ins. Recommended 18+

Gun Fight at the OK Corral

Bang, bang, bang, ping, bang, Argggh!


..I fucking hate to wait, / pull the trigger – fire the gun..

Gun Control (an illusion)

by George A. Yesthal / This will probably be one of my less popular writings / I found theses statistics that show that semi automatic assa…

options for some …..

She had recently discovered the key to his gun cupboard and options flooded forward in line with that sawn-off Winchester.

Peaceful Fields

In peaceful fields with guns below / lies the dead who fought to and fro, / a bang of a gun a scream of strife / all of those things just f…


The pain will increase / And so will the hate / Gathering soldiers / Setting the bait

A Quick Death

He gags on the gun, / Longing for Nothing. / Consciousness gone / before pain comes - / with no one to suffer the pain / does it even exis…

Empty Gun Barrel

Empty Gun Barrel / The gray smoke was still emitting from the barrel of the 38 mm hand gun, / A group of five middle school age boys had be…

The Life of Jack – Message

“Jack!!”, She shrieked at me in total disregard of my thoughts and how much they meant to me.

Horses and nail guns – my obituary (Flash …

being different is dangerous

she slept

and made her wake up / and put up / no fight / and put out


With eyes cast down / He knocked on the door / Returning to his parent’s home / Once more / He swore the last time / He would not ret…

Lets Go Home

I had always seen Emily as an angel, a guardian, my protector…

your favorite laundry cleaner

put them on gentle cycle / clean up those dirty / undies / and put a smile on your lips / cause that’s a gun in your / mouth

Binding Tie


Haunting Memories

“Please don`t point that at me. Could you please put it away? It`s making me nervous.” Immediately he barked back at her "…

Coming Home

There is little in time or space that quells the valor of a warrior quite like darkness so deep it threatens to swallow his soul.

Smoking Gun

Behind your back, veiled no one could tell. / The gun you carried was hidden so well. / You didn’t have to draw it to rob me blind. /…

Tragic hero

Trembling with his eyes closed and ears shut clenching her blood soaked necklace waiting for its good luck.

Columbine Gangster (poem)

Tatoo tears, tatoo scars to fill that glasgow smile, / blood red shapeless abstracts stained onto your cheeks, / I’ve imprinted my ma…

Releigha part a

As I rounded the corner I cock the gun, ready to fire, aiming at my prey. BANG. Damn I mutter to myself, missed! I cock the gun aiming at m…

Under The Gun?…

… get over it! / ;D

I never wanted to hurt you.

My heart, surrounded by a thousand flames. / I wanted to put an end to this. I had to.


Eve came home late again that night / Knowing it would be another fight / Adam’s accusations were oh so true / She didn’t care …

Long Nights in the City

Long nights in the city / In a one light low rent room / Nobody cares, I’ve been there myself / It’s as lonely as the man in the moon

A gun

Sitting, with a gun. Bang bang.

Mr. Nine

Mr. Nine, / Im blind / in a world of time that’s frozen.

Every man is a hero

A wandering soul piercing gently / staggerring boldly through the grey thick mist, / appears alone with gun in hand / hoping he survives th…


She comes to me like a knife to my throat. / ghost finger gun: / like a kid she pulls the trigger / with her thumb.

An Unwanted History

I like to do, I like to dare / I climb the worn and creaking stair

The Last Survivor

The cry for freedom in his pocket. The lust for blood in his gun.


The teacher called roll again. / “Sarah, Bobby, Micheal, Jen.” / And there is one dried up pen, / On one empty desk, / And one empty / Clip…

Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school / Expecting to learn and play / Never in anyones wildest of dreams / Did we expect that day / Fo…

The Path of the Past

Looking up, I could see the pale moonlight playing on the swaying leaves. They cast a shadow like a dying fire on the glowing dirt road in …

The gun went bang

And I felt wing / When the gun went bang

Love Hurts [you]

But yeah, anyway, I was so so totally going to shoot you that night.

Man of Iron

Jeremy Stevens put the microwave dinner in the oven and set it for five minutes. He lived alone and sometimes felt left out, but he preferr…

Machine Gun of a different kind.

Machine Gun Fellatio

The Saga Of Brady’s Saloon

This is a saga of the old west, did this for a prompt, enjoyed writing it

never under estimate the power of the gun ( trigg…

as each day passes and the night falls in / wondering yet again what the next may bring / from outside our homes to lands far away / terror…


She could see him by his window / His curtains partially drawn / He watched her in the evening / And when she passed in the morn / She neve…

The Gun Store


His Favourite Things

Chasing elk until sundown out in the badlands, / Sighting in for a turkey flying off like a madman, / The smell of gun powder, the shot as…

Work In Progress

She just needs to stay in the light. / She just needs to stay alive. / She just wants to die.

Plastic Gun


The things you see. (When you haven’t got y…

Will we one day find a cure

The Divine Eye

Each suited and tied, their identity denied / Wading through a sea of blood and blades / The individual’s spark doused under holy div…

Love Fight

It is an argument, / That can not be resolved. / & though it is not meant, / Death itself’d be involved.

Vanessa stared down the barrel of the gun…

She didn’t think it looked / particularly dangerous, just kind of ominous. She didn’t even know what kind / of gun it was

I Missed The Starting Gun

Some days start off slow. / Other days, / one must hit / the ground running. / Today, has taken me by surprise; / Out of nowhere, / All of…

dirty deed

blood stains my hands / the rusty smell intoxicates my nose / seeping up through my nostrils / the maroon ink from a human body trails dow…

Gun Shot Crying


Taking Down Animals

I am in the trade of taking down animals. / This night I get a call and grab my gear; / Not much, a rifle, night glasses, a snack / Or two.…

Gun it!

It takes less than a minute


Then Matthew exclaimed loudly, “Oh my God, Oh my God!” I looked up at him as did the others. He was staring wide-eyed out of the window to …
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