a visitor (warning – graphic) (Mature) On that day the earth shook the ground If I stood here back then I wouldn’t be today, / And to be safe each day I can only pray. ANGEL SO SAD SHEDS A TEAR as I am laid down to … BabyM2 / Behind the shadows of thoughts / I witness my sad Angel’s sacred tears / Flowing aged and new leaves / New flowers. / With a whit… an appetizer His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar. 797 VIEWS – SOUTHERN GROUND HORNBILL –… The earliest credible fossil record for Ground Hornbills is from 15 million years ago… Ground control to Ginger Tom Henry was a naughty Ginger Tom, well he was Ginger and a Tom, though he preferred the term ‘strawberry blonde’. / As he lay on… Use Your Brain Now it tore apart whatever it could find. / Shock an awe were never in the scheme / Our family faces demons / This steals away humanity but doe… The Big Dry Breathless / Scorched / Arid / Dry / Parched / Cracked / Harsh / Sky / Grit / Resolve / Struggle / Why? / A brave face masks / a silent… Cool Rain Cool rain wets the sky and ground, calling. / It silenced the boiling world. Time becomes slow. / My mind wants to enjoy the rain’s i… Walking Sacred Ground Walking This Sacred Ground / Feeling God’s Essence / Standing On this Ground / In Wondrous Beauty In / Awe Of Glory You Provide Higher Ground O woe is me! my winter is here!  / The revolving door of sadness, cripples me year after year.  / The lanterns of heaven glow with a softer… Barren Ground I have been the Sacrifice you have laid / on the Alter of your Ego, / I have dripped garnet fire from the heart wound / to soak into the … Holy Ground Oh mother, it’s not your puckered brow / which worries me so, / but your sour puckered soul . . . ENDANGERED SPECIES – GROUND HORNBILL ENDANGERED SPECIES ground cover “But I digress - / Telling tales of my distraction…” Two Ships at Sea Two Ships at Sea Learning to love my ground Succulent fruit, unable to grow. / I fear my roots will rot away. the solid ground i heard you whisper, barely sleeping / the moment stayed with me, / ‘it is time for me to find anew’ / in the morning, you were… On My Own Ground I was never meant to be captured… Divided Hearts Brotherly love seems to be scarce / The spirit of judgement is flowing through the air holes in the ground bury me deep, bury me good Between the Dreamer and the Ground Dozing there upon the couch / I can see the blue light play upon your form / flickering upon your eyelids / snoring softly there / I could… Heads lifted heavenward Heads lifted heavenward / shouting his name / trumpeting his glory / in flames of love it came (truth) will you meet me in the spaces / between our fingers / become tiny / atom-like / indivisible, but one / (and all the smaller pieces / that… Our Elder “imitating a marriage and a funeral. / (a song of rejoicing and a song of solemn unbelief, / carried it’s quiet hum through the… An Ear to the Ground… You don’t need to have / ‘an ear to the ground’, / if your feet know how to hear. 9/11/2001—Then and Now a day like any other day “FEATURED” Ground Zero – Rememb… Peering through a veil of red, white and blue, consciousness resurfaces… Heaven’s Ground (Psalm 9:2) Heaven’s Ground / Oh, Lord how high you are / That when I looked near and far / It took a miracle of your love / To bring you down from abo… What Should I Call You? Some people speak for you, as if they understand you. Sometimes people argue, fight with other people, determined that their own underst… Concrete So when compared to what is, / and what might be, / dreams come and go nightly, / but all dreams, / for all their wonder, / are unsure, The Brilliant Ground The body lurches forward / post-impact / flame attacked / defeated / and falling / tower to ground / Kings hold court / in a pointed sky … Partly Ground and Partly Sea Sometimes my own sadness makes me sick. / My stomach hurts like hell; / I can feel every single pill. / I’m only trying to hold on / … Hunter Before my eyes the hellish hound / I greet the moon on this last round Sanctuary Ants, earwigs, crickets hide behind blades of grass, / Find safety and seclusion under the fallen leaves of trees Dust of Yester-Year – Fertile Ground of Tom… … / Expectations of old but a shadow of a memory / Purpose dissolved , meaning undefined / Washed by the the tender rain of the nigh… Forever I try to do something / To take my mind / Off the fact that I miss you sorely The Sparrow I’m a Sparrow looking down at you / Really trying to make my thoughts come through / I really think it’s time for you to feed… Oh Send… High priests of spirits, stars and stone, yet truth is no where found. / Shake my foundations to the bone. Oh send Your stable ground. The Only Happiness I’ve Ever Known the only happiness i’ve ever known / is always followed by a fall / back to the depths / that i rose from On the Ground Shortly I mean, there are a lot of ways to get to-the-ground. Upon a Night With a Rope In Hand I came upon a step that grew from the ground / Simply stepped upon with no frown / Breathing deeply, gathering hope / I step into the fores… Grounded Angered / By the choices of man / I retreat to the solitude / Of my beginning At Ground Zero do we know that there will come / a reckoning / that all accounts must be settled / as those who crashed into dust / at Ground Zero Are Your Feet Ready To Leave The Ground? The sands of time in the hour glass is running low. / The clouds of deception are trying to block out the light of the truth. / Don’t… ground I came from a building / I came into the air Why is there no middle ground? Desperately / I try for a / Word / But it / Slips from my / Grasp / And like a / Shard / It pierces my / Heart. / I stand here / Crusifi… Fall As The Leaves The wind blows the leaves around / they fall from the trees / they fall to the ground / the wind blows the leaves away / the dark clouds th… Nature’s Song bold and daring, i walked outside / nowhere to go, nowhere to hide / i picked up a stone / so, i wouldn’t be alone / i walked a few m… Tainted Ground Ever had all you ever dreamed of and then bit by bit it all starts to fall apart…. “the smell of coffee, freshly ground …… I’d wake up to the smell of coffee drifting into my bedroom. In the kitchen my father’s making coffee on the wood stove, fire … Dragon Fell To Ground (Mature) Jealous of the Ground We were created to be friends from the start / For the moment we met it was hard to keep us apart / We played with our blocks and cars / We… Between the Dreamer and the Ground Between the Dreamer and the Ground / Dozing there upon the couch / I can see the blue light play upon your form / flickering upon your eyel… Groundless Ground The thrush of our own, coursing quicksilver smooth cadence, a wilderness of dreams, the magical alphabet inscribed on the insides / of our … Imperfect Unions Ya know these days, the way life is, there’s many forms of love. / What may not seem ok to you, to some might fit like a glove. / It&… Grounded These damned flies, these minute minions… capable of turning me into a withering pile of maggots within short days, their power is immeasur… Battle Ground. Love conquers all.? / My heart must be strong. / I would gladly restrain it. / Achilles heel it surely has. / Cupid you are lost. Battle ground Tears of frustration rage down my face. The mask of strength and resliance marshalled into place by a firm need to dive in and start sortin… Bi Polar It’s the little things, which have pilled up. / And now, I have to let them be! Ground Zero She drowned his mind with a haunting sway and too-tight jeans, / ghosted in and out of his subconscious, a sleeping shark / She tore his cu… I’ll See You Under the Ground In the end I’ve won, / And Your evil deed has already been done. / I’ll see You around, / When Your body, is too, rotting in th… Middle ground In order to be / Free could be / Seen as / Unencumbered or / Unattached. / To not be tied or / Bound to / Anyone or / Anything. Ground down … / Don’t leave me feeling low / Don’t leave me ever in the mire / Don’t put me in the ground…. Courier of the Gods (Mature) An argument with the Ground beneath your feet Stalker! / What? / Stalker! / (I am walking home at night. The word ‘Stalker’ is carved in the pavement at my feet.) / I assume… Holy Ground Finally a peaceful moment after a long morning. The baby wanted to be held, the two year old wanted to be…two. Sleeping children do… Freedom Uber Alles: (Part 1) The American right is allowing their emotions to get the best of them. When our emotions get the best of us we begin to act irrationally. As Ironic as a Fire Station Burning to the Ground. Isn’t this ironic? / The time it took to get over you, / Was half the time we were together? / Isn’t this ironic? / The girl wh… Found on ground Lit with joy to think I’d found / Something useful on the ground. Sacred Ground The sky was aglow / through the trees at dawn / As the willows were weeping / You showed me your pond. ‘Versions [.220609]’ She plays with the seagulls, / on the shores of the sky. / She feels her ambitions, / walking on down the line. / Right out of her heart; /… 9/11 Nine Years Ago… Regrettably, I replied to the news with “I don’t give a shit about world trade or the economy” – words even more i… Bats on the Ground there was scar tissue on my drumheads / combative but smart albeit a scab to the union / i protested the circus / i protest the protest aga… british finance as common ground let’s bring it to a vote and ignore the nays, let the yeas have it and make it official that the creep in your attic is in this for t… Witch’s Cupcake Shroom Deep in the forest where a wicked witch hopes to eat small children, a very special cupcake fresh from her oven is presented on a bed of mo… nobody knew So it died. / It shriveled and shrunk and sank. / Into the ground. / Into the soil. / Into the soul of the earth. Ground Zero. It’s claustrophobic / But there’s no horizon in an enclosed space. / And he just wants to find his way out. The wisdom of ground controller 12 “Beyond the tree to the left is a wall. Beyond the wall is a courtyard. Before the drawn stable, lift up and over the apex of the barn, acr… Foreign Ground This foreign ground I stand on / Brings me to my knees / Unknown expectations / Fill me with fear / The full moon shining eerily / Warms my… connecting the stars to the ground. standing on the edge of the roof looking out at the world that has materialized. breathing is a sensation that is always at our disposal bu… Hey, Mr. Stony My memory goes back for as long as I can remember / You were looking at me with your ever daunting eyes / I could sense the anticipation in… Moon Day They say I wanna be high, wanna be great / Moon day is getting me down, making me say: / “This is all I know…this is all I know… In the distance The caravan comes back for you… Rocky ground Japanese rock / garden, perfect / circular forms; / rocky ripples, / as your love flows, / forever grows, / with some other. Trap Door Mushroom Deep in the forest where a wicked witch hopes to eat small children, a shroom peaks out from his hidden home. The diabolical witch, he know… Constance Beach, Hurricane Rita’s Ground Ze… Though much of lower Cameron Parish was destroyed by Hurricane Rita, the part of the parish that really took it on the chin – to a greater … Middle Ground I’m trying to find it; / it seems a rocky, shaky thing, / this middle ground, / and ever elusive. Nothing special So take a little care, in all that you do. / Think of others, and do a good job! / You never know who’ll come unstuck, maybe you! Swing I saw the world / through eyes that were not burned / I saw a playground, I saw everything. / And that swing, in the clearing, / if you wal… Soldier in the Ground Virtue leads him to the blood struck field, / The boy may fall, but he cannot yield. whispering i once loved you so the words i would have written / were only fond memories along on the way / to this place i now am tittering from / high above the grou… Boots on the Ground: Justice is Served Order dispatched from the commander in chief / Send in the men, the mission to be done / To conquer the enemy, long last and due / Proudly … Hells Smile They say in life when there is no sound / and no one is around that Heaven is smiling down. / And Hell will be frowning up at us. / But in … Welcome Welcome to my world / Come inside my nightmare / Welcome to my world / You don’t know what you’ll find there Fertile Ground O thou great Jefferson in whom dwelled the fidelity of a nation of free men. / Thy secretes can be viewed as we watch you live and breathe …
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