shadow of grief

my heart has stopped / my mind from forming / words… / out of sorrow / I search for release / to write it all away / …there is none /…



red poppy song

We know better.

For Her


Memories and Lies

Locked inside a dusty old trunk / Kept for a lifetime in the basement / There lays a secret, never told / A tragic tale of life and forbidd…


I whisper you stories / without an end / hoping the anticipation / will keep you hanging, on

ANGEL SO SAD SHEDS A TEAR as I am laid down to …

BabyM2 / Behind the shadows of thoughts / I witness my sad Angel’s sacred tears / Flowing aged and new leaves / New flowers. / With a whit…

A great note for all to read

I’m not the author but I’m putting this in the writing section because I think it can get more attention here. A great note for all to read…

Wordless Ghosts Speak to Me in the Language of Ja…

…clinging to his wordless silhouette

My Son

He was OUR baby boy, born to ME and YOU / Lived a tiny life, with fingers and toes brand new / I hate to see you cry and I can not stop you…


Some jumpers shut their eyes, afraid of the inevitable impact. I kept my nerve – I forced the fear away and kept mine open, my vision…

Have you ever watched a young person die?

Have you ever watched a young person die? / Watched them go by inches? / Way before their time?

road train blues

I marveled at the frozen zit / hardened by fridge and formaldehyde…

Angels in Dandelion Seeds

She sees angels in dandelion seeds / She sees beauty in summer’s weeds / She sees right through to your soul / She knows the words to make …

Stepping out

whispered voices / from dark places / daggered looks / and twisted faces / bonded / in vitriol…

Take me back to Yesterday… (poem)

Take me back to yesterday / where my soul knows it belongs / to a time when we danced and sang / to some old-fashioned song

To the Lost

Let your new eyes stare out upon the wonderous tide; / Let the storms pass, & return to me with arms open wide,

Our Time

This is the time of doubt, that is certain



Open and Friendly

Sooner or later, the power of one becomes two, / alone and lonely feelings bygone, from blue; / Gone are lonesome cries – now a croon…

Suicide Note

My tears fell. That was something new / For I hadn’t shed one tear for you / Speaking to me from beyond the grave / Asking forgiveness, you…

Grief-stricken by the 23rd Psalm

The Lord is my shepherd / No! I am no sheep; / My family’s pain fills this room / And I want to roar like a wounded lion. / I shall …

Farewell Dad

I’m overwhelmed by a lifetime of memories / All flooding in at once to be head of the queue / I see your eyes so deep with thought, tender…

You Knew

You knew there would be times, / We would need a word of cheer, / You knew there would be times, / You would brush away the tears. / You ne…

A Mothers Grief

A mothers grief is hard to take / You sit and feel your heart will break / It wont of course but you feel so low / Oh son of mine, why did …

Momma’s Death (offa my chest)

It was almost thanksgiving. The 15th day of November, Year of our lord, 2004. / I killed my mother.

Wahonowin (grief and anguish)

Wahono’win (grief and anguish) / Smell the incense of the Balsam, / Hear the words the Great Spirit speaks. / Time for mourning comes…

The Tree of Sorrows

…colour drained from the world…

A Flock of Angels

Going on with life seemed pointless. What did I have left to live for?

For Rhenastarr (Marie) Skydreamer and the rest of…

For my deepest love and respect to Marie (Rhenastar) and her family / There is mourning in your heart / Tears of anguish fell from you…

shaman spirit

I empty myself / and my silence awakens the queen in me

Words Strung Together

I swallow the tears / I hold my tongue / I bite my lip and / I keep it all inside.

Interrupted Journey

Do you still climb rainbows / Pirouette amongst / The crystalline kaleidoscope / Do you still call out your name / To hear it echo / Around…

modern grief is rubbish

If I get knifecrimed, / Think only this of me: / I dont want a Facebook group / Set up in my memory.

Heart Beat

They say time softens grief; I say time intensifies it.

Kind grief kissed the sorrow lips of a lost witho…

Burn the tongue for clotted sounds


There are days I bob about, just floating, neither here or there. / Sometimes I am able to shed the life jacket and swim freely, even froli…

To Ease a Painful Parting

Don’t linger for our sake! Run ahead on that bright trail! We’ll meet again. Dance, hand in hand, Share many a long and windin…


Look at these things you made. All things shine. / The Thin Red Line / We sometimes speak the truth for absence of the capacity to do other…

My muse ~ Inspired by, and for, TheBrit

But she walks with me / offering hand / offering shoulder / offering what I need; / Her heart in place of mine / her words for me to speak


I want springtime to leap / out of all young people’s eyes, / something fresh / something implacably joyous!

this is grief

grief, / it is a bridge, it is / the bridge, / the bridge that stands between, / what is known, / what is unknown. / sweet cherry trees nod…


Grief / my first home / can you imagine / making wreathes of wind / for your hair? / I should be happy / with duty / with / obedience com…

Have you ever felt the cold my dear

Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int…

~ I long for what once was ~

But I can’t go back, / yesterday has pushed me on; / so I have to find a way to breathe again / - I have to find a way to be strong…

Life to Life

Accepting Death – a profound lesson for the living…

Sleeping Beauty

You graced this world for but a moment / And kissed the earth

The Tear

Solitary foe / escaping through / the window / of my soul / declaring woe / and no one / knew / the bitter cup / was full?

For Loves Lost

Four hundred years of learning to love, only to watch love fade with time. Learning to be ‘human’ only to feel the monster dema…

as with each season’s turn of leaf

and darkness fell silent that night / one man’s freedom, another’s fight / such disbelief and questions rife / yet, even in …

Against all odds – grieving via Psalm 23

Grief finds strange ways to make us feel.

The Silent Storm

Sweeping veils are coating none, / While fanfares groan a death. / Sound and laughter, all are gone, / Except the strong wind breath.


Life seems so impossible without you! she thought bleakly, pushing away a silky strand of golden hair, blown into her face by the soft wind…

Into the Mist

I wrote this story as a dedication / to my wonderful friend, Gail / who died several years ago / after months of her courageous / battle wi…

~ # Why # ~

For the Black Saturday Victims

Together We Shall Live Forever

Sonnet inspired by Christina Rossetti: “death be strong, yet love is strong as death.”

Use by dates

Numb, listless / I clean my pantry / Long overdue / Use by dates reach back to 2006! / My mind is pulsing with images of horror / Blackened…

A Hairbrush, Covered In Hair…

I sit by the window, my eyes and chest hot and aching from the heaving sobs that had previously wracked them. My inhaler lies by my feet a…

Because You’re Gone

In the daytime I almost make it. / Keeping busy, put on a smile, just fake it. / But in the nighttime things slow. / Memories of you start…

Life by the Window

I could have not spoken / And faded with the light

Nine years ago…..No one is Listening

Yet / Now / I feel I can scream some more / Because I now know…………….. / That / ………. No one…

Under a Twin-Moon Sky

Even dying together would not be as bad as this death-in-life of gnawing loss.

This is what you left me

You didn’t die here you killed yourself here and there is a difference

Rain on the Mountain

A child cries / No-one seems to hear / Ears tune out the fear / Deaf to hopelessness / There’s rain on the mountain / Young man living in p…

Recoil (G)

Today you’ve won / Today I want to run / Today I shall drown in my tears / Today I will recoil


My Mommom was to my right sitting on the couch with this glazed look on her eyes. I could tell she was happy to see me but something was ju…

grief is grief

sad stories scream at me from the TV / sad songs bounce off the walls

the light of our grandmother… in remembran…

Grandmother, Mma, / today was your dusk / as you closed your eyes / for the final time / but I will remember / not that you are gone / but …

How can a life

How can a life / be defined / by bits of paper?

My soul hangs on a coathanger.

My soul hangs on a coathanger.

The Dark

Poem about loss of a child

“God, please find me”

“God, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, tonight." / I am in a dry land, in a parched land, in a wilderness. Every day …


That was not all the badness, though surely it would have been enough. For the girl remembered other things. She wished she didn’t, b…

Holy War Widow

By her heart she keeps a treasure / A tiny picture of her love / Lest she forget the reasons why / She rails at those above / She keeps her…

Love Sonnet – Grief

I am your slave to do with / As you will and so, / A gentle kiss will send me / On my way, rejoicing.

The Number of My Days


The ocean in your eyes

I still see the ocean in your eyes…


why do you stare into my own private moment?

A blue Monday.

Like leaded weights / his hooded eyes / bore down upon / darkened shadows, / curtaining a grief

Grief within the autumn leaves!

Roaches, / cured to perfection, / soaked, / in the wine / of the blue nun, / virgin wine, / dying sun, / pungent, / suck them down, / chew …


Thoughts on relationship and death

in the hospital

I watched a / woman / wrinkled as / tree-bark

Little Soul

Dear Little Soul, / I realized this morning that you had passed away. / My largest regret is that I was not with you / Stroking you when yo…

The Vine of Sorrow

Sorrow is the journey of the vine of life and love


a darkness / deep and sombre / like an infectious disease / sticky like syrup


You were a slow flame surrounded by an azure sea. / The roses you once held to your breast for strength / became my kisses, ruby raindrops …

hymn to the mater dolorosa

all hail the queen of heaven / born a goddess / then made human / sanctified by men

Fragile Redux

An untouchable eagle soars high above / the mountains to the heavens / powerful, majestic beauty wings outstretched / but can be dropped e…


As I run blinded / You’re there to catch me / With broad shoulders / I collapse unto your warm neck / With wet glistening tears / That damp…

Prelude to Grief

and my blood will wind its way up the garden path and onto the yellow brick road… / staining it orange, then brown.

God Bless and sleep tight, Nan

You were / our rock, / our inspiration, / our shelter / in the rain. / Our port

The Hermit

My heart is broken tin / I have to bear the grief / of the outcast and the lonely / of the shipwrecked on the reef

The Gift of Goodbye

It is a bittersweet joy we are left with that fills our hearts to the breaking point, overflowing…………………

The Numb After

Rantings of Grief

In Loving Memory…

Grieving process

The Road to Barricane Beach

My life was fading into A roads / A roads into B. / Oblivion came looking / and it found me.
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