Colour Of Skin

What the colour is your skin / What the colour is mine / And what the colour is God’s skin?


Engulfed in the ice of melancholy, / sadness dissects my joy / into sections of discontent. / My aching heart stutters and / craves for d…

The Flower, The Beast and The Crone

There is a beast in the pit of my stomach / And it howls in the night, calling for home. / The longing drives me wild with passion. / I dan…

Another Shade of Grey

I’m thinking of her. / I’d break the rules and then recover. / She likes to paint the world grey. / I’ll save her from herself today.


[Video] / Rain drops, rain drops / Pitter pattering on the roof. / It’s spring in Ballarat, / And I know I should be thankful. / Better her…

Midnight Blue and Grey

Passions sweep soundly across the midnight air / Where breathing dots blanket the darkened sky / Magnified by the grey face of heaven’…

The Grey To You

Then… / There is the gray to you, / The light faucets beckon my lonely resolve / I never knew, I never knew / Till one day I started walkin…

Fifty shades of grey

Salvation came in the post / my libido , t’was almost dead. / But now it wakes and shakes its self / With every page that’s re…

Beyond the Grey Sky

She has the means / to play a part in coloring your sky / a bright, rich, less lonely hue. / She can help / paint away the clouds / to reve…

Grey in You.

now shadows where contrast lies / Grey stamped with focus and dyes

Grey Loves Mortar

Put the costumes on / Grease paint / for the play / Dance upon / the predictable / In an unpredictable way / Don’t follow the herd …

Red, White, and Faded Grey

It was moving day. I sat on our porch for the last time, drumming Paul McCartney’s “Freedom” over and over onto the faded grey wood. / When…

Do You Still Love Me?

That lovely smile / That I see / Is it still / All for me?

Dead man’s grey dream

A Flickering candle light waiting for us to dive in before it dies. To show her how we ride and slide, under our dreams where we live forev…

Four Walls Of Grey 1971

I’ve watched as prisoners spat and cursed and walked upon that floor / The sound of steel as doors closed and the jingle of the keys

Grey Eyes

Grey are her eyes / Dancing upon a smile / Waxing bold as summer / Melting the icy breezes / With the warmth of the sun / Across the starry…

Walking in Shadow

walking in shadow / wreathed with gloom / waiting for the light

The Ticket

It was the greyest, darkest winter I can remember. / And I do remember it, often. / The old creaking house with dark red wallpaper, lacquer…

Blue, red and grey… I love it all the way

Some people seem so obsessed with the morning / Get up early just to watch the sun rise / Some people like it more when there’s fire …


Welcome to the Fall; / of Autumnal reverie-overloads / like power spikes / and psychotropic nightmares / (…)

Grey Wolf

Through the forest the grey wolf stalks / Proud and regal, silver ruff for a crown / Through the meadow the grey wolf walks / Years of hard…

b r e a t h e

exhaled desire gone grey

little boy blue within a world of grey

unbeknown-st to him, he was surrounded with / invisible wings of love.


I look and speak and write like / a creature of the night, dying / my hair blue-black to rebel the white light, / spitting out monotone ph…

Running to only hide

I couldn’t sleep last night so I was thinking of something new to write / Then this character came to mind / And inspired me to wri…

The Dull Soul Of Winter

So, you knock once more at my door / And I open it to feel your chill breath. / Your iced eyes stare mockingly through me / As if to say, /…



New Painting On It’s Way

I am posting this way due to my hurt finger. It’s easier than doing separate descriptions,etc. / The Original Photo, courtesy of Kam …

Profane Heart I


The Colour of a Storm

Shapes shift / the light / impresses upon the mood / dark / shadows / reflect grey / a hint of blue / cotton wool white / a feverish hue

why sky you are so grey… view two minuts ago

you / sky… / why so grey?

grey eyes

written about a boy, / it’s all a true story. / his eyes would actually completely glaze over sometimes; / one of the many things to …

YOU (‘vinni-van’ R I P)

Your eyes were the biggest I had ever seen in a cat and / Yes, you knew how to use them on me. / You loved me, I know because / You spent a…

grey XI

and so sunken world, / you must wear my oily cloth / as the great cloak, fat with age, / let it hang heavy across your shoulders. / the red…


Even you / Whom I know well / Grow stranger by the day

among grey thinning clouds

i have passed the 5-0 / i have seen the high water mark / i don’t expect the answers / to come as easily anymore…..

Grey Afternoon’s ©

Grey Afternoon’s © / BY: Hector A. Encinas / “…Bewilderment, / Drapes the eyes of the dead beat corps, / On the bed…̶…

Grey Soul

I can feel my body shocking every moment. Like if ours was broken….

Missing You Grey

Hold on to my eyes don’t let go / Drive the darkness away, I will follow / When despair becomes your only friend / And there is no life for…

Definition of Old

I remember a time when I thought 50 was old. Been there, done that. Then I thought 60 was old. Yeah… been there, done that too. Today…

the light.

I’ll no longer feel the grey / I’ll paint in colour / My skin will turn golden / I will fly away


Anonymous / one among so many / a crowd / yet alone


Eerie and compelling

Lately Days are Grey

All my well worn shoes / are going home / weary of winters / they cloud the closet floor

Grey is the color it rains in Central Place.

Grey is the canvas that every artist is drawn to, painted to, attracted to with spraycans and charcoal and pens and paper.




i turn my face / to the clouds / the rain soaked earth / cloaked now in darkness / once ripe blushed cheeks / now grey in despair / i see b…

Little boxes

and they all look just the same

Move away

this really happened

The Grey Sheep

If you are the black sheep / And I am the white, / Then why is it that / We are told / That we are so much alike?

In The Grey Lands

I am so scared of dying / but I’m too afraid to live…

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee


Yearning Grey

that fluttering bird of hope / wants to fly! / wants to sing!

Dapple Grey…..

You painted my world / with your heart. / You spent words… / that touched my spirit. / You were everything to me. / You paint my worl…


Grey as the stones beneath my feet, / As grey as the ever flowing sea, / Greyer than grey is the colour of me- / For, away from you, I̵…

somebody died today

somebody died today / some moaned some cried / some storied some lied / and then people went on in the usual way / never mind the death of …

Revolution Mine

Poke out my chest / Somebody listen to me. / ‘Cause I’m smarter than the rest / And I have the pedigree. / Blood drops lacerati…

black & white to grey to colour

it’s not real / it’s make believe / dare – deceive / but I’m not stupid / crazy – hah / but that’s different. / black / white / crisp, clea…

Black, White and All Shades of Grey

Leaving my body is an exhilarating experience when I can explore the astral zone and the unknown dimensions of our universe. / Fleeing for …

Grey Noise

blackened silence / between tall false whites


Ghosts wander the streets

Say The Words

Don’t hold on to them / they might slip away / only to recalled when you least expect them / knocking the wind out of your sails / ox…

Shades of Grey

shades of grey / wash away / the bright, bubbly, blue / and the person that is you… / and all i wanted was to say / that i am ready …

Little Shop of Grey Areas

Whilst Gabriel blows his horn / out the ass of the she-devil / and the flytraps are all fo(u)r / Venus / The rake at the gates of hell / Sw…

Advantages and Old Age

No matter how many / old people I knew / and loved and / had respect for / I never expected to be one. / But now I am.

Old Grey – Featured

Thank you to everyone in the Squirrels Group for featuring my ‘Old Grey’ it is very much appreciated.

I’d like to consider him as a friend

I’d like to consider him a friend, / But am sure that his temptations, / May never end.

Assailant(s) unknown

inject me with life / for this greyness has me trapped.


Grey the world can be, / grey is the sky when we can’t see … / Can’t see the beauty lying there, / Cant’ see the co…


Blue eyed smile, hidden depths beyond

" Grey Bird "

" On a bright chill spring morn……

Tales of a Grey Nomad

A two litre container had fallen out of a cupboard, landed on the washing machine, breaking the lid, continued on its journey and on reachi…

Everything Fades to Grey

Everything Fades to Grey / There is no color anymore / Everything Fades to Grey

“Earl Grey” mit Tagträumen

Sie leckte sich mit der Zunge über die Lippen / und spürte wie sie feucht wurde zwischen ihren Schenkeln / beim Anblick dieses jungen, musk…

About HER


Pleading With My Grey Matter

C’mon brain… / It’s time to create. / C’mon…c’mon…c’mon / It’s no time to deflate. / …


the thickness of the world above / sifted through the dead branches, / into the quietest day of my life. / and the season that was silver i…



somewhere in the grey

quiet times / you close your eyes / you stay inside your own mind / the view is so much nicer there~

Unauthorized Game Plan. (Chapter One).

The temptress of a valid night was no more than just that, a love that couldn’t be labeled or controlled.

Another Day , Another Breath …

I take another sip / from the wine glass in my hand. / My eyes look out the window / at this grey decaying land… / …The haze of…

The Beautiful Young Jenny Guynn Now, Soon will …

The Beautiful Young Jenny Guynn Now / With bright sunshine hair / And crisp blues eyes, Porcelain doll like face / Too soon to reject my…

You Have Arrived

The silence was erupting / As she signed another nothing word / And in response he lashed out / With his ever blank stare / In a room rich …

“Celestial Wolf”

Celestial Wolf / “He walks the way of the stars / and haloed Moon,…”

Gray Box

Grey box, full of tools. / Why dont we use these tools? / Things would be so much easier.

everything turns grey and dies.

shedding light on the dusty, forgotten attic only to uncover things that were cleared from memory for a reason. breathing in the built up p…



Shades of Grey

I used to just love colour, / but you’ve helped me also love grey – / The many shades of you and me


…forever chasing the moon…

Shades of Grey

The sun came out this morning / It was a brief affair

Bleak Winter Seaside

Wind thrashed,shell crushed / Sparse and sea salt gardens….

Fidelities in Grey

Fidelities in Grey / We live our lives coloured by a spectrum of fidelities infinite in number dreaming without ending defining guilt filme…

Lonely Home

inspired by something.. truth or dare

Life’s grey colours (poem)

… Indigo of screams, prejudice and rejection, …

7 Days a week.

Monday’s the day you start to work, / to most of us all this day is the worst.

‘Seamless (Part III)’

Breaking through translation, defying any logic; tearing free from your restraint to touch what’s truly real.
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