Cape York Adventure – 2008 Everyone’s experience of the Cape York Peninsula will vary depending on how adventurous you are and the time you have to explore this uniqu… Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. GREEN SHOES Dressed and sexy / Looking fine / Took out those / Green shoes of mine / Slowly I put them / On my feet / Oh my goodness / I look mighty s… one green word That’s all I need. Nature’s Green Is Gold by Robert Frost (a c… Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf’s a flower; / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsid… A Unicorn’s Gift A lovely green field now holding her view / On it soft dusting’s small red leaves wind blew Recycle, my arse politicians, media whores, multi-billionaires, / oil barrons and the secret global elite / spewing chemical poison by the ton / Then blam… Food… Not Fuel Why biofuels, such as ethanol, are damaging to our environment, impede efforts to feed the world’s straving, and contribute to global… little zephyr One / new / leaf / appears / in faithful…… Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. The consequence of colours me: / born to a gypsy mother / a clinically depressed / free-loading father figure Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… Journey Driftwood / Once you were green and full of life / Now just a smooth impression / They could not smash you when in strife / And you’ve beco… Keep Our Garden Green Lyrics © Keeli Our fathers’ fathers planted seeds / To grow the things that we would need / We forgot to keep our garden green painting in the sky she just stood there / paintbrush in hand / painting a rainbow / all over the land / an angel of splendor / enormous wings / with every str… Green Soldiers There’s no rubber dinosaurs to decapitate. A Sinful Cloak of Velvet green Shivering from Winter’s cold / she drapped the cloak with a gentle swish / hiding all manner of sin….. / the cloth fell softly… The birth of Green Some people are curious. / For you, here, now, the story unfolds. Millenium Bridge, London, United Kingdom 1.996 – 2.000 / Cliente / Client: London Borough of Southwark, Millennium Bridge Trust / Arquitecto / Architect: Norman Foster + Partners /… Substratum Substratum / Beneath the surface there are blocks of time / a keep ticking ticker / investments in soiled identities that are loosing / clo… Love me like sludge Don’t do that to plants, it hurts them … leave them there and they’re happy. Green For the first time / in my / life / I opened my / mind / to the mysteries of the / universe / I opened my / soul / to the roundness of /… Red Kilt Dreams I have been dreaming of my homeland, thick, lush, and green. / I hear the sounds of bagpipes to them I haven’t seen. / I walk in my … Mr. Postman: A Mikie Story The post man walked up my driveway to reach the front porch steps. Spotting a long green thing next to me, quietly minding her own busines… The Color of God If money is God then what is the color of the universe? Endangered Species humans living in a flash forward Serenity A perfect, living, little tree, remembering the light… Old Willow Tree On the bank of a river, that flows to the sea / There grows a tall and stately, old willow tree / One of nature’s jewels, with branch… Green Eggs & Ham (Flash Fiction Style) Sam was obviously hopped up on some substance and persisted. I just wanted to be left alone. He followed me to the ends of the earth with h… Only 2008 07 18 Only a word comes and goes / But it’s not a word that you await / Someone holds you by the hand Mother, June 8, 2010 Heal thyself where we have injured you and let your blood to flow. atomic number 79 The world loves you when you grin The Gherkin, London, United Kingdom 2.001-2.004 / ENGLISH / Client: Swiss Reinsurance Company / Architect: Foster + Partners / Height: 180 meters / Floors: 40 / Area: 76,4… in the folds of the seasons. shuffling through the speechless snowdrifts as evening falls. We are always in search of nothing and nothing is what we have found. Evil Lymeric of the Little Green Man / Devil in a… There was a little brown cake / that was baked full of hate / by a little green man / in a crisp white suit Open your wing’s and fly …… Rise above the rolling clouds of sombre / for spring is upon us / feel the renewal of an abundance / of new growth within the forest / of m… GOD WEARS BLACK I wanted to know what colour God likes to wear Colours of the Rainbow RED is for Love, ORANGE is for Laughter, YELLOW is for Sweet ANOLE -TN Smoky Mountains habitat – private… Anole Lizards, I saw a huddle of 8 on my deck the other day when I went out, it was cold, Green Azure Blue Sound Shrines a moon to ponder and wed. Snappy learns the meaning of thanksgiving My dear and wonderful friend Snappy Dave, asked what thanks giving is. I then sent him some information on the holiday, which for those of … Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… Henry Dalton esq. Quite unexpectedly, when newfound friends arrived to greet me, I was obliged to extend my left hand and cup the right breast of Ms Crystal … Upon Urban Sunsets Night time settles / Upon urban sunsets / Calm and tranquility / Flushes the unending Lime Green Lipstick and Contemplation. “What colour lippie babe?” I teased her, walking back inside. / There was a silence on the other end of the line. “Lime green.” She lied. withermarsh green III today i will go / with my mother / to tend the grave of my father. / we will be there together / one another / as the morning heat begins. … Do You Know? Always asking, never ceasing to compare, / We compare ourselves to those around us, / Revealing only what we want them to see. The Ravine, 1953 … and then I would go down into the ravine again, where the narrow blue water slid easily between the red clay banks of the stream… In the midst of green and growing Peace/Nature / Could I hang with you for a spell / I need your fresh well water / To sip / I’m bone dry and weary / Clearly a mess / If it… 11 Sales last night! My good friend from Tennessee surprised me to purchase 2 t-shirts and 9 cards… Odd To You Sure I know there will be more but alas i’ve tried to find you / apparently you were just to good the softest creamiest / . Green moss pillows We would be challenged, defied, mangled and ignored yet we follow trails laid out by our past, / our present and our future. GREEN AND GOLD MALARIA by Rupert McCall The day would soon arrive when I could not ignore the rash / I was obviously ill and so I called on Doctor Nash / This standard consultatio… Several Haiku Regarding “Our Own Paradise&#… Eroded liquid / ultra-grass helmets bamboo / and, under, shivers. / From below, greens clash: / Snow betrays sun, but breezes / carve river… lilith 1 set adrift with bird like feet / in fleeting waters Green-Eyed Monster The demons reflecting from her disturbed expression / twisted her face into such an inhuman form, it was / a wonder anyone paying attenti… RED and willing ….. his warm hand ART thoughts Decorating the Ocean It glistens here in aqua blue / A kind of soft and muted hue fiddlers green keeps calling me fiddlers green / keeps calling me / in the light of the moon / the roar of the sea / as I journey through life / the land of dreams / enti… My Mind’s Tardy Slip That may or may not be where they want it to be at any given time, however! Still, it’s hardly absent – if anything, It’s… AN ANGEL’S HEART AN ANGEL’S HEART / READY TO BURST / SO FILLED WITH LOVE / THAT IS IT’S ONLY THIRST / A DIFFERENT HEART / THAN WE MORTALS / EX… LIVING IN FANTASY LIVING IN A FANTASY / Drama is the key / Living life just that way / Swirling sky of blue and gray / Need excitement in my days / Dancing c… Blue Condition He now gets green and blue mixed up fistfuls of hope greens and / blues are swimming in my / bath tonight CameraView Calendars are AVAILABLE NOW! CameraView Calendars Calendars are available. A Vicious Envy Wasn’t that your eye, / that green? the girl in the green dress. He tried to look up at her from his near prone position, through the acidic sting in his eyes and the lurid pink hue of the tomato pulp, bu… The Beach My feet walk on millions of years, hard as it maybe, soft on impact / Fine White boulders lay on land and in sea, minute to me, another gai… FANTASY LAND It was a long way from home / Through the trees and the brush / I took my time / Walking slowly, I didn’t rush / When I got there I c… Portrait of this Green and Pleasant Land Awakening the trees and streams / So every colour breathes and gleams……….. Poor Man’s Absinthe the first time I dared to explore the senses of a young buttock The Ageless – Chapter one “All hail the Ageless One, a being who cannot be stopped. Your world is the dominion for the Ageless. Do not resist. This Child is but the … Lookit!! Feeling grateful for being featured in People and Portraiture! wow Today i have a wedding to shoot,and after yesterdays horrific weather conditions,i was a little daunted by it all.but the sun is shining cr… Absinthe I moved in close as if to whisper in his ear. Instead I licked his neck and sank my teeth into his virgin flesh. Finalist in group challenge I was thrilled and honoured that my painting “Fishing” was voted one of the finalists in the Painters in Modern times group cha… dream diary -poem from another time and place looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe… Indeterminacy 326 (My Green Friend Liz) You may like her / She won’t bite / You may like her / late at night ! Welcome to the Damselflies – (Zygoptera) Gr… Damselflies come in all colors and sizes the color of green… enchantingly calls, / of wondrous peace in me it installs / the blanket of warmth / and vibrance of life / pulling my soul / to the center … MASKS a mask of gold / a mask of green / a mask of black velvet / is all that is seen / her mask of gold / hides her face / aging to her / is … Goldrot It’s quiet. / My thoughts go unguided. / I’m as free as a riot, / I’m free to you. / There’s peace in the airwaves,… breeze and mountain green across metallic black / with scarlet red strips lying in between / was that an exceptional UFO at end? thinking about annie with the green eyes looking out back door / dog pisses under the stars / owls whisper, dog shits ANIMAL HEAVEN I believe every living creature has a soul / Including our beloved pets / And when they die / They go to ANIMAL HEAVEN / Until we one day … GIFT TO THE FOREST HE WAS A FORESTER, A MAN OF STRENGTH / WOULD PROTECT HIS FOREST AT ANY LENGTH / KEEPING THE LAND IN A PERFECT WAY / WORKING A HARD JOB EVER… SWAN WALTZ (the arrival of Princess Rachael) Xavier arose in rich regal auspicious attire… shook the slumber from his snow kissed plumage / Arching his long significant curvaceous neck… The Blind Man. He knows not of color, / nor the changing of time. / Which has made him speechless, / and because he has nothing to say, / but the ability … With my Green Butterfly on Rock In TOP TEN Zooph… I am really happy that my Green Butterfly on rock is on 4th place in the Challenge Goodbye Butterfly… Zoophoria Group!! / This butter… Mistaken Orders The “newbie” joined us by the pool, holding his head a little too high for my liking. a Sliver of green an unambiguous growth from the hormone of green / fields of freesias swaying in the wind Christina Taylor Green your life was sacrificed / on the pages of political / war, / your soul illuminated / to greet the Lord / with the smile you freely / gave … Delirium Drifting dreaming / our footsteps / heaped up one upon another / in a mountain of toes and heels. / A dance of slow days / A paso dobl… Mermaid Oh, to be a mermaid / and live deep beneath / the sparkling water / in the inky depths / of Poseidon’s kingdom / dimly lit only by t… Romantic rendezvous As the romantic glow of shimmering / moonbeams reflect upon the mesmerizing / surf, gently kissing the sugary sands / of Biscayne bay, / Pa…
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