complete with teenage longing, cool grass, and fi…

waking up with you

Years Left On A Blade Of Grass

Leave a tack print / Dent in the ground / Wooden stilted footsteps / Pad the backyard distance / Of a run ten years too fast / For my feet…

Blades Of Grass

Romance was ghosting the evening as dusk began waking nature. Something of a voyeur I was as the Night Bloomers began to unfold beneath the…

<<IMPORTANT: Do not read>>

I am closed eyes and raised arms, / Icarus, / White skin drinking in the sun / My roots are set deep in the soil, / Blue grass, / Blue coll…

le déjeuner sur l’herbe ( Picnic on the gra…

I woke to the music of birds / a milkman’s whistle on his rounds / Sounds of sash window squeaking / An iceberg of shaving foam circled …

The Color of God

If money is God then what is the color of the universe?

Our garden

Come here, my love / lie down with me / molding your body / so closely into mine

the cut grass of cunt

so hate me

She is a Romantic…

She walks in haste; she’s stayed too late / to wander casually / and stop to watch the dragonfly / with wings a-glittering&…


if i am so wild & ferocious / why do try to pat me so?


On every word you say / I hang like an autumn leaf / Just waiting to fall

From the Fields of Forever ~ Wisdom from the Wate…

I am the waterless Sea stretching from shore to shore. I feed the World and serve as Summer’s dancing floor…

Chimney Chunks and Moustache Grass

Chimney chunks and moustache grass / Are strewn across my lawn / I stare out my window / Listening to my favorite song / Waiting for the da…

Mulberry Pie

the smell of grass could take the mind

The Magic of Music

Nature creates fragrances that sing notes / In the colors of petals and leaves / Ocean waves murmuring low tones of blues and greys / Gras…

My Mind’s Tardy Slip

That may or may not be where they want it to be at any given time, however! Still, it’s hardly absent – if anything, It’s…

My home is in the country

My home is in the country, it stands upon a hill / I blew in on the wind, and I stay here still / The years have come, and the years have g…

Empty Mailbox (The Cold Box)

what you haven’t seen, what a sob story


Hidden in these shadows were the demons that they had all tried to push aside. They were not welcome. This was not the time to indulge them.

things they never told me.

your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo…


I believe every living creature has a soul / Including our beloved pets / And when they die / They go to ANIMAL HEAVEN / Until we one day …

Not Quite Eden

How can his grass grow so quick? Stacey reckons he’s feeding it steroids. I picture the blades of his grass with razor edges, venus flytrap…


There were beads of prespiration / Falling from his hair / Like little tiny stars / He had been working all day / Mowing the lawn / Fixing…

Field of Dreams

This poem points to the picture “Field of Dreams” in my portfolio. / Walking through my Field of Dreams, / I came upon a feline…


Her feet slipped through the grass / She walked, she did not run / silent as a nighthawk / She did not wake the sleeping snake / He walked …

Is the grass greener

The spider and the fly became fast friends as only enemies can / Sadly the fly took for granted companionship and shelter deciding to move …


Water from the sky / blades of grass heavy with wet / bowing, touch the ground. / Pious prayer of gratefulness.. / Heavens approve in raptu…


Comb my silver hair / With the slant upon the grass-lands

wheels across the grass

we leave tracks, each step / each mote that is risen, / a part of us, / as the hours pass / like wheels across the grass. / an imaginary l…

Lucid days and languid dreams

ever woken up with your dream next to you on the pillow?


OMG !!! I thought I forgot what it looked like!!! / ♥ Welcome back GREEN GRASS old friend! ♥ We’ve missed you! ♥

dusk picnic

you should’ve left earlier.

Sunlight Filtered on a City Summer Day

Leaves rustle / dapples the sunshine / imprinting on the back of my eyelids / shapes and shadows shift / momentarily / that illusive feeli…

‘ Transformation’

It is a dull, drizzly grey day. A slug sits slothfully on the stony path. Slowly it slithers in its slime across dirt and rocks to the gree…


Put flowers in my hair / Climbed on a chair / Took out my tambourine / It was easily seen / Took off my shoes / Wanted to get rid of the bl…

february 3rd, 1999.

he is a wanderer, his lips burn like a scented lamp.

Does Mowing The Lawn Hurt The Grass?

Appreciate every Living thing. / oh, and btw… / It’s ALL aLive! / and / There’s Nothing absurd about / appreciation! :)

Blades of Grass

From whence life takes its place / Solid on blades of grass / Clear out this empty space / And all living, breathing mass / Solid on blades…


Sarah began to take the wedding dress off. “I never got to that big white wedding every little girl dreams about.”

Greener grass

clandestine / encounter

They don’t care out here

I always breathe shallowly when I pass and hope to myself that the spirits don’t notice me.

Not So Greener Pastures

Why are we always focused on the colour of the grass? / Shouldn’t we be worried about it’s nutritional value? / I’m now h…

Nature’s Allure

The soothing wind / Of August twilight / Caresses our skin / Licks our wounds / Dances upon us / As we roam in bliss / Smile / Rejoice / R…

Grass Catcher

wearing the ribbon’s ink on my khakis

Some days I think I’ve seen too much

‘There were times / when I was mad and nauseous / that the big barn door of my mind / swung open / so far, it nearly cracked it’…

she sits on dark grass

she sits on dark / grass, / like a migrating / bird with a broken wing, / calling his name.

Who cares?

The following was inspired by my photo of the same name. / Please view and read the notes. / Who cares? / Once a Friary, filled with brothe…

Valley Grasses

Ahhh / Thats how the valley grasses see

An Overture Of Business

Whispers of grasses and breeze / Tinkles of water and drip drip drop / Croaking of frog ends with a plop / Buzzing of wings of flies wasps …

a beautiful tragedy

on the lonely ground of the avenue / i walk slowly so i can think of you / i pick up a flower that reminds me of your face / the strong win…

tribute to morning

bended knees on a family of sitting rocks / and debate the virtue of bravery with Virgil / as autumn oaks look on with curiosity and / whi…

Natures Beauty

Green is the grass which is, the beauty below us. / Yellow is the sun, which shines upon us / Rainbows spreading, an array of luck. / The c…




I long for the beads, / Of sweat upon my brow, / And sweet kisses of sun on my skin. / I long for the knots, / Of burrs on my laces, / As I…

the truth of my time.

Upon returning in the early spring to the street of my childhood, I walk as the dead might, cold shroud / still covering my eyes.

where the greener grass grows

in the most perfect houses / in the happiest of homes / the shadow still grows….

Blankedy blank

Oh god. What was that smell?

Summer Grass

A part of me thought it’d be better if I turned around and kept walking, letting the rain soak my sympathies and drown my memories all the …

Rainy Day

I run outside / No rainbows today / I want the rain to stay


come with me, and we’ll dampen our shoes / with the first tears of morning / me and you. / we’ll pick our way through the long …


She met her handsome lover / On The Hidden Path / Away from noise and confusion / Knowing she had a love that would last / The grass was em…

The places of love

we could close together / like the pages of a book / with hidden words between us

for her love (at war photo)

to lay in the fields with you,a letter,war, the result of the fields

I want to share these things with you

To walk on beaches full of sand, / To let it flow right through my hands. / To play in rock pools on the shore, / I want to share this and …

The Grass Is Always Greener…

… when it’s been painted with / your attention.

Music of the Night

And I like to hear you singing along with the silence, closed in our dark room in the middle of the day. / Those little red bows that tied …

Tall Grass.

Tall grass, / No shoes, / Cool earth, / Morning dew. / Wind blows, / Across my face, / Sun shine’s, / From heaven’s grace. / Li…

china bells of bone and shell and frosty dew a fo…

he licks / her caressed warmed unearthed saltiness / growing breathless timidly slipping / secret desire eaten / her beggar’s heart …


had flight in its wings / and song in its heart

The Grass Under My Ass

But i digress / at the mess / Which I confess.


ever onward, onward, always moving never getting anywhere: water glistens over all, dripping, spilling, splashing, shimmering.

Ghost in the Tall Grass

I have posted anything in a while – I hadn’t even pushed the shutter button in 2 weeks. This is always a rough time of year fo…


- boy…

In Damp Grass

despite the damp grass / bodies burned / thoughts churned / I began to learn / we stared at the only thing that made sense / our hazy minds…

Vivid minutes

Phone crooked in shoulder with chin, / last instructions, / talk me in. / Long, long journey / almost ended. / The final corner / through t…

Walking Down the Path of Tranquility

The squirrels ran up and down the trees, and scurried across the ground with heavy paws….I watched as they picked up the pollen with their …

Keeping it green

I hate grass. The touch of it, the way it feels under your feet, cold and slimy, teaming with ants and bugs that crawl into places you only…

Intertwined Was Featured

Intertwined was featured in TPW. Thank you so much TPW. Very much appreciate it.

Oh Dream

Oh dream, Dream far into the unknown still / From which life and imagination spill.

“The Daises”

Kyria is a 6 year old girl who likes going outside to play. In the summer time she / would go in the yard, and sit on the grass, then she…

The Secret Wall

I smoke grass.

One More Day

The sky was almost mute and empty, as if a Hawk were coming in for a kill – silent as a soft breeze. / Trees with beautiful flowers,…

Her Disappearing Act

Drinking black coffee, kicked back in her chair, it occurred to her that one might disappear if one tried hard enough.

The Day it all Changed

The day it all changed for me is a lasting memory / As now I smile looking upon the green where I had fallen

“Is the grass really green under out feet?”

The research shows up or at least my research / Shows me just what we can get from wearing / No shoes sad but so true / Shoes are needed to…

The Meadow

the lovely flowers and soft grass swaying in the lightest of breezes / that kisses our cheeks and gently tosses our hair about / listening …

Haiku 116

a wry smile… / proudly brushing new grass / from her knees

Poem: Lay Flat The Grass

Form the playground of illuminated Spaces / And warm joy

pages in a book

All my love / fades and dies / You are the page / left alive

I Miss You

We dance until dawn, / or until the batteries fail / on the stereo system, / And then we collapase / onto a soft blanket of grass / in the …

of these notes

Blessed the song / Of these notes, this one … is mine


We used to lay down in tall grasses and listen / To worlds hidden in crickets singing in unison. / Your slim fingers would walk a path / Th…

Whispers of Passion

Awaiting not the morrow, but the now / As her heart beats out the seconds / Until her midnight lover returns to her

Days Such As This

The ocean mist swirls / Horizon obscured / The sun a blurred form / In the shades of white / And blue.

The Grass Isn’t Greener On the Other Side I…

He was caught on a electric barb wire fence / Meant to keep us from them / I was hovering on neither side in the air / Just watching helple…

the grass is greener

In some fields the grass is high. / The grass is so tall / you cannot see a path before you.
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