Got Plans for December 12, 2012? Seriously read this article its most fascinating and really is an extrodinary event that is going to happen…well i should say has bee… “I get knocked down, but I get up again! Yo… Load that one up… got it? Ok! Pull (Bang… Bang…) What a shot! Now put that one on. No, that one over there! Yeah! Ok? Pu… i’ve got to see you it is not the same way every time i close my eyes / oh but the runaway / calls me to safety / there is a budding haven / a / i knew you… Is intuition my divining rod and I’ve only got 3 … I was bent on feeling again on leading with my heart. I think I heard my heart say it was not my life’s situations that was scarring but … Lady, This Is What You Got Lady’s seen all the movies / ran in the rain for a final kiss on V-day / it was cliché. / I’m embarrassed. Dad, what a smile, by Roger Boreham, got my vote,… Of course I connected with Simpatico, by Barry McCann. I watch their show and like their interaction. (Turned it off yesterday when they we… How Do You Think We Got Here? … thinking is doing. What’s crappy noodles got to do with it,i k… I don’t want, / Christie Brinkley in her daisy dukes, / Arching her back to the sky, / On some tropical beach, / Exciting the moon, /… HOW THE LOVE WE NEVER GOT — my breast! bird brewed — / until the sky spattered clear / amidst the spiraled soak / of her gold-grown green fear. Who Needs an Enemy When YOU Got A Friend? continuously declaring your need for revelation and discernment / your thoughts meaningless and empty How my hat got in trouble on the way home from Co… There had to be something I could do, and I really needed to do it pretty soon. STILL GOT TIME FOR SOMEONE Hey pretty poison, / My kisses could set fire to your soul. / Are you sure you’re ready for this? / You will die a thousand times, / … I Got Nits On Dolly’s slip was checked, NO LICE and NO NITS. HEY…..I’m 15 and I got ATTITUDE… life / school days / fun laughter I Got Left Behind Below the branches of the date-palm / She stands / Leaning back against its slender trunk / Counting the stars / And recording their numbe… You Got the Poison… I Got the Remedy I saw your latest creation, / your attempt at renovation / / your obscure and stunted explanation of the inner-workings of yourself THEY GOT HIM! hAfter killing tens of thousands of innocent bystanders and wrecking havoc in two countries the Americans have finally got his dead body. I got you a Valentines Day Present… But I A… I love chocolate so much / That I eat it for breakfast. / I want it so badly / That I will do almost anything to get it. / I can be very ni… You think you got it bad…? I missed the fuckin train / Got on at platform 3 instead of 4 / all the way to Edinburgh. / Visited the supermarket / when they had 5 minut… got-melanocortin-1 ………Of cours… Years ago, I knew a young lady for a while who was actually a bit upset about my being frank on the subject of believing that redheads had,… Wow……………I got the b… This has been the greatest day, my painting Six dinghies won the Best in Show at the Combined Art Societies of Sydney Annual Art Awards. / … The Night Darcy Brown Got a Goober in His Drawers Now this all happened way back when, in the days when bootleggers and bank robbers were all the role models a growing boy needed. 24th level. for Donna, Sandra, Alenka, who answe… As I was thinking over that my replys to your generous comments might have been to harsh, I came across this review of a new book of poetry… “SNAPITNC HAS GOT RID OF THE DUCK I FINALLY DECIDED TO GET RID OF THE DUCK. I DO UNDERSTAND IF THIS AVATAR OF ME FRIEGHTENS SOME OF YOU BUT THERE YOU HAVE IT,MIKE New BAD! Kitty Video-it’s got a great beat,… Check it out, this is the new improved BAD! Kitty You Tube Video, with a hot new soundtrack…and I am getting started on filming on a … Okay Lord, ya got me! You know I wrestle You because I / love You. / Throwing punches in / fond / intervention / trying to wrangle all of Your / attention / [be… WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? A battered wife’s tale…………… / In the depth of despair / What saved me? / OK we love eachother, / But w… “When I got your mail” “When I got your mail” / Wow, I was so shocked that I was rocked off my feet / You apparently did not understand where I was coming from / … My old favor image got feature – 21 Novembe… Russian Birch ” was featured in the group Snow! Glorious Snow!! / Many thanks for such a great present. This is one of my favors images, an… Ladies, You’ve Got Male… Like ‘him’ or not… / Love ‘him’. PSSST Got A Minute? A couple of things I have distilled that might assist you. I’ve had a bit of a hit on Clarity and Focus. / Now heres some ideas I hav… Got Featured In hummingbirds of the world Woo Got featured with { A little sip } Emu – Got My Eye On You! Thank you! As the title says – Thank you! / The thank you is to the wonderful art connoisseur who chose to purchase a framed print of my paint… thought for the day ,I got stiffed again While most women age / like a fine wine / my wife aged / like curdled milk ! / thought for the day ! Relapsed, But I Still Got You, And It Makes Me St… things are starting to tear me down again / the sorrow creeps back in / and things begin to fall apart / i’m am no longer immune to t… Persephone’s Got Nothing On Us We create who we are / from stunted tree-roots / and bird-bones Peeling Paint got a feature….! Peeling Paint got a feature;in Natural Textures!… Lampedusa got a feature!!! Thank you to the Hosts of Colours of Water to have featured my picture / Lampedusa / What a feeling!!!!! Always exciting to get a feature&#… all you got There is /            no love /         &nbs… Pine bud got a feature!… don`t miss it ….Pine bud got a feature!… The one that got away I found this poem i wrote 10 years ago when I was 16 and breaking up with some boy I was dating………..and of course it w… Got featured in “Bubble Jeapordy” gro… I just want to thank the “Bubble Jeapordy” group for featuring my red “Snow Plant” image. It was fun making people … I’ve still got… I lost my job yesterday… it was no surprise and I have been preparing for it. We did not have enough work to go around and I was laid… REDBELLIED WOODPECKER GOT AN AVATAR MY REDBELLIED WOODPECKER ON A LIMB JUST GOT 20 FAVORINGS 197 VIEWS,81 COMMENTS MADE WAS IN THE TOP 10 CHALLENGE WINNERS IN WOOD PECKERS FR… I JUST GOT HOME…AND FOUND "GOT KLEENEX… I am so excited to see that “Got Kleenex” won the Lots o Licks – Tongue Challenge in / Giraffes- the Long and Tall of It … Has she got her hooks in you too. All the barking up the wrong tree / But you’d stung me just like those bees / Making me go weak at my knees “Got Kleenex” placed in the Top Ten C… Wow, how awesome is that, thank you so much to all who voted for my sick giraffe! My Red Bubble friends are awesome! I got a first Prize and here is the biggest thank… I really must thank the kind people in the Challenge Cafe / who voted for my painting / Shallow mooing at Sorrento / My watercolour got fir… I got it now When you said You loved me; / I used to think about it. / I wished you could. / I could not see or feel your words. / You were just so much… My work got featured…………&… I am so delighted and honoured, my watercolour “Apples and Lace” got featured in the group Watercolour painting ……&… Got featured in ! ( aqua, lime or indigo)… go see my newest feature(aqua,lime or indigo)!…sunrise IV (JUST BEFORE SUNRISE)!!! How many have you got. How many friends have you got / I know that I don`t have a lot / Iv`e got dozens of mates / but some they are fakes / the true friends I ha… Water Lilly got First Place in the challenge &… In ‘’One single coloured lilly’ / ‘link’::… Delicate Rose got two features!!!! I’m sooo thrilled! / Delicate Rose got two features today!!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee / I’m sooo pleased…I could jump up an… Sadistic intentions (FOR MY SUGAHHHHH) =-0 oops y… Let down your hair so I can yank it as I pick up SPEED. / This isn’t a love making session shut the fuck up it’s pure sadistic … The road never ends; got a feature… The road never ends; got a feature… yay i got picked as one of 20 finalists hi / i just had to let people know how happy i am. for those people in australia. u have prob heard of the smile with centro photo comp. we… Ocean waves;…water textures II… got a… Ocean waves;…water textures II… got a feature!… Got a feature;…Don`t fence me in’vaca… Got a feature;…Don`t fence me in’vacation serie V!… Holy fish n’ chips Batman! I’ve got 2… Just in the middle of fixing tea (that’s supper for non UK people). Decided to look on Redbubble and see how ya’ll are. Surrrpr… two images got a feature! two images got a feature! Got a feature;…Sunrise XI (Lakeshore)… June/11/2009 / “Sunrise XI (Lakeshore)”; Got a featur… “I got over loving” love, rest. behave, I’ve got THREE 2010 calendars for Sale!!! 2010 calendars I Got Published. How cool, One of my images has been used in the Schmaps Website. / Check it out at : /… Vacation series got fetured!… Vacation series got fetured!… Canal Road River ,got a feature… Canal Road River ,got a feature… Sunset colors (in the city)!… got a feature… Sunset colors (in the city)!… got a feature… sunrise III while I was waiting for the sun to r… sunrise III while I was waiting for the sun to rise got the secund feature!… “I’ve got to get the hell out of here… “I’ve got to get the hell out of here!” / (for J.B.) / thinking of him / feeling his / frailty / i sense / walls / pressing / in / years as… got a fan page on Facebook / If ya interested! Mistress Got Owned WARNING Explicitly Explicit (Mature) GOD GOT A FEATURE I’m on my New religion Kick of Universalism. / The FREE UNIVERSALISTS are going to be the KICK BUTT FOR PEACE / FORCE of 09. / The O… Wow… I got featured…. 3 times Featured my pictures, out of everybody on this sight… mine! haha Keep your seat belts fastened and tray tables up&… I was hunting in the deepest, darkest regions of my back garden, looking for that neighbors cat who is killing all the birds in our garden … You Got To Drive- Challenge entry Life’s on the Edge / How am I to Survive / You got to Drive / You got to, You got to Drive Are you ok? I have starred down the barrel / Which is death / And ultimately refused it’s lead. / Surely mankind / Could do the same / Ensuing t… Sunflower series II (Sun)…! got a feature&#… Sunflower series II (Sun)…! got a feature… Got a top 10 winner Got a top 10 winner! Michael and the Pet Store Santa got featured Cand… I was so surprised when I logged in here tonight and seen my photo was featured. Thank you so much Canded Photographs of Friends and Family. I got 7th :) I got 7th place for my Safety First photograph so thanks who voted :) Just got hot! Thank you! “In the HEAT of the moment” was featured in the group Capturing Emotion / in the heat of the moment / Thank you Capturing Emotion gr… i got your number honey (Mature) Give it what you got…. Give it what you got, / you can have what you need / if you only take a breath / and believe in your dreams / maybe write a list / a dream… My birthday My birthday was on the 17th and it was a big one, my 18th and my mum felt really bad about it cos she couldnt get me anything long lasting … “Conjunction junction, what’s your f… (The submarine is in position sir! ALARM! ALARM! Our sub’s under attack from the giant T-Rex. Water bombs now! Duuuuuu… Splash!… When in doubt, interview the man on the street Are we becoming too diverse, or not enough? This has got to stop ‘A searing, stretching, sadness / is pushing my insides, out: / It’s like I have no centre. / I gave that role to you / these p… The Final Blow (I got the itch) “Mirror mirror on the wall, well scratched up and vandalized, no real reflection there at all, I saw face, but I couldn’t see my face… Somewhere Between Virginia and Northgate Joey Got… Somewhere between Virginia and Northgate / Joey would be dumped / I didn’t catch his name / But I heard all the things he said to Joey, / … Britain’s Got Talent: Janey Cutler Bonny l… 7 bairns,13 grandbairns an’ fower greatgrandbairns, Got Change for a 30 Dollar Bill? The slower we go the faster time goes. / We are rushing headlong into the chasm / of our own creation. YAWP!!!! I’ve got a feature number 6!!!!!! I have just woken up this morning (still dark outside) and wanted to see how things were on RB. To my surprise, my photo “Barbaric YA… Wooooooooooooww! What a day!!!!!!!!!! I got a fea… This is for sure a special day! After have had my son featured this morning, this evening (europe) I got a feature toooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!… It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve g… oh I’d have a treat for you / here / if / your favourite thing / to eat was / mixed / messages, / dear / oh my heart is mischief and… “‘And it’s 1, 2, 3 Strikes your… I know I am late with this, but I’ve been up to my neck in quicksand and couldn’t get out (beauty therapy my foot). Anyway, I …
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