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her lips

all I could think about was her scent. And how much better she would smell, closer to me

Little Girls Without Fathers

A Mother Who’s Trying So Hard / And Filling Both Shoes… / It’s The Little Girls Without Fathers / The No Father Truth….

Fake Memoirs II



From the Mother who bore / to the women who tore / The sisters that grew / the girls at the dances / taste the best thing on offer / I feel…

The Fantasy of a Fat Girl

I can change my cover, / still be a good book, / turn inside out / and be the woman / any man would want?


She called the other day. / She does that sometimes / Asks about my life / Tells me about hers / But I don’t care / I feign interest…

Love Sweet Triangle

Once more I pass by Beijing / and it’s blue blue sky.. / This time it was a golden autumn

intention’s return-consciousness story from…

My thoughts bring me to the connection between and among religions- the myth of conscious world…

Just a little tale my girls love……

One chilly morning little bird hopped out of his nest and Mamma bird said “Good morning little bird…It’s time to fly today!” / Little bird …

A Seamless Affair

Something something. Who knows. I know it’s nothing special but it was in me

She is extraordinary.

As she walks with her head held held high / Ignorant to the passing glances and whispered words / Rules and trends she’s supposed to …

Love of My Life

I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart.

Grandmothers were Teens Too Read and Enjoy

Gramma’s night of teenage revelry shared with me and part of a book which was written about this wonderful lady


You are unique, / Unlike the rest. / And only you, / Do “you” the best.

Stuck to me

I cannot take comfort in pebbles and limes. No lake to skim them across, no gin to sink them in.


You love what makes you feel pretty and comfortable. / I love what keeps me alive and strong. / You love what gives you attention. / I lov…

It Ain’t Rocket Science

This story starts somewhere in beginnings of hormonal town. / It ain’t rocket science our sexual formulas are as old as that fella Methusel…

Back In The Summer of ’96 (oh yeah!)

Something had felt wrong as soon as she’d entered the bedroom, and she’d refused to sleep with him.

a red sock day (not a green sock day)

the bath overflowing and running into the ocean, / you and me beneath the covered night sky. / I know this,

I think i would have loved the name Judith

Come with me and let me show you something / Let’s go out for a walk, please keep me company for a little while / Have you see those littl…

Passion of the Zombie

I am Lydia, and I am on the nearly impossible quest for Zombie romance.


There’s whispers in the background on all your cassette tapes / of girls without faces / or integrity. / They all smell the same, lik…

The Love of Two Lost Souls (Pt. 5)

This was where she belonged, and she’d risk her own death to be with him.

She Will

Her hands play the instrument / pleasing to all ears / Yet all they want her to do / is sit so quietly / And nod in agreement.

Buried girl treasures

There are certain girl(s) who have become / almost like being a ‘total obsession’ to me;


Her hair, that waves like the ocean / Meets with her shoulders, relaxed

Myself and the Rose

Each one that’s boxed costs more than my socks, / My watch, my tie, and my suit. / But, I must come through with one or two / Or forever be…

I Heard. You Told Me that Last Month.

I see the way you look at her. / I see the way you hold her hand. / I see the way you walk with her. / I see the way you hold her in you ar…

Unlawful Love

so wrong are we to delve uncaring / into this unlawful love / …

Old Love V.S New Like

U think ya ex is cheating wit his ex..

Sunshine – Ch. 1

As we sat, I noticed a boy, named Charlie, staring at me from behind his lashes…….“Jessica?” I opened my eyes…….…

Sunshine – Ch.2


The Girl In the Red Dress

You need to leave him, / I can’t live this lie no more, / This needs to be true to the core, / I want me and you, / And not you and h…

The Perfect Fitting Glove

You are 10,000 more times beautiful / Than any other girl / You make all of them seem dull / That first kiss was magic

When I Try And Sleep

Sometimes when i try and sleep at night / my heart starts to race and my chest feels so tight / Then i see your face infront of my eyes / i…


I look out the window / At the moon / Knowing I should stay / Knowing I will go / They say you are bad for me / I say how would they know /…


Magdalene watched Mary / bend down to put on the LP. / The Beatles. They’d saved / up and bought it together. / She took in Mary’s stockin…

Midnight Mistress

Smoke it and blow like it were your last cigarette / Your addiction is my satisfaction

I think.

I think about her in English class

The Light in a Little Girl’s Smile

Life, movement, sunshine / showering down glistening hair. / Smiles dance recklessly…

You, me and j———y

You, me and j———y… A poem about feelings in life that we all feel, an emotion


Gran said / you can come with us / to the fair / Janice said / Provided your mum agrees / of course but Gran’s / already asked your mum…

Lifes work

You spend your life looking for affection / Trying to work out which is the best direction / Wondering how to make everything right / Expec…

I Remember

A short poem about remembering the first time.

It’s A Girl Thing

All I know is that there’s a seismic shift in perceptions once you see that blue strip on the pregnancy test the second time around.


No door can stay closed. / No wall can stand in my way. / From loving you. / Shoving out the bad. / Digging up the good.

I Like Her

i like her and wish we could be hers / ive been told she likes me but are they just rumours / but i am just to shy to find out if its true …

Aux filles !

Ô étoiles si mystérieuses, / Que votre beauté en est radieuse ! / Mais avec moi si autaines, / Que vous en êtes lointaines. / Pourquoi cett…

It’s All About Her

What do i do when i cant stop thinking about her / What does it mean when i dream about her / Does it mean anything if i worry about her / …

in her hands.

my lungs screamed in protest / at the thought of outside and / her blazing passion, her / cricket-fingers / chirping against my skin, / sen…


A mom, two daughters, one life are we / I long for us to be completely free / Frustrations inside built up from our past / Get rid of it al…

Untouchable Flower

My crush is like an untouchable flower on the mountain side. / That I’m unable to reach.


feeling homesick for a place you have never been to


ive been tryin to keep this together for a while but its fallin through. / i want to go to sleep and wake up forgetting your name. / i belo…


She sleeps as only girls sleep / dreaming of babies and diamonds / or how that rich guy got away. / She slumbers with lips pressed tight…


Magdalene waits in the passage / for Mary to come. Other girls pass / by hurrying on to the next lesson. / Mary comes along swinging her …


Stradler loves the evenings / Loves watching the girls come / Into the bar with the young / Hunks on their arms wondering / Where they go…

I Hate Romantic Novels

It started with a bus. It was a Tuesday. This amuses me. Nothing important ever seems to happen on a Tuesday, but it was the day I first sa…




Again and again / Same thing over and over / When I see you / Just hook up and leave / And act like it never happened / I know I know / But…

Read Me


Da Struggle is Real

Da Struggle Is Real

Lost Soulmate

Read my poem, as I tell, / Of all my loves. I rose and fell / With every one, and yet I wait, / To find myself my true soulmate…

Santa Claus is coming

I can here the birds singing, / I can feel the gentle breeze. / Soft grass beneath my feet. / The earth has yielded up it’s fruit, fo…

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