the kohl girl & her lime pips I’m allergic to purple and terrifying to Virgos. Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR… The girl needs a monster in her man The girl needs a monster in her man. / A wolf with a heart loyal to his clan… / A fierce Warrior with a helping hand, / Girl needs a … the kohl girl & her mermaid tattoos My hobbies are wig spotting and eating red fruit. Sometimes we meet the wrong people. Sometimes we meet the wrong people. / And have the wrong conversations. / And help the wrong strangers. / And go into the wrong places. / … The Girl with the Red Hair The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a… For a girl with a heavy heart, I love you I don’t know what to say, / so I feel, / I wanna say something is brewing / but what? / climbing vines / nostalgic need / stranglin… goldilocks she had the longest hair. Real women vs barbie Found this awhile ago while working on a paper for one of my classes and decided to share this little tidbit with you. / things you never … Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. Reason is a Thunder Word to an Idiot Girl I want to run my toes up his pants / under the cover of white table linen / caress that beautiful organ between his legs / surrounded as we… Daddy’s Little Girl What would it be like to be Wolverine’s daughter? What would your life be like? What would your friends think!? / Those are the is… The Child Without No childish games, memories or laughter / No little girl’s things, to remember years after / Not learning the skills to be a good mo… Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re… Geeky Girl Ruminates on Rural Landscape Why is my name under the glorious green tree, / and not me? “Love Me” He moaned against her chest, kissing her breasts softly while she squirmed beneath his lips. Butterfly Girl You’re sweet and you’re soft, my butterfly girl, / And oh, how you have my heart in a whirl, / You flit and you float, all over… Sunilism : Valentines 6x Calenders 2014- Message … Message from Love Goddess Aphrodite and Saint Valentine – Lovers in Heaven : by Sunil Sharma . !* Every day will be as loving as a … Yay, I won a challenge!!!! Reclining female nude, charcoal pencil drawing on gesso was just voted No. 1 in the Creative Drawing challenge of the Fine Arts group! I&#… EVERYMANS FAVORITE GIRL FARRAH FAWCETT IN HER PRIME.THE BEST SELLING POSTER OF ALL TIME.FOR ANYONE WHO HAD THIS UPON THEIR WALL,HERE IS ONE MORE VEIW. THE NIGHT “YOU’RE THE NIGHT, LILA, A LITTLE GIR… …TAKING ANOTHER DRINK FROM THE CARTON SHE DROPPED THE PILLS INTO HER MOUTH AND SWALLOWED. / “THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS” SHE WHISPERE… pretty little asian girl PUPPY LOVE The kohl girl and her Finnish banjo Why do the freaky ones always look so damn good? Little Girl Lost. I tuned out the little girl’s wails, / as she begged for forgotten fairy tales. / The world is harsh, by now she’s learned, / t… The Secret to Happiness What do you do when you work out that life, the world and everything you have done or ever will do is pointless? Living Dead Girl Come hold me here / now in the dark. / Warm this corpse / that is my living heart. / For though it beats / it cannot feel / slashed with w… Jersey girl Jersey girl… / your fingertips hug that cig so well / caressing it with attitude / You own it / just like you own yourself / free to … Those Crazy Stairs A mysterious girl pursued by four men in a meadow of sunflowers. A girl who possesses a unique guitar that ignites prophecies when strung. … When i was a little girl… Abuse is cultivated in silence and darkness; it grows on fears and tears. Sara Phim – The most beautiful girl in the … In the year prior to his death, Sara’s grandfather built a mountain. The neighbours – watching speculatively as he hauled the rubblecart up… I dream of Living A beginning of living without Martin. umbrella but there’s always one, isn’t there? Soulfully dirty girl Will you get soulfully dirty in my words? / Plump up yourself with conceptions of me / I am hunting for an incense of cinders and petals / … Daddy Who Never Smiles A rare twinkle in his crinkled brown eyes that gets eaten up in an instant by dimness, like clouds that swallow the sun. Another Shade of Grey I’m thinking of her. / I’d break the rules and then recover. / She likes to paint the world grey. / I’ll save her from herself today. Farm girl does Spain Love, lure, excitment, and loss. Part of life’s little surprises. A Girl I don’t exactly remember why it was brought up. Then again, when you have a conversation of any kind of importance the only thing you reall… Poppy Seed Gal I’m a poppy seed gal, / Stuck in your teeth, / Easy to hide, / Hell to rid of. / Just try to spit me out / But I’ll stay stuck to your gums… Child with skin made of stars We are not lost—one / within the other, / our lines are their own, / hung / from side by side stars, riding / a sky made of earth / whisp… Unanswered questions We land on our bums or stand tall and proud / But at least if we’ve followed our dreams / Our lives will be full and not ruled by the… Indeterminacy 205 (A Girl Among Flowers) She brought it up close to her face and inhaled a deep, savoring breath. Her tongue extended . . . Daddy’s Little Girl – Chapters- 7-8 to be continued Handcuffs or Whips?! Maybe it was a case of the girl who cried wolf. Perhaps those who passed the door couldn’t tell if she was saying help or HELP?!! Prettier Than Me I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me when it stops because there’s no one else boys who’d be girls, who’d be boys, w… For every girl who throws out her e-z bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one. Little Girl Lost I am quite proud of the piece as words were never really my greatest passion! This has been my only piece of published writing. the girl with the long golden curls where did she go / the girl with the long golden curls / laughing at life / dancing with love / every heart beat / filled with glory / thin… Girl with enormously long legs When i was a little girl / I was thinking that one day / My legs will grow enormously long / and would go for adventurous walks / i will wa… The girl with nine toes This is one chapter of my new book “The girl with nine toes” a story about personal growth. / So, now, I am really curious to s… Beautiful trash girl There’s no room left on these shoulders for guilt tonight Girl in a Tattered Dress torn dress / hard work / strict parents / faith in God / Storms, tears, sweat / Unconditional love! j e s s i outstretched arms being chased / by flowing curls This Girl is a Gem She plumbs the depths of broken heart and weeps / From time to time her heart has whimsy leaps / Inspired by the words she shares so free /… NAUGHTY GIRL LIE BACK NAUGHTY GIRL. / LET ME CARESS AND KISS YOU. / WORSHIP AND LOVE YOU! The Girl in the Red Leather Coat (Mature) Frog Girl Olsen sat silently on the wet shiny rock in the middle of the lake and pondered. He often found himself perched there in the wee small hou… The Christian Girl It was the first day of an introductory to writing class at the community college. It was taught in the summer semester, so there were few… MY ANGEL You came to me at a point so low, / I held you once and will never let go. Trapped words, just words A bad girl He was a baby boomer. / His junior high school had nine hundred students with eighteen classes in each grade. / Upon entering his junior ye… Who was that girl? Who shied away from a gentle touch? / And, cringed at an angry tone. A Fetish For The Oriental Fighting Girl Falling into hairline cracks / She stopped me in my tracks / My Yin was a comfort within / My Yang was a struggle to begin. On The Road A young girl in rebellion / and / an old tire The Girl and a Horse Called Moon. There once was a land that seemed to be made of gold. The meadows, the houses, the streets, shined as if polished everyday with sunlight. T… Julep the faraway girl When she had cuppa then she could arrange the thoughts in her head in the right order. / Julep laughed out loud, that was definitely trans… Shopping Girl No bargains and no credit available. / The shops have closed their doors…. Life Goes On One little girl was just beginning your journey. As life goes on, she begins her life with the only problem her family didn’t have. Soul Scars My fingers find themselves tracing from his collarbones to his hands and grasping themselves there as if in prayer. Fable of a feline-female transformation No longer weak, she sharpened her claws and teeth. Why is it there? Imagine why it’s there or what went wrong? / Now does it symbolise a friendship lost / A weakened love’s lament, a farewell son… I knew a little girl I knew a little girl, / her name was michelle. / When I met her, / I thought… / that name ring’s a bell. / She, was shy and tim… An Ordinary Girl It doesn’t take much: / rustling bed covers / a whiff of Old Spice / menacing tattoos, / and I travel / backwards in time, / heart c… Stillborn Rambles about old loves ;) VERY old. Nina’s Shoes When we talk about school her crystal eyes go hazy. I call that Nina’s smoke screen; because I know she lies when her eyes cloud over that … Girl. Once I knew a girl, / Who sat with her back to the world, / As it turned without her seeing. / Her fingers entwined, / Around a flower of s… Mr. Moody and She ‘Mr. Moody and She’ / She walked toward infinite possibilities / as if the rushing water were sliding her snail like, / glistening recoil /… Started off sunny and ended up Gray I am gonna say all the things I could never say. Limbo Floating between heaven and hell / Flames of purgatory licking at your heels / Whilst the light from heaven is calling out / One so far, th… STORY OF MY LIFE when / I was in / the woods / last night / dancing away / my rage / I got a text / saying / you can’t / dance / white boy but… The Cow-girl Chick I saw a crazy guy on TV once, he sang a song called I put a spell on you. I had a girl put a spell on me, and as it turns out the spell wou… CRAZY GIRL Her soul holds ancient wisdom, / Her roots run deep through time. / Her faith combines with karma, / That’s she’s polished till it shines. Zulu Fly…and the Pretty Girl Bench Zulu Flys are different, we’re story tellers, the fly on the wall that you always want to hear from Little Blind Girl When she was a child, people sometimes approached the little blind girl and advised her to pray for sight, to plead for mercy from the One … Confused Girl There she goes again.. / Sitting in a dark corner, feeling anguish and empathy / She starts to wonder what more could there be. / She usual… No ones girl My heart forever free / To love no one else / Im no ones girl / No ones girl at all The Fantasy of a Fat Girl I can change my cover, / still be a good book, / turn inside out / and be the woman / any man would want? an ending of sorts We spilled over into silence. My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! / “The Interview Question” ComicStrip by Lisa C. Weber ©2008 The Countdown Girl Jesus now lives down in China / Sharing a house with his fat little friend / He would still walk across the water / If the path of the ri… light up the night Clouds drift across our eyes. A Deluded Man Behind your back she smiles / While in a million ways / She delights in cuckolding you To My Daughter I am not a perfect mother and I will never be / You are not a perfect daughter and you will never be / But put us together and we will be t… Homeland Welsh born The Girl the girl hasn’t discovered her wings yet / not realizing the strength of her soul / nor realizing that was God’s gift to her fo… Foolish Girl Foolish Girl- / One sided heart. / You let it fall… / -Foolish Girl- / ©
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