You think you know me but all you see are your ow… Carry my body past the dead / hanging / from the hook in your eyes: / suck me all in— / my sun, my moon, / the silver sky fish in a s… Wordless Ghosts Speak to Me in the Language of Ja… …clinging to his wordless silhouette jaw bones Snap. / A word falls from a large bleak jaw bone and it rolls and rolls around. dear, when I. Occasionally news of you reaches me. A sailboat thrown by the tides or a wind caught in a harbor of tall trees. My heart has set out a sing… three ghosts I “live” in a house with three ghosts. / The pretty one, who is only scent / leaps at me from old closets. / From boxes I can’t disc… Yes, “We’re All Dying” There’s a ghost in my path; / she appears in my dreams, too. / I cut her out in the shape / of a paper person / because that’s all she’d / … The Blood Path of Bird in ways that would make even God blush THE GHOSTS WON’T LEAVE My body is tired today / and slumps / with the weight of thoughts The Mariachi Band Please listen to this while you read… / [Video] / I am haunted by five ghosts / Each one as terrifying as the last / They follow me f… Horror Hill Sweating and shivering, I woke from my dream / Monsters hiding under my bed / Goblins and ghouls were staring at me / but was it all in my … The Haunting of the Medical Ward for the Terminal… At the top of the steps—I was at the rear of our foursome—I felt a cold, icy finger brush across my shoulder—it felt like… essay on The Canterville ghost, by Oscar Wilde May 26,2008 / The Canterville Ghost is not just a short story about a haunted mansion with a ghost; it is also a comedy and a parody of Bri… No one’s Home The empty, darkened rooms filled only / with the Dust of Time and Ghosts of life that was. IT IS & SO IT SHALL REMAIN Look at these things you made. All things shine. / The Thin Red Line / We sometimes speak the truth for absence of the capacity to do other… The Ghosts of Gilderoy The ghosts of Gilderoy come galloping by / with swift and deadly moves / horses mounted and guns slung over / their saddles they ride strai… The St Albans Courthouse Ghosts Somewhere through the night I was aware of someone … more than one … maybe three people calling my name … A Visit From Penny…..Ghost or Wish Dream? I woke and saw her…Penny…..Nothing different to show that she was dead…it was just ………….her…… The Willow Again that scratching, / On my door, / And then again, / And then once more. pantomime for ghosts Whose pain is that I feel? / A vision of death and decay / Monsters who know me / But cannot explain / Why they have to haunt me / Goodness… And There Were Ghosts Patricia asked if I’d ever seen a ghost, I lied. She wondered what they looked like and said they are most likely different from cartoons,… Goodbye Blissfully unaware / Of where that path led beasts for the dead and burdened And did he fold you into an envelope of all that once was and send you away? the unborn misstep and you’re lost / misstep and you’re laughed at / misstep and you may as well bury alive / all your hopes of redemption / your drea… Airconditioning…. I don’t need airconditioning… W.I.S.P.A. W.I.S.P.A. (Women Investigating Spiritual & Paranormal Activity) South Australia Homage to Halloween The Moon is full, the clocks go back / Strange things happen on all souls day / The dead souls creak, lost between / Sin, forgiveness and… do you believe in ghosts? I turned around and my grandfather was standing right behind me. I was startled but not scared. I was calm. Ghost Hunters It’s like bigfoot, if there was proof positive, we’d have found it by now. UP IN THE HILL There is a house / Up In The Hill / I go to see this house / And I always will / It’s all alone / The residents are gone / The ghosts… GHOSTS I used to awake to those eyes / And they would awaken something in me / They had untold powers / Suggestion / Persuasion / They could build… ghosts with stark eyes i / lick / the taste / of silence / on the sharp edge of / bitterness it echoes like an / orchestra on wood floors and splinters / fun… The ghosts A thousand tiny eyes / Peer out / Glassy / No tears / No hope / No childhood / They see / War / Death / Destruction There are no Ghosts… There are no ghosts, beneath the creaking elder’s bark… i walk the stairs of yesterday i walk the stairs of yesterday / memories come flying through / the many times you held my hand / we shared love so true / how we were once… Ghosts, Spirits, or God Ghosts, Spirits, Religions, God The Place of Haunts 100 letters in a place where memories never fade. the blind ghosts of illusion elvis woke up on the dark side of the moon in a pink cadillac / with one memory that highway 66 is on the edge of reality / out of sight ou… Ghosts In the end / There is just rage / Anger and bitter words An extrodinary visit and prediction from my Mum. A visit and a prediction from my Mum has made it easier to accept our brothers passing. The Dare I felt a touch, / As cold as ice, / And through my fearful heart, / It sliced. / And then it swept across my face, / Around my neck, / It&#… GHOSTS? In the silence of the night / Do you feel eyes upon your face / Perhaps breathing / You cannot trace / Do you hear a heart beating / When … The Return The paper grocery bag fell from my nerveless fingers. Eggshells and yolk splattered across the worn linoleum as I shut my eyes tight, raise… The Intruder As I lay down and let sleep take me, / I hear a noise, / It starts to wake me. / I struggle up from slumbers nest, / Reluctantly pulled, /… the scary dream i had last night……… dreams, dreams, be honest about your dreams The everwise Father He comes and goes between worlds and see’s things like the almighty God himself Homesick I knew what it was before I looked. In fact I didn’t want to look. Truth is, I was scared to look. The Handler We have the celebrity ghosts, / ridiculing disillusion, / and designer talk-show hosts / to exaggerate confusion. Eidolon Vibrating flickers of hard light / Tugging at the air, breathing in / And out / Pulling in the colour, opulent and savoured / Flamboyant an… Cry For All Hallows There was a time when All Hallows Eve really meant something. Now it is nothing more than “Halloween”. Just another holiday that no-one rem… abandoned (even by my ghosts) the passing of / days and nights / punctuated by / the minty taste / on my tongue A Kind of Funeral Although I was 52, in terms of death years I’m still the new-ghoul-on-the-block and this was only the second funeral I had attended post-de… To Hear The Tales Of Old The wind, oh so crisp and clean, / howls through the twisted trees. Same Things. Place your heart across your sleeve, / As the world goes trundling by, / Glass eyes that trap ache and worship, / Let us think they are of … Lying with Ghosts When I was younger, / my grandmother would hold my forehead / whenever I got sick. / _The pressure / on my brow_ / was a pleasant relief - … The Presence As far as haunted houses go, this one’s up there. the house that howled out the hollow between sleeping and waking Ghosts Of The Ocean lost here / with all my dreams / my memories / are haunting me Dreams A boy has experienced reoccuring dreams since he was young. Now that he is in a psychiatric ward, can he figure out the cause of his dreams… The Haunting of a Poltergeist nappy, the pins had disappeared, / my boss’s didn’t like me receiving personal phone calls in company times, / some of the lights switchin… Chasing ghosts in the night Some kneel and press palms / Some play a track / Walking into some oblivion / Never looking back Walking the Dry River Bed Ghosts live here. Dark To dot my horizon / Of sorrow dreams dreams fall / like rose petals / cloaked in darkness / shrouds of the dead / walk through / asking questions / for which there are no ans… OF GHOSTS, AND DEMONS THE PAST IS HAUNTING SOMETIMES No Judgement Good and Evil / Hero and Villian HOLLYWOOD GHOSTS In a  motion picture mystical Avalon / A modern imitation of a sordid Babylon Haunting Emma – A Flash Review A woman with a troubled past begins a new life in a town with a past of its own. A past that lives alonside the present. Ghosts and people … Look Behind You… She’s Right There. God Sleeps Still the names haunted him, and the faces trying to tell him God was asleep. “’La terre emplit leur bouche pour les faire tair… Familiar Half an hour before she was due to arrive, Mike turned up with cloak, salt, black candles, that sort of thing. Paradise Road A shiver of apprehension raced up Stacey’s spine as she unlocked the drivers side door. Poised by her dark blue Mercedes, she warily glance… THE LIGHTHOUSE It stands in the distance…to me a mystery / Lighting the way for ships to move freely / What has it seen in the fog and in the rain /… MY GHOSTLY HOUSE They swirl and dance as soon as night falls / As if they are guests at a ball / Mystical chanting and mystery words / Some very clear…… Reality of Ghosts As I come to you, / It feels so right, / You look so fine! / Yet is my sight, “Truth?” / Upon my eyes all is seen, / Upon my mind all is st… Featured In Paranormal the Norm Group!!! Wow….I can’t believe it… another feature in Paranormal the Norm Group!!!! Thank you all so much!! I really appreciate yo… As I Walk Down The Dark Narrow Hall my time has come already They dance around me… Echoed mockingly behind me are another set of ringing steps. / Coming closer. Last week I went up a mountain Wind froze and carpet snow swirled, displaying and lifting its skirts for all to see. An Otherworldly Waltz our hearts meet / our hearts beat / our lips meet / and we spin in time HALLUCINATIONS THEY LIVED IN APARTMENTS / AND IN HER WINDOW HE COULD SEE / HER DRESSING AND UNDRESSING / SO CAREFULLY / HE WONDERED IF SHE KNEW THAT / H… My parents warnings Spirit prediction of cancer comes true The Romance Music from The Witchfinder General. A… As nightime therapy then, I listed all the happenings I could not explain GHOSTS OF THE PAST Ghosts of the past haunt me / Traveling with me wherever I go / Murmuring in my ear / They just refuse to let go / Ghosts of the past unite… MISTY I am very serious / Misty is so mysterious / It is really my wish / Ghosts are hiding in the mist / I like to know they are around / When t… among the ghosts i believe in stars, the ghosts of old existence / drifting through the past, / placing hands on hearts / in this we are just the tiniest sp… To Wake the Dead Flickering in and out of existence like the glow of a faulty light bulb, the figure moved jerkily forward. Thin grey arms reached out in fr… Shadows (may make some feel uneasy) A black mass growing in your vision / not quite in focus My Beautiful Imaginary Friend My childhood friend wore old fashioned clothes / She was so beautiful..her name was Rose / My family told me she didn’t exist / But e… First Memory I’m sure everyone has a first memory. Mine is of when I was just a baby, a toddler. I know this because my memory takes place in a crib. At… misguided ghosts travel endlessly going forward / going backward / i could travel in either direction all the ghosts that continue to fly the last time i saw you / in the park i ran from just yesterday / i left them there for you if you want them / all the ghosts that continue… ghosts, floral elusive, / subtle as childhood whispers, / hardy they will thrive, / as one season slides, / and time begins. / voices / that like flowers… GHOSTS When the evening comes / And all the lights are out / The ghosts come to visit / They dance all about / My Father leans over / To give me … HAUNTED Mother and infant walk the grounds / When it is quiet and no one’s around / Never realizing they are dead / Words she does not unders… A Colaberation Between Anika Oberg and Becca Ther… It was All Hallow’s Eve / And Wiccans grasped hands over flickering candels / Thirteen in a circle / Eight with eyes bright / Staring… we are the dead (Mature)
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