Today you will dream in Russian and wake with the smell of vanilla.


She was flown ever higher, needing to feel the heat. / It fueled her, revived her, gave her credence, respect, and a meaning.

The Strongest thing on Earth

It is not material and it cannot be bought or sold. It is priceless and precious and worth cherishing.

Inside Out

On the way to school, I listened to the music and nodded to the inaudible missing beats. I could see my mother’s eyes in the revision mirro…

Ballerinas & Stuff

No, there is no extract for you. / This is a long tale by RB standards. Only read it if you really want to. / However – it contains b…

Another World

Another World

A Paper Boat

I want to build a paper boat / to float away on the gushing waters / of the city streets and urban lanes


My future / Your wish / Our magic


Make no mistake – these are hard core criminals setting up dogs to fight to the death for their entertainment – Do we really have a place f…


Speak in tongues and no one sees / Lies and misconceptions weaved / Wave your arms, a stunning dance / That sultry look and upward glance

I Knocked

I knocked, and he opened.

Soap Bubble – Episode 16. Red Bubble Blue

What if Red Bubble was more than just a website. Come look through my eyes, all is not as it seems! the true story of red bubble is here! r…

Nowhen, Somewhen

No, no extract

So Many Ways to Die

So many deaths / So many ways to die

A Long Walk

I continued walking until I came to the next building. / It was made of wooden slats, and from the doors I could tell it was a saloon of so…

Division and Subtraction

Who is / And who is not / Guilty? / Who will answer this?

The Music of The Spheres

The Music of The Spheres

Life & Death: The In Between Years

And so we are born / To the Light / And the overhead lamps swing, swing

The Orange Bus

Mystery Man led the train of children to the big orange bus.


I saw only grey, at the first.

Let Me Rain On You

A Rose of Cloth

A simple Rose of Cloth

The Waiting

I suppose some will say I deserve it, being the feared, deadly creature I am.


And then, those times the penny drops / Or sometimes, the clatter of loose change falling…


…..If / Happiness is not about having what you want / But about wanting what you have….

There was a Star

Missing my star

Love like an Ocean

Bedingungslose Hingabe….


Tapping Out

Shhhhnick …. clap clackity crack / Zebra blurs, streaks of black

Love Practitioner

A bright coloured Geometrid let me be

Heart and Soil

Windy waters at times, stir petals in motion… / Nature’s breezy vulnerable momentary dance ensues.

Australia Day – A Letter Home…If only you were he…

Australia Day celebrations are at the end of the month and it reminded me of what the day means to me personally. I am so grateful to my G…


But my memory of you doesn’t start there, of course.

Great Grandmothers

My great grandmothers, / now locked in picture frames, / murmur softly in German / and Danish, / neither of which / can I understand. / O…

Join the voice

When the voice of a child needs to be heard the loudest…when it is speechless not through choice but through innocence…when artistic intent…


Human life, spirit, drive / And the need to feel alive…

A Part

Beneath your favourite tree, we opened nature’s bed for you / Orange beneath you, your little tiger flannel, blades of the grass you loved

Desert Rain



‘You know,’ whispered the older man with his German accent, ‘I enjoyed our latest challenge.’ / They were sat in a coffee shop just off the…

A Productive Life

The house is definitely clean.

A Stream’s Tributary

Like charity, love begins at home, within our inner temple. / Vulnerability often seen as weakness, yet presents the doorway to our spirit…

My Big, Fat German Nose

I was a monster growing up / and now as I stand / when I was young I thought it would stop / but today I still am / I didn’t grow wid…

The Devil Lives Here

In darkness we slumber / Our number is that of the beast / Our Gruftis will follow / On the blood of our donor’s we’ll feast

WORD OF THE DAY – German – Backpfeife…

If you find holes in your shoes, and you’re up to your neck in bitterness and blues – start with a simple list.

Like a honey cake horse

People always tell us their twin stories, but they’re nothing like ours.

Es ist Herbst / It´s autumn

A photograph from Lena Weisbeck was a wonderful inspiration for me. / Here come´s a poem in German language. It´s the second poem in my lif…

Batten down the Hatches

Batten down the hatches, lads / Seal ’em up real tight / ‘Cause now the storm’s a’comin / We’re in for a helluva night / Jasper, grab…

Reimwoerter und Frei Vers auf Deutsch

Wenn ich an hübsche Fraue dachte….

Rewritten introductory poem (thank you! Suzanne G…

something/other / something better / lasting longer / reach out / …………&#…


A challenge. / this comes with no translation, so / if curious, do the research. ^^

Tote Engel

Du wirst mich nicht weinen sehen / Tote Engel weinen nicht

Sarah Silverman…..“German cars”

ENJOY / I love you more than my aftershow monster bong HIT!!!

The Top Ten “What is for you typical Germa…

The Top Ten (#3) in the challenge “What is for you typical German?”

German Expressionism

it’s bent and it’s broken / it’s colorful and distorted / tattered and shattered / the paint, so splattered / it’s …

Ground Zero

She drowned his mind with a haunting sway and too-tight jeans, / ghosted in and out of his subconscious, a sleeping shark / She tore his cu…

Realität formlos

..zähflüssig gleitet die verformte Realität durch mich hindurch, öffne ich, / sehe meine verlorene Fassung, / verschleiert, trug, alles Lü…


Lieutant put his whistle to his mouth, Tommy’s heart was beating so fast he could hear it above the noise of the artillery barrage. T…

German Bars in California

bars taste like carpet / wrist bands stained with beer / The high life comes and goes / like a heavy, hot, rolling car / Creaks to bridges

Intro to Ubi, the Underground Dog

I’ll be honest here: I’m no Lassie. I don’t rescue drowning children and I definitely don’t save trapped cats or dogs in need.


Das Publikum sieht nicht / Die Tränen des Narren

Brothers in arms

We’re brothers in arms – united, / Since Chain of Command decided.


Netze herrschen über / Nicht so früher / Da wurfen wir drüber / Den Grenzen so nah / Doch bleiben sie gar / Die fremde Führung immer da / D…

The German Jockey and the Wild Pony

Nicht betäubt – bloß verträumt.

Materie lebt und atmet, / Natur in Schönheit erwartet. / Welch wundervolle Farbenpracht, / Wir sind von Blüten überdacht. / Die Pflanzenwel…

Abschied (letting go)

Ich lasse dich gehen / Dich mit meinen Blicken / festhaltend, / schaue ich…


In Deinen Augen

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