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Swirling in the jar I shovel the guests away before they see / the broken boy you revealed to me Carnivores You chose your asylum / and forgot Quixote in the rain. / You let the bastards lock you up again. “Love” a repost Connection with another as if sharing the same mind / Fill that void that you use to have inside / No more you just one because they̵… I Am, The What matters yellow / matters is structural anarchee The Day the music died – The death of Jimi … “Jimi wasn’t in the mood, he waved his hand through the smoke he had just exhaled and threw his head back with a sigh.” Sensitivity & Soul We knew him through his art. / Looking at Bernards painting was / like looking directly into Bernards heart / so beautiful…so generous, he… mohawkman; genius for hire if your car needs fixing, you got the right guy / if your siding is falling off then just call, i / can and will fix anything for a price /… THE SOUND OF SILENCE Her dark tormenting silent world consists of relations based purely on vibration / Her distended unkissed lips became her swollen sensors o… Poem. Life Cafe, RARE CHEF. The Chef is an arrogant PIG! Inspiration and Genius Try not to become a man of strength but a man of value / Stay true to your word and always see it through / ‘Cause your word is the o… Rush of Genius How can you measure my experience on your scale, / when my ruler is so much longer than yours, / and then tell me I am wrong, / when you ha… ten billion years from tonight quasars quaking and sirens wailing True Genius I’ve been told that true genius is stolen. / If this is true… / I’d like to know where it’s hidden / after it has b… Can Art get people back to work? In reality it is more likely that I can enable you through positive encouragement and support using ART as a vehicle so that you can connec… A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (49) Muck, Money and Mort… I admired him tremendously from the first day he’d ignored me in his front-room when Sue first brought me home to show off her new boyfrien… My Stroke Of Genius It was during one of these treks to “the farm”, be…that I needed to prove my superior position in the pecking order so to be chosen f… Test Tube Genius. Numbers, ratings, / That come from questions, / “What,”, They ask, / “What is the next shape in this pattern?”. The GENIUS Speaks Mr. Stephen HAWKINGS Does a genius die any differently compared to a b… Brace for bright balanced delight. / Insight into the fight amongst those / who encroach upon the royal roast. / Fiendish repose reposts… Creativity….Creative Genius…how? This is ok, pretty re my painting for example……but what makes a creative genius? Can science explain genius/talent. The reknow… My reply tae Lee-Anne Carvers genius skills wae L… Let yer brain by osmosis drink, / let it seep in, nae need tae think. My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… Oh whare oh whare is this per wee moose? / Wis is loast ootside or in the hoose? / As Rabbie wid say ; “oh whit a panics in it’s breastie, … Real Work (The Brilliant Fool) He was / a brilliant fool / masquerading as genius Real Men of Genius Today we salute u MISTER BALDING GAY SERIAL KILLER. / What better way to show him u care than 2 eat him in a stew with carrots and potatoes… Who, me? Hmm, let’s see . . . / What’s this talk of intelligence / Who determines what mind is radiant My reply tae Lee-Anne Carvers genius skills wae L… A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BEAVER, / an animal that is a great achiever. A Plague Of Genius The sand was unusually hot today as Tarsahet quickly walked to the temporary tent set up for the new priest from Alexandria. The hot sand w… My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… I niver fails tae amaze, this Karen Hull, / no in a munth o’ Sundays; an’ niver wull. / Ivery time she produces Art, / a wish she wid pass … BUCKMINSTER Fuller GENIUS @ WORK and LIFE [Video] / [Video] revealing the times through explicit rhymes This book is a concoction of Anthony Robbins, Dr John F Demartini, Guru from Gangstarr, KRSone and Ice T to name a few. With an ability to … Branding Research ::: Tell Me Is it All Just Spin? Now no one wants to do a survey. / Usually they are time consuming and a little irritating like a pap smear or prostate examination. / But … My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… Her gleaming teeth framed wae saft pink lips, / the whole pictur, the beauty; hard tae cum tae grips. / this genius Art a couldna’ pass, / … Jaded, me? Mah! When there is no more racism / When there is no more bigotry / When there is no more sexism / When there is no more ageism / When there is… My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… Pencil coloured,Graphite, an’ pastels too, / amazing,genious,unbelieveable is the clue. My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… Noo this is a koala an’ isnae a bear, / a wee bit o’ ken so’s tae be fair. My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… This pictur brings back ma childhood dreams, / o’ Bambi an’ Thumper an’ Owlie scenes. My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… Wid yea look at this wee huggy creature, / it’s Bonny een wid be it’s biggest feature. Jungle of Letters in the Forest of the Broken All genius believed to be reserved vaulted within my intelligence instantaneously become as useful as a shoebox filled with broken pencils. My reply tae Karen Hull’s genius skills wae… Wham bam ala -Kazan;.. Her wand she did wave, / Aye! In a flash this wee courin’ moose she did save. A Response From a Genius I saw a man sitting on a train / I sat next to him, as there were no other seats available / I asked him politely, " What are you?&quo… Hitler’s Last Day As A Genius “The rogue canon has been destroyed sir. We killed fourteen men and two women, all in Russian Army uniforms sir The Insane Genius… The insane genius / of the whole Design is / the fact that every effort you / extol to lessen the likelihood / of your destruction / only m… Me vs The Genius (Mature) You People Are Sick olkhg

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