radiography It’s like a furnace! / I burnt my eyes / burnt my body / and soul too / I burnt all / burnt my values / burnt past on the stake / the… THE GHOSTS WON’T LEAVE My body is tired today / and slumps / with the weight of thoughts The Generation Next where we have been leaving to our generation next / I often wonder what future generations will make of our efforts! “We Lived” …It is always said, “Didn’t she look like her self?”… I Believe in You The old attic, though in semi darkness / Was warm and welcoming in the Spring / A place of trash and treasure, it was full of kindling / O… Blood Dust Those arms that have held me steady / Guidance disintegrating / into blood dust / Lifted on a transient wind… Grandmothers Creed A small child’s giggle as they are tickled beyond pain, / Ironically brings pleasure too the ones inflicting the game. / The rub unde… My Fathers Boots I left my fathers boots at the foot of a Buddha in Canberra / I’ve walked a thousand miles in those old boots, and he many more befor… Moms.. we pass it along… Moms.. / our hearts skip a beat with each step our child takes.. / our smiles grow bigger with each funny they make.. / our pride grows str… chimes my dream has always been / to live in a small rural town / where the church / sits proudly at the top of the hill / built many years before… The Velcro Generations prisoners to the instant sense of familiarity / hostage to the pressure of the mundane WAY COOL MAN THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE Walking the Dry River Bed Ghosts live here. Generations It’s been a long hard day, and one which I can’t ever repeat. If not for any other reason but just because I have achieved what needed to … The Old Oak Tree The oak had stood by the gate house to the Hall for generations; grandfather had been aware of the need to fell it but never could do so th… EXODYSSEY gotta sleep one eye open in the wilderness / trying to make sense of it / at our pace / our biological clocks know we haven’t much ti… Are we alone? No, we are not alone. / But then again. Generations Through Precious Fluid I / 11:30 pm, it’s Dee—my heart is in my throat before he finishes “Rusty” / Grandmother—his wife of 60 years—in the hospital again: strok… GENERATIONS In an old under painted / wooden shed attached to / The first house they owned / the grandfather’s soul sat / Amidst the mildewish smell … THE QUEST FOR PEACE BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS why do i sit here alone (Mature) monday men and then there was me old men, businessmen, fishermen / all with one thing in common / sitting around the cold hearth of the local library / reading magazines o… Generations the basic nature is that not only / does a snakecharmer rely upon / his mesmerizing stare / and his flute / as is what is written in his m… World Generations – Lyrics [ Long Intro – 4 Bars ] / [ Verse 1 – 8 Bars ] / If life was ever known, / at the beginning of the race, / Do you think that yo… generations of trouble after a completely unexpected evening with the Faiths i learned a few things about myself that, without the help of the dead, would likely … Oh, Generations, Generations… In this time of greediness / No one likes to see the weakness / Of a World bent on power / Where even the good tastes sour / I can’t …

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of generations writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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