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Lean spell

Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W…



Eastern Star

Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ?


my eyes roamed to heart / I saw the sun blazed down from a clear blue sky / the garden blazed with colour / and in the blaze we go

A victim thier slave

never stripping / to reveal the pain / hiding underneath / from her entire / extended family / a victim / their slave / avoiding their gaze

Dance With Me

I gazed at you in amazement / you met my gaze without flinching / It seems our eyes met across the crowded room

~ Contemplate the Gaze ~

And what of the greens of the luscious grass and moss / Can she tell the difference of the shade / Or is it all just grey-scale and scent i…

Frosted Gaze

Eyes of blue frosted crystal glass / Peering into not so distant past


But to gaze a while and


Gazing into myself / For a look / A little understanding, / Reassurance.

Crystal gaze

Here I lie, kept awake by all the pain and sorrow, / Thinking of how you’ll torture me tomorrow

Art of Travelling Gaze

This makes me believe that the reason for, or the result of traveling, is to open your eyes; to explore and see what is not normally seen i…

The Lost Art of Cloud Gazing

I just say “Stuff you”, and continue to do what I like. I lay back and listen to vintage Pink Floyd


‘my dark lingering gaze..’

Gaze unto me

shadows around us / fading away / during night / happiness surrounds / its like flying / inside my mind / dear / now here we are / staring …


with just one finger , on your skin.

Comedious Commentarious : Cell Phone

The restaurant atmosphere is dripping with romance. / the lighting is low,the flames from the candles on your table reflect off your wine g…


A delusion that remains free of illusion stares, awaits, the frolicsome dance of old friend wind…..

T H A T moment

As the journey / U n f o l d s. / Time and space / H a l t s. / Enthralled, held by each others / G a z e.

Humbling Gaze

You give me one gaze / Your trustworthy eyes hold nothing else / Your love humbles me / © siki dlanga / 01September 2010

Let The Sky’s Tears Blend With My Own In Th…

all i want to do is stand in the rain and let every tear in my body pour out as if it belonged with the sky’s tears.


If she was a cloud, she’d be a storm cloud and she’d rain hard constant sexuality.

[‘My Duality.’]

The anthem was blaring. / My footfalls resound / in the desert not walked, / beneath armour unseen; / grinning through vodka. / Breath stol…


Sweet Haze / Dancing in the night / Burst of love / And young delight / Promises made / Of love fulfilled / First love / First thrill / Pas…

‘The Sound Inside’

Twilight wrapped her sultry arms about the land, and something in the configuration just clutched at my soul. Of course at once I realised …

Gaze Upon The Memories

Sunrise and dawn awakes / Sadness and the happiness / Bells of joy rings through the streets / Loving this world and loving you / Enchanti…


The heart is the favorite pet pf the mind / With its creatures of habit


Your eyes / and the / night / are the same / darkened blue, / surrounded / by a / million points / of light, / and their / luminosity / per…

Infinity park

Infinity park / your gaze on me / there’s someone there / i’ve been waiting to see….

Flannel in Winter

Love yourself above all things.

L.O.V.E gaze

His gaze / Penetrates / The cells of my body / Like / Like laser rays / Scanning / Every thread of my soul / Snapping off ancient chains…

Forgotten Days

I long to be with him, / Yet he does not,

I pray to give You my heart / this is my theology / my philosophy / my psychology / to have the Gaze of My Saviour / to know I hold His Hea…


Like a tree, I am tall, / I am alive, I am strong…

“summer gaze”

i sit by the ocean, on a mid summers day. / thinking of the beauty of the world and / how it sustains us through its rays of / sun. the war…

gaze like a meteor

Your eyes are as mysterious as a meteor / their lost gaze an open map to a vacuum of space. / Dark and cold is their world, bereft and as…

The Blue-eyed Girl

She stared back at me / With deep oceans in her eyes / Drowning me in love

Forever Only a Memory

A gaze of a thousand eyes / as the dawn of a new day, / the rise of a fresh sun.

Silent Offerings of a Gaze

As eyes so peer within my depths / With fingers they seem to grasp my soul / My heart beats, quickening by touch

The Importance of Perspective

Why have eyes fixed, / Downcast upon the dirt - / When the garden is full of flowers / For he who will but lift his gaze?

locked in Lightnings gaze

Senses arouse, as an ominous flash too many leads me / to believe coincidence is not at play in this callous land. / Akin to a small ves…


that’s me wanting again

Initiate A Kiss

You’re always the highlight of my day / You’re my sunshine and I’m your ray / Together we hold the world at bay / Yet tho…


Air most-temperate was radiant; set the world a-shimmer. Deficit of sleep and great exertion had me buckling, waking world afore me became …

pages in a book

All my love / fades and dies / You are the page / left alive

Your Gaze is Long

Your gaze is as long / Winded as all the words / I thought and wrote and erased / Your gaze is as long / Winded as my words.

‘Seamless (Part I)’

The hues below a wildfire, splashed across the land. I dabbed my sight in deepest blue, to elucidate the vision.


Have you read any Kierkegaard? / She asked her blues eyes searching / Yours almost reaching right in and / Making a grab for your soul. …


As I paced out the nightly vigil, gaze drawn as ever to the veil; it occurred to me that we hadn’t as of yet, properly addressed the …

The Sun and the Moon

Without you we would be submerged in darkness, / Never to gaze upon your glorious rays,

My memory of you

The way you held my gaze


Tenderness knows no loneliness / Innocence knows no fear

’ A Part’

I scrape the dust and dirt and grime, from all my seconds lost; and force myself to smile again, at what this war will cost.

The Gaze

It’s the magical moment one goes through when eyes meet accross a room!!!

Gaze Of Gazing

Pour my crystal glass / with sparkling champagne- / Star filled skies alas! / Sporadic droplets of rain. / His terrace I indulge on, / cons…

Between the Glass

Hands folded across the breasts / To find reality in piles of fiction-telling stories / Cheeks bake in the summer sun / A breeze plays hide…

Burning in the Fire of his Taunting Gaze

Forgive me my weakness, but I’m still alive. / I can’t help but not to sleep at night. / Secretly in love but never to admit. /…

Lover’s observations

From all the burdens of the day / And found that long lost inner peace / That fleets away after a summer haze…

‘Three Days (in Five)’

Avast this roiling doubt. Mantled in the darkest bloom, the nightmare consumes me. Insidious in its fluidity, and yet so viscous in the sta…


I saw the world / through eyes that were not burned / I saw a playground, I saw everything. / And that swing, in the clearing, / if you wal…

City Gaze

Brown tide / City ferries / Crumbling cliff / Steel bridge / Impressive span / Resting on / Concrete pillars / Down hill fast / Bells ringi…

One Last Time

As tears of pain pour down your face / I choke on words now hard to say / But for you I’ve just enough breath saved / To say I regret…


But You called me to speak, / Speak on mountaintops and valleys,

‘Tide of Evening’

Little else drives men mad, with a voracious consistent expediency; like beauty. / I walked the world of night beneath the cold starlight s…

Let Me Gaze Into Your Eyes

Pretty woman please be mine / Searching but the only words I find / Are, Let me gaze into your ocean eyes

Circle See, We

Stretch our circles . . .

Midnight Blue

As I look outside my window, my gaze wanders, across the way from me lights come on as people come home

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