How you too can be Gay (Mature) Sweet Juice! My mouth tingles against your wetness and I lick my moistened lips, / catching every drop of your treasured gift. When I was Blond I watched him head to toe / So that I could see his face. / He saw me do it but didn’t care. / He loved my love for him. Gay in Iran Gay in Iran. Age 17. Hanged Gay Marriage – The Simpson’s Way (Same-Sex Marria… …what The Simpsons did was to lampoon both hardcore religion and same-sex marriage to show how extremists on both ends can get carrie… Walk With Me … …we shall make love unimagined, / send blushing stars across endless skies, … Intensity …as I move in her body / and swim in her flesh… Passion I love the smell of her honey and the sweetness of her taste lies, all lies Another stupendous stuff up under my belt. Some more self flagellation for the heck of it. Sometimes I embarrass myself from being so weak. Election ’08 and the Gay Rights Movement So, where do the candidates stand on all the gay rights issues in the coming election? Here is a little re-cap to make your voting a littl… Soviet Retro Limo Two years ago everyone started wearing ‘CCCP’ (Russian for USSR) logos etc on everything from t-shirts to bags, hats and even u… Evil’s Agents…Evangelists, Part One The Anti-gay… The symphony of religion and voices of nay-sayers are abounding in almost every aspect of our lives. Secret… wet… Frustration with trying to use the forums here. I don’t know if its just because I don’t know that many people here or what. I tried to use the critique feature in the commun… “NOTHING IS WRONG WITH BEING GAY” Come on everyone, as to be gay and have a partner / Is fine in my book, along with a lot of other People / We have to get on and know that … stranger Sometimes… / thoughts can be just too delicious… Hiding the alien (a 10 minute read) I felt like an alien and I looked it. People stare too, because aliens are strange creatures from other planets. lonely can i escape the lonliness with the love ill one day feel for you? To make you holy! Not to make you straight or gay, / but to make you holy / to make you whole! / to make you holy! Proper In that life she had played at being dead while her eyes had shone with a dark life of their own. Now she had lost her graveyard pallor but… Gay Marriage (Same-Sex Marriage Part II) …when it comes to American government and politics, God, the Bible and Religion have nothing to do with it… Glory Hole Smoking hungrily out of the hole / Crudely cut on the wall in the cubible. Freedom of speech for church officials? what abou… newsmax , I was ABHORED ,made me sick abuse that certain church people THEIR right speech….these other groups have EQUAL SPEECH AIR T… " The World won’t listen A fascination with their thigh muscles in their practice shorts The Hunter (Mature) ROUGH TRADE Icould smell him, cheap sweat, common cologne and the alluring odour of stale larger. I sucked it all in. Steady Through the Middle (Mature) Spinning it you force others to / live your reality / negating life, love, memory / and space / with a push of a button / and a finger in our face. / y… Affection Daggers are flung from an elderly lady sitting alone next to the cardboard clone of Batman. They simply bounce off the perfect personal bub… Cold Tea You kindly offer tea as you finalise your packing, / I suggest peppermint in an attempt / To amend my liquored self abuse. Vicarious Vacation “Yet far from being out of the way, Provincetown is directly in the way of the navigator, and he is lucky who does not run afoul of i… Quitting I am the friend you cannot lose / I am the one you did not choose / I am the friend who loves you still / I am the one who will always be h… Gay Bar 1 Terror shuts men down / Deaf mute Sonnet #glorlyhole What does my lover love? / Not me I’m sure. / He hasn’t whispered my name / since he called me a whore. / Why does my suitor le… for paul… (Mature) The Gay Prince The King had searched high and low in his kingdom for a wife for his young son, the prince. Fair maidens came from near and far but the pri… Courage It takes no courage to be normal / No courage to be straight Gods and Bastards Hot sweating bodies pulsating to the beat to the disco divas It’s Raining To Day I am afraid to tilt my head to left or to the right / less my brain slides out of my head / and gets wash down the street,by the rain Are you gay? No. I’m not gay_, I replied, happily. / Here it comes. You’ve probably seen the Seinfeld episode that I’m thinking of, n… Pole Dancing My hands / Cannot grasp yours / There is a resistance against it The Trucker and Jesus (Mature) The Sensuality of You (Mature) The Janitor Who Paints His cat lays quietly sleeping on the floor / so much is going on / he even got a new baby the other day Prisoner C. 3. 3. Political politically correct like anecdotes…The antidote too often is not the cure…Ambiguity nothing is ever what it seemsR… OPDD, Difference and Discomfort If being uncomfortable about other people for one reason or another is part of the human experience, then we are all subject to OPDD… Virtual Reality Uploaded photos of married (or equivalent) skin, / Cut or Uncut and framed in glory hole fashion. “THE GAY FLIGHT ATTENDANT” My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone in a good mood as he served us food and drinks.… I Laugh Like Richard “Anticipate walls” The Gay 20’s If this were the 1920’s / Men calling each other babies and honeys / - Openly - / You could imagine what would happen. / Decades have passe… Why can they not see? We’re far less different than we like to think…lol! (musings about FORUMS) The Last Gay Man The light bulb flickers, crackles, burns hot. Light floods the chair and the man sitting in it. He winces against the light, resituates him… The Time I Decided to Go Gay for the Night The moon is a florescent light bulb, / shining bright, yet fuzzily. / The lesbo stars blow kisses at me, / their little tokens of love sho… Pandoras Inbox Men who none could respect after you in body only / Wanting nothing more then selfish satisfaction. / Debauched experiences proudly displa… Found “So, what was the reason that you couldn’t close the deal with Gracie last night?” Asked Jim, inquired into Nate’s personal events of the p… souls lost i have pondered the subject of demons / and often wondered if they exist / are they in the pits of hell / or on earth…those who blow … Bath House Games Trying hard not to make eye contact / Focussed on his destination / He hurries through the foot traffic / Set on tonights objective. Remembering Tammy Faye How could a fresh-faced, spiritually-disconnected gay twenty-something find any connection to the pioneer of the electric church? Overtime Like he did most nights he “worked late” / Well that is what he told his wife anyway / Never questioning the lie told to her / About the or… The Southern Faggot’s Tent Revival Don’t be offended—I am the southern faggot torn by his spirit. Skin heads (Mature) Baby Can I Hold You (Mature) HEDDA d’ KLASS by Ellen Hecht © 2013 All Rights R… Sliding his size twelves into hot pink, high-heeled pumps, with his shoulders pushed back, fake tits thrust forward and head held high, Ezr… Jesus and The Trucker (Mature) A Two Way Beat Two pairs of lips that both / Brushed loving wives earlier on that day / Two sets of busy hands taking no time for subtlety / Brushing ove… The Wedding photographer He would have taken more of their beauty, if it wasn’t for the vanity of the mother of the bride, a large beastly creature, all teeth… The Lily and the Lion In the pale misty moonlight I sit, staring out of the window and watching the shadowy figures of the trees. / My mind wanders to a place l… Gay Rights We say “separation of church and state” but we mean domination from church to state. The Black Gay Man’s National Anthem (Mature) I Dream of Djinni I cried out with such pain and anguish,…that all the water within the palace, in every cistern and pot, boiled away, and the moon ecl… “NOTHING IS WRONG WITH BEING GAY” Come on everyone, as to be gay and have a partner / Is fine in my book, along with a lot of other People / We have to get on and know that … And Then I Smiled They did not falter. They did not give up. They made their presence known. When I say I’m Gay I mean … it took until I was 48 to ever say aloud to another person, I’m gay Summer Hot day isn’t it?" he asked, ah he isn’t out of the closet long he’s being very subtle about this. I look him up and… Worlds away He gasped inwards yet again, exhaled, and suddenly he was awake in another world. It’s that simple from pulpits / vote. / or drink / don’t think / his cup of morali-tea / simmered in 2000 / seasons / giving reasons / stoning solutio… Needy Seeds After the obligatory prowl by elderly Bird of Paradise / They retreat knowing any attempt to woo with depleted plumage / Is a foolish ventu… I let it I think by Ozzy Skateboard I knew it would happen / I let it I think / the Rolling Stones blasting / the smell of pot stink / he laid down his head / upon my young la… Big Bottomed Boy His pink spotty arse HEDDA d’ KLASS Sliding his size twelves into hot pink, high-heeled pumps, with his shoulders pushed back, fake tits thrust forward and head held high, Ezr… YES I’m BI! Yes I’m Bi / what of it? / why after all we go through / our FIGHT / to establish / the RIGHT / to be accepted / for our NATURAL / PREFERE… Seven Days It already feels as if seven days have passed / Waiting for my number to be called Beat… The old leafy suburbs always held the best parks. Mature trees dotted the creek bed that weaved through it, passing well manicured grounds … The Hunt It was dark as we returned to camp and a cold autumn mist licked at our heels. We had been unsuccessful – the battle had been furious and b… Do you love both me and her? Does that mean I should not love her? / She makes me happy, Lord. / But the church says that gays make you sad. / Is that true, Lord? Lust touching in an embrace strangely warm and familar Can I Trust Myself With Love? How can i trust that another loves me, if i can’t trust myself. / How can I be sure that i am truly in love, / and that the love will… Straight or Gay People only take offence / At other people’s consensual sexuality / Because they’ve thought too far into the mechanics / And ar… No Strings Attached Mans lowest form Closeted: The Bent People Closeted: The Bent People / A Review of the GLBTQS Rights Movement / By Kristoffer Martin / Class: Theory and Criticism / Joel Pace / Novem… The Lost Art of Masculinity Voyeuristic self-promotion of an idealized sexual self / Deconstructs the man on your profile / Into something formidably defeated. Treat Others The Way You Wish To Be Treated! Death / The life taken from a young, innocent homosexual… Innocent Tears by Ozzy Skateboard it was years ago and so far away / young Billy would come over to play / with Tonka trucks and climbing trees / soon we found some magazin… The Waking Over the horizon / Extending it’s rays / Caressing the world / Beginning anew / Awakening from sleep / Embracing it’s warmth / … DESENSITIVE. (Mature) What’s at the Bottom of Yours? It was time to have a party
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