Heaven Is A Flower … because I love flowers At Heaven’s Gate I scream to the gates of heaven / Can you hear me, my friend.. At Heavens Gate… No one really knows why / the Good Lord couldn’t wait. / He has taken you to join him / up at heavens pearly gates. / It had happen… The Ishtar Gate We have the lions carved in stone / The Ishtar gate is a memory / I feel sorry for the fading blue wings of love Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody .. BEAUTIFUL ANGELS Angels of all kinds / We always see / Angels in our minds / Who they may be / All different races / One and all / All different faces / Lov… The Five Barred Gate ! “The Five Barred gate” / ! / Every evening as the day’s light is disappearing , the five barred gate mysteriously opens , / Th… ~ Meet At The Gate ~ Meet me at the gate when you sneak out after dark / I’ll help you with your homework for a kiss “Love Those Rainy Days” It’s the smell of warm ginger, / from your kitchen ovens gate. / And tea with fresh cookies, / on your grannies old plate. My Secret Garden … we all have that special place that beckons to us… The Grim Reaper Each and everyday / Lives are taken away / The dark figure that waits’s with his wrath in hand / Taken life’s, souls that have but one brea… Through the gate I go I hear a shout / a whip cracking call / “Get on with it / and build this bloody wall! / Stop loafing around / you’re on the king’s time / … Unwanted guest Suddenly, she heard a voice shouting “For God’s sake, open the damn gate! My wife’s having a baby.” Star Gate SG-1 Poem Teal’c was the former first prime of Apophis. Stories of The Gate What’s important is that we would be seeing at the gate just beyond which is the home of Mystery, source of Soul, which is our truest life,… ANGEL HOST In Heaven we meet / Angels greet / Open arms / Recited Psalms / Melodious songs / Angel throngs / Love spilling / Sight thrilling / It is t… The Gate Keeper Poverty stricken / People’s, denied of light / For any light would burn / For knowledge is power / And power is fearful / Of the common man Marsilingate Marsilingate Is A Small Town, North Of Singapore Where The Ironworkers Assemble To Make Iron; And Where, Between Their Workmanship And Mach… San Francisco Surf From Pier 39 to Fisherman’s Wharf, to the 49er’s pretty green turf, / there is nothing so romantic as the sound of the San Fran… Bridge across the “Gulf” There is a bridge made by the Son / It spans a mightier gulf between us and the sun - ~ Upon the Gate ~ Sit me up upon the gate and wait with me a while / May I lay my hands upon your broad shoulders and gaze into your eyes Locking The Garden Gate It is but a dark seed / Planted deep within my soul / It grows without permission / Ripping a large hole / Ever am I weary / Of how it is p… In Waiting The gate screeched in protest as Tally pushed it open on its rusty hinges. The candle she’d seen burning in a lower window of the abandoned… Beyond the Gate Growing in faith is like climbing a set of stairs… Open The Gate I can finally fulfill my desires again… / I realized the flame was not just on the wick; heat was rising from deep in my soul. MEMORIES SPIRAL Memories Spiral / Out of control / You were the master / The lord of my soul / I can’t live / Without you in sight / I wait up for … Heaven’s Gate Deceived by heaven’s promise… I drifted up and away into the thin delicate seduction… Home A humanless landscape / Or so it seems. / Yet a solitary existence / Emerges on the flat / Amongst the saltbush dotted landscape. / Where b… The Gate – Nailed “Where have you been? I’ve been frantic; I’ve been looking all over the place for Brian. I asked Pam next door if she’d seen him, I’ve knoc… Beyond the gate Who are you? You seem familiar / With your ebony emotion impressed upon face / Vague memories tease of someone similar / Perhaps I knew you… SILENT PRAYER She stands in the cemetery in SILENT PRAYER / Hands clasped together she’s always there / Watching those who are laid to rest / Prayi… Hero and Legend. Our Hero grasps for nothing and some, / To gain respect from himself and none. / Traveling through lands of danger, / Dispelling lies and m… The Man at the Gate How tall and handsome he looks, / The man at the gate. / He looks so familiar, / That man at the gate. / His hair may be grey with flecks o… A Letter to Lawrence Ferlinghetti – Who is not t… A man selling a typewriter… / I was walking down Columbus / looking for America and the Great City Lights; / “You owe me,” said ever… Haiku 146 this rusted gate / still after years of neglect / cherry blossoms just inside the gate it was a little girl who hid away behind the gate / but time passes and girls grow / sorrow deadens and she’s back in control… The Gate Keeper I dreamt a dream last night / A dream so strange / That it frightened me awake / I was deep underground / In a subterranean tunnel / With s… ii. Open Gate reflected the light from the window, / flickering as those in the frame shifted / snared like us by our fate. Wicker Chair …Into the garden filled and grown / spilling everywhere / flowers in their clumps / fragrance for the share. Guardian At the Gate There is a Guardian / At the gate; of many / Hideous expressions— / Formidable Steel / Indeed… / And if to pass / From fertile here / To n… The Gate I climbed OVER the gate / And was shot for trespassing. / I crawled UNDER the gate, / And was arrested for unauthorised access. / I went … Hell’s Gate I await at Hell’s Gate / Opening and closing / Anticipation leaving a burning / sweat upon my brow… / My body trembles with an … Heavens Gate Gentle Heart Of Mary Home Of Peace And Love, / Sitting With Our Saviour In Our Home Above’ The Gate When something’s worth keeping, don’t let it go / fight to retain the love that you’ve known for / when the love that you have seems faded… Holiday at Red Gate Farm Everytime the Holidays roll back around, and they roll around faster ever year it seems, the days seem to slow up for just a second. Like i… Stormont’s Gate The gates stand high and strong / Across this entrance road / And years gone by Selfless Souls at Heaven’s Gate You promised things would be so much better once we left the baggage of our flesh behind. You blamed your faults on aging cell tissue and g… “From Heaven I Come” With each gate I feel the pending and ominous fate West Gate Jumper Be careful what you wish for. / That’s my advice. / Robbie Dee and I were driving / city bound / when at the foot of the West Gate / the… At Deaths Gate tick tock / death chaos / time moves on / the bird crows / and the bees hum / and there a man sits in the park and cries. / tick tock / le… Heaven’s Gate When death is near & if it’s not too late / Some of us knock on Heaven’s Gate / We leave our bodies far behind / But is our trip just i… Maybe They’re on the Mountain So, my eyelids, / Like portcullis gates, / Drop closed. He Is Guardian And Gate He is Guardian / And gate— / Sentry of my soul’s journey; / Image behind my eyes / I choose to not look at, / Having lived so long / With c… Haiku 50 autumn breeze / tastes of the long road ahead / front gate clangs Time’s Gate Hold aloft the wings of time / As I remember your heart beating with mine / Your scent was so sweet / In the deep summer heat / As sweat p… Front Gate Morning came and / I walked down / to the front gates, / unlocking them for you / I left my front door open / hoping you would come in… Cinnabar Gate I am shackled, but by will alone, / to this fountain gushing twin desires: / to overmaster and to yield

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