a frog in my throat

an unintelligible world devoid of God / curiosity killed the cat / ‘search me’ / with a gesture of despair / cut a tooth / &#…

Frog Girl

Olsen sat silently on the wet shiny rock in the middle of the lake and pondered. He often found himself perched there in the wee small hou…

The Frog Tattoo

The tattoo expanded and contracted like a big ol’ bull-frog.

The Passing Fly

Written long ago when I was a child.

through the eyes of a child

through the eyes of a child / there is magic in the breeze / visions of faeries / reflect in the streams of sunlight / dancing and spinning…

Not Kissing Frogs

I’ve lost something / What I am not sure / Something important / I think, possibly, perhaps / Or maybe not.

Enough For All

Foods for all the nations are here in God’s Creations, / Glorious is the spirit that’s big enough to care.

Forest Medicine

rain shadows / wind blows / creak, snap, moan / forest grown / dead-falls feed / beetles seed / listens heed / .. .. .. / fungi fern / fr…

Remembrance of frogs past

Brekekekex koax koax!

The night of the attack …

she let out a squeal and raised her hind quarters high into the air

Identifying Features

The evening had gone well. Wesley usually didn’t approve of his brothers taste in women, but Ivy seemed different. / Ivy was confident, fun…


Then along came Amoeba

just one kiss

don’t be so greedy / maiden fair / give me a kiss / if you dare / you think i’m a frog / but you are so wrong / give me a kiss …

Green Tree Frog And The Dahlia Flower Was Feature…

Thank you so much All About Flowers for the feature. Very honored and appreciated.

Pretty Frog

I’ve known Her for years / Her skirt / Her hair / Her face / Her stare / Where is my Dalai Lama? / It looks away / It scatters / …

echo the frog


Wisdom from above ( Amphibians in transit)

…would never have known about the ponds on top of bus shelters…

The Frog Who Would Be Prince

No sir, the only one for her was the Man hisself, the King, Mr. Elvis double-Aron Presley.


i climbed a mountain / swam the sea / fought a shark / now come back to me / i was in a tsumani / in a hurricane / withstood an earthquake …

2 Features

Green Tree Frog And The Dahlia Flower in A place To Call Home and Smart Kitty Cat in Domestic And Pedigree Cats. Thank you so much to both…

Kiss Kiss

Tender love / Often missed / Many frogs / Had I kissed / Tried so hard / Love went astray / It evaded me / Every day / Frog Kisses / Slimy …

frog queen

when the frog queen came / she found him wanting / a kiss / from his light / from afar / lips found heart / beating in / piquant rythms o…

Joke: The Golden Frog


Like Giants and Frog Princes in a Dream

Like Giants and Frog Princes in a dream / So magic and fantastic are you to me. / You are a lullaby, a child’s laughter, / You are my…

Frog Serenade

…a dozen pairs of accusing frog eyes stare at me.

Swallowing the Moon

We all begin helpless and small. / Soon enough we grow, adapt, transform / to handle Life’s call…

The eye of the frog,

…on the move in pursuit of prey, and is know at times even to eat their own,

To A Primate

And why in the world / did you plan the plan, / to drop from the tree / and become a man?

Green Tree Frog And The Dahlia and Bad Habit Sinc…

Thank you so much to Bits and Pieces and 60’s Glory for the features. Very honored and appreciative.

The Mysterious Stranger

I saw him once… / this mysterious stranger / his ebony derby slanted / covering his eyes / dark eyes / full of mischief / hidden bene…

prince of a frog

even the frogprince grows old / but, not less passionate / he’s made his pilgrimages / to the sacred lilypads / he paid his dues / an…

I Want To Be A Frog

I want to be a frog / so that you can charm my heart, / Believing in your kindness / to turn me back to my human form. / A tiny little kis…

She Is Always 15

She is the Russian girl / in the snow / on the Zeotrope. / Dressed in white / she is in danger / of disappeari…

Ribbit Rock Rave

When a frog sits on my window sill / and croons a mournful tune / I light a vanilla scented candle / and stare up at the moon / I peel my p…

please, no more frog sports

please, no more frog sports / no more leaping over others / to get your lilypad

The Frog Kiss

Once upon a time / In a kingdom that was grand, / A royal family ruled / The swampy land. / The youngest of the bunch / A Princess yet to …

Mr. Frog.

Croak, croak, croak said Mr. Frog / It`s very cold today / I think I`ll go away. / So off he went with one big jump / Into the duck pond de…

The Princess and the Toad

“I am a prince! / I am a prince!” / That’s what the toady said.

The Scorpion and the Frog

it a frog’s nature to find wisdom where it sees it

Tae a Frog.

In my gairdin a’v made five ponds fur you, / Aye! Five ponds a’v made; a hope that wull do.

The Frog Trials


The Great Frog Race

The invitation arrived in the mail.

Peeking Peeper In Spring Swamp Water (Not a Reci…

Itty bitty frog / Steady on / Peeking out / From underneath

Frog Watch

Frog Watch

Desperately Seeking Salamander

May be (soon!) / Owl calls out Coyote and / Coyote calls out Moon / Frog food flutter by / Moth kin fen / Bog log bench here / Hare near / …


I once caught a frog in a jar / Then taught him to play the guitar

The Flat Out Truth About Being Stubborn

Along came a car, / didn’t miss him by far. / But he wouldn’t hop off.


(to the tune of “Pop Goes the Weasle” – as a slower, sweet ballad) / the automobile is a dangerous thing / it takes up so…

Waiter? There’s a frog in my pepsi

this made me laugh this morning, I’m easily amused / frogs_love_cola


Wetland waters / Ebb and flow / Flood and Drain / Where frog eggs grow


Traffic of caffeinated Scrabble. / She shimmers all over my pupils like boiling soup. / Encumbered by the pencil in the stone she’s / cone…

Just another frog

Froggie was sure he was gonna die. She talked of leaving him. She was never there. He loved her so.Had done his all,maybe it was not much,b…

another frog story

The princess cannot see her own beauty.So she walked up to froggie as he sat around in quiet desperation. He felt rather than saw her appro…

Naked Frog

The spontaneous frog leaped above the water. / It’s green pigment has run away. / Where could it have gone? / Could it have gone to t…

Fergus the Frog finds self love

“I know a secret that will help your heart and spirit mend!” / Fergus turned with a hint of surprise, / The glint of hope refle…


There once was a little frog / and he was very sad, / cause no one would come live with him / upon his lilly pad.

The Beauty of Nature

Discover the beauty of nature…

Tiny Toad ’Neath Parasol Mushroom

Somewhere deep in a dark rained upon forest, a wicked witch was looking for ingredients for her wicked wacky recipe for toad cupcakes. You …

The Princess and the Bear

A fairytale without a care, / the princess finally met her Bear

frozen frog farts ….

Camera doesn’t discriminate, why should I?

Even the Hind Leg of a Frog Should Have Honour

Even the hind leg of a frog should have honour he thought as their hands drifted slowly apart; a tear flowed from his eye, he thought there…

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