‘Soon’ Three weeks of light to break me in, and now I’m set apart. / Although Black Friday’s canopy, has swept in wide and low; / mora… Night Orchestra The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th… Had a bad heart attack friday 3.30am will be out of it till do not know when all love Normaje / 5/12/10 Friday Night Friday night / Weekend flight / Sheer delight Zulu Fly…and the kiss of Imelda as I flew in from behind I watched the eyes of those that watched her, and they were smiling. Absent until Friday or Saturday Greetings, / I will be out of town until Fri. or Sat. Hope to have something different, not sure. Thanks for the support and friendship I… Late On A Rainy Friday Night 15 May 2009 11:11 PM / I’m sure it’d be easier to write if circumstances were nicer. If the sounds coming in my window were merely the rain… COMIN’ ON A MONDAY Feels like a batch of Wednesday weekends all rolled into one / Congo drums in my head shades for the glaring sun / Nothing new at all right… Friday The 13th. Its friday the 13th things didn’t start well / the car wouldn’t start for starters / and when trying to push it, I fell / Then … Seven Days Alice had been sitting on the bench that stood directly opposite the red post box for twenty minutes now. No Cross on the Calendar Everyday / I remember / That Christ died for me / It isn’t just a once a year thing / It is the basis of my faith…. / Which doe… Happy Friday I sold 2 Calendars!!! Someone purchased 2 of my B&B Calendars. How cool is that! I am just shocked and am doing the happy dance!!! Thank you to anyone who ha… Its Friday…. but Sundays Coming! Its Friday / pain and suffering / thorns / and nails / blood / innocent / or guilty / end… / or beginning / LOOK UP / Its Friday̷… Astrology for Friday the 13th November I am sorry I am on here so little, but I thought I would do the superstitious amongst us a favour, and get rid of the myth. Love and hugs t… Astrology for Friday 1st May 2009 The month of May 2009 begins with some tension as well as determination since the Sun and Moon are in fixed, power signs (Taurus and Leo). … “In the Garden” In The Garden…. / There is Darkness, / but the stars dust the sky with their light, / granting to them dim sight. / There is qu… Are You Afraid of Friday 13 ? We have to take extra care on “FRIDAY 13” in my country. I don´t know how widespread the scare is of this date. As soon as an a… poet’s friday P hases / O f / E ducated / M anifestation / S implicity Friday the 13th it’s Friday the 13th / a day about luck / good luck / bad luck / or no luck at all / avoid black cats / don’t walk under any … Good Friday When I arrived at the Cathedral it was early but light. As I parked my car I noticed a small group of men and boys of the choir waiting to … late on a friday it’s late on a Friday, / there’s music in the streets / but it’s cold and I just want to get home / take the weight off m… Ice Cream Friday Something had taken over. Debbie Pincer felt the same way. Lester was sitting in his own urine. Astrology for Friday 6th February 2009 This is a good time to remember that planetary alignments don’t just disappear in 24 hours. Therefore, yesterday’s rare Saturn-… Thank God it is Friday … a little humor I once went out with a guy who brought me a gift to the date. He had it hidden behind his back when we met. A kiss on the cheek and he whis… =“Red” of the Cafe Fame (Journal)= [1… To support my character in the All Write Now Group Collaborative novel 6.00pm Friday – Captive in a que at Safeway A nasaly tone suddenly burst to life from the head of the que. / " Price check, aisle eight, underwear ". The Friday Co-worker Song I bought a dozen moon pies / For my co-workers / Cause their great / They make the state / Of being a co-slave / Better for this knave / I … Another Friday Hopes and dreams / you left to wither / so disappointments / flourished instead. Man Friday My man Friday is a charming creature, who’s devotion to me is unwavering despite my temperamental ups and downs….. / His strong… Astrology for Friday 3rd April The forces of enlightenment are on the march when the Moon trines Uranus in water signs (2:00AM ). However, while this lunar rapport with r… For those interested in Astrology for Friday 19th… Sorry I am so late getting this to you, my apologies. / It would be great to report that happy days are here again and that there’s n… Friday… April 1st The sun is out and it’s mimicking spring. An awful temptation. Everyone is giddy as it’s Friday. / I give Carl his usual happy … Friday Nights Friday nights used to get me. Sad as a teenager if I couldn’t cruise with my friends looking for a party. We would be drunk by eleven… Friday nights (Images Project #10) “I’m coming back for you,” a deep voice whispered near her ear. “When they’re gone, I’m coming back for you.” Even better Friday! Just after I posted a note thanking various groups, I noticed “a baby’s eyes” was featured in the group Oh Baby! / This is a very gre… Furry Friday Thought it would be a good thing to go with today. So many images here of the furry kind. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. :) / ea… yesterday was friday yesterday was friday / By: Alec Furgason Christmas on a Friday Wise men stand bearing gifts / Stolen kisses, denial and clean hands / While wisdom says almost nothing / I have already said too much / I… Bob Palmer Journal [Day 1 – Friday] Character Journal for the “Red Cafe” novel in the (d)AWN Group “I have to go to rest again”Friday Hi all my body, mind, and spirit, needs a good rest / See you all next Monday / the art show / was wonderful / and so will I be with rest … Astrology for Friday 13th February 2009 The last two days contained several challenging sky patterns that may have put you on the defensive and coincided with increasing stress.(b… Friday Night Friday Night / Friday night. Summer and the time of longer days and more time in the light yet, there was coldness and even snow. Gull… For those interested in Astrology – Friday This is one of those up and down days – where there is something to cheer about, but several curve balls may also be tossed in your d… For Friday 21st November You haven’t had one of these lately for one reason and another, so hope you enjoy. / This is a big day on Planet Earth for several re… Seven Days – Friday No words passed between the two of them the whole time they were sitting there. They sat in an equally uncomfortable silence, each one want… Friday Night Fish Mouths On one side sloppy pelicans squawk / celebrating the brown corpse collection / Full of dizzy almost-life / They nip in circles. Beco… You just have to love Poet’s Friday Here it is / It is poet’s Friday / And I haven’t a poem in my head / The verses seem to be silent / Falling on ears that are dead / I am tr… Astrology for Friday 23rd January Stay on target in terms of your most important professional goals. It is never easy to do this when Mercury is in one of its three-week ret… Thank you for a great Friday! “Love’s Embrace” was featured in the group Beauty of the Bi – Racial / “It’s ALL about the shoes!” was featured in the gr… Friday at 5 The cunning of the rushed idea / The sleep walk of the soul / Nourishing the garden / Of the mind’s last station / A speculative Goo… Another Friday Night She sat inside her ice-cream life / and guessed the number of / bingo markers it might take / to win the jackpot. / Sometimes she quest… Expected, Accepted dribbling fish tanks and empowered cats / dirty floors and unfolded clothes For those of you interested in Astrology Friday 2… Yesterday’s calendar entry warned you about some kind of romantic disturbance on the horizon. What’s happening is that Venus in… For those interested in Astrology Friday 5th Sept… Yesterday’s calendar entry provided some insight about the early hours today as Venus makes a constructive, 60-degree link with Ceres… In the Waiting ~ a Good Friday reflection In the waiting / In the in-between time / Twit death and life / Crucifixion / And resurrection For those interested in Astrology – Friday… The cosmos continues to be chock full of surprises and confusion – courtesy of the annual Sun-Neptune polarity linking Leo and Aquari… For those interested in Astrology for Friday 5th … Hold everything! Emotional thunderstorms are rife as a stress-producing First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (activating 15 degrees of Sagittarius … For those interested in Astrology – Friday… So sorry this is late, I couldn’t get on earlier. hugs / Opportunities seem to be knocking around the horn as the Sun enters Virgo (1… Adam and Eve’s Friday night in front of the… You fancy Chinese tonight Dear…..Ribs? For those interested in Astrology – Friday Thought I had better put this up early, so you are all a bit more prepared, / This is a good point in the Cosmic Calendar to remind you tha… Friday Fun: Lamarckism fathers and daughters – and their boyfriends For those interested in Astrology – Friday… Hold Everything! There is a rather fierce struggle going on in the solar system and you don’t want to become your own worst enemy. Fi… For those interest in Astrology Friday 26th Septe… In the early morning, a dynamic sky pattern can zap you — either favorably or unfavorably — as Mars makes a parallel to Chiron … Friday the Thirteenth You see, Mischief was off-duty when she was at home. For those interested in Astrology – Friday… August begins with a bang rather than a whimper. An awkward, 150-degree link between Pallas and Pluto (12:12AM ) represents nervous tension… One Fine Friday Morning The alarm is persistently ringing. / She just doesn’t want to get up yet. / The pillow is soft and blanket is comfortable. / It is Fr… It is “Good Friday” again No one is calling them on the telephone. Into the Shame Every time I hear Boy George croon the opening lines of this song, I’m twenty years old again, sitting on the edge of the bathtub and… Your mantra for Friday 21st of November Your workday will be slow. Challenge yourself in other areas to make the day more interesting. It would be best to play it safe with your f… 30/05/08 Focus at meeting / Plan an attack and escape / Battle of the mind Casaul Friday so your life has turn to shit / waking up from a cold sweat, / with memories you want too / soon forget / but you gotta remember / there … Friday, Fake It. He was prettier before tonight / All dressed up not eager to go / A pretty smile and nothing deeper / Nothing deeper, / something hasn̵… Friday Night in Portland The driver gives the other driver some money, and receives a plastic baggy in return. They don’t realize she sees them. Friday Night is ARA Night How Goth can you get? / When I’m dancing in a church / Underneath a stained glass window / On a Friday night. / How Goth can you get? / Whe… For those interested in Astrology – Friday The cosmos has suddenly developed a kind of alternating current to dishing out its alignments – a fairly positive, inspiring day foll… Very Strange Creature & some Funky tunes for… WEIRD / I Think they Steal the Car? ARH3526 – Friday 31 Written thoughts explain everything. / From the depths of your lies to the roots that they own and take hold in under all that dirt. / Root… Friday Night Date It’s Friday night and I’m waiting / More than that, anticipating / For tonight I will be with my fellow / Who recently makes my… Friday, August 29, 2008, 7:45 PM CST This is one of those times that I / don’t know if I’m hungry or scared. / All I have is hope, so perhaps I’m / hungry for courage, / or so… Friday, February 9th, 2008 (late friday afternoon) 40 miles an hour… / medicate… / forcasting light drizzle to a full on torrent of down pouring emotion… / medicate… … New Guy Friday who’s the new kid HAPPY White Stripe Friday What to do with Myself / DO AS YOUR TOLD? / MY DOORBELL / BALL & Biscuit Friday You came home from a bar-b-que. / You felt powerful. / You felt like a man—that was a first. / I came home from school. / I was tired. / I … Friday Night Friday Night / Friday night. Summer and the time of longer days and more time in the light yet, there was coldness and even snow. Gull… Friday Night My Fridays merge into Saturday morning. I can’t avoid hearing birds in the surreal light before sun rise. / I pass cyclists on the dr… self portrait on a friday night this is the sum of undisclosed desires / fucked up on two glasses of wine / trying to satiate suppressed appetites / with too much pie and … GOOD FRIDAY Christ died to ascend into NO-THINGNESS where from He came GOOD FRIDAY Christ died to ascend into NO-THINGNESS where from He came friday, july 25th, 2008. so murderous, even through your characters. / and yet humourous; you had us choking on hamburgers. The Friday Hill ’Twas on that hill and on that cross that they did crucify. / ’Twas on that hill and on that cross the son of God did die. first friday i wake up to the pokemon theme song. / someone’s calling me. i make a disgruntled / face as if i just smelled garbage. i answer / wit… Friday Busy morning, / 5 minute nap. / Rush back to school, / last shift at the Co-op. / Shower, shave, moisturize; / 5 different outfits. / It… Friday Night Friday night. Summer and the time of longer days and more time in the light yet, there was coldness and even snow. Gulls touched the air wi… friday friday Since Friday It’s been a while since I have been here / Online in front of this computer screen / The reason?, the person I love I had to be near … The Old Caner Out there, Friday night.
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