The naked city. I want to go back, at least once … I spent five days nude. / Going shopping. / Sitting in the open-air restaurants. / Going to the post-office and chatting with fellow gue… Nudist Camps. Remember them? Naturists (nudists) don’t go to ‘camps’ any more. They don’t get ‘excited’ just because they take their pants off. THE REVENGE OF GENRES – Contemporary Australian A… The curatorial rationale seeks to subvert the notion of ‘genre’ Adult Art Material – Celebrate the Love, R… (Mature) THE COLORS OF GOD’S DREAM The dream of love / comes from clouds, / from the wild eyes of horses, / from the laughter of water falling. Fertilizer Maude’s concerned because Pierre is known as a womaniser, but I don’t think he’ll stray far. Sunny bird…. In a blue sky changing lodged up there for the peace of my soul / I have seen a transparent bird , reflecting the colors of the world. / In… The Iron Lungs At that moment, the old men in iron lungs were playing bridge. The man with the wooden spleen won. consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. L’Aboriginal Festival and will take place i… Première édition du festival sur la culture Aborigène (affiche dans le blog). / Durant 4 jours, du 26 au 29 février 2008, la culture aborig… Who sang La Mer? Charles Trenet sang La Mer. This… Saxophone playing, somewhere. You like sax, don’t, did, didn’t you? I HAVE A CHANCE TO BE RESPECTABLE I have a chance to be respectable… / rather than a wild old man / with fire in his eyes / who listens to the souls of trees / and of … La ligne Sur la cadence lente de nos pas rythmés / La terre glisse et défile entre nos pieds. / Nos doigts croisés, les mains se balancent / Balanç… D.DAY REMEMBERANCE/ HOMAGE TO THE DEAD ONES Three BLACK WOMEN SOLDIERS / Crimson! / Cold! / White graves! / FREEDOM FOR THE FRENCH! Pre-Epic Edit Prologue to my novel ‘From th… I fell in love with Paris a long time ago. (The city, I mean, not the girl in the magazines who forgets to wear knickers sometimes). De briques et de blocs…. Garder le nez en l’air lorsqu’on déambule dans les rues animées d’un coeur de ville est chose périlleuse lorsqu’on … tripping the sow of france inexcusable English in France “Who’s the loudmouthed wanker in the cravat?” The old pal… chain, whip, beating … / sticks, leaves, forgetting … / Years to look after him / and he’s away now, I do not know where!… back home for christmas. Christmas this year is the rain and the empty strip malls and you, awake before the buses are / even running. I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Pride I was born and implanted with a very prominent case of Narcissism. I may have been an ugly and over weight child, but where my looks lacked… The Moment the King Was In After watching a French play, the Dog King at once perceives the Truth: Prisons are not made to keep the maladjusted in, but to keep the r… Carcassonne – an historic note. ‘Il ne faut pas mouris sans avoir vu Carcassonne’ – Gustave Nadaud Flowers for Grace She was sweeping through the land like Napoleon in his One Hundred Days, devouring the earth and the people and the towns as only despots k… THERE’S WISDOM IN ALL DANCING DEEDS “There’s a song to sing for all things,” / said Pio to his bride. / “Of course there is,” said Lilly, / ̶… God Sleeps Still the names haunted him, and the faces trying to tell him God was asleep. “’La terre emplit leur bouche pour les faire tair… PARIS STUDIO – an anthology An anthology of stories, essays and poetry by fourteen contemporary writers who lived in a Paris studio over the past few years. “Remembering France” By Nelle Thceh “. . . You drive; I tell you I brought something for you to eat. I raise my skirt to my waist and you watch as I begin to fondle myse… The road never ends; got a feature… The road never ends; got a feature… IMPRESSIONS OF FRANCE sitting half in the sunshine / and half in the night, / half naked in shadows, / half blinded by light . Rendez Vous a Paris As the sun rose over the city of Paris, casting long shadows over the Arc de Triumphe, the best detective in Northern France, Linda Noir, w… Green Fields of France The sunlight streams down through the tall eucalyptus trees in the forest, illuminating my path of childhood discovery. I am eight years ol… POSE Just grazing and resting in Normandy / When a girl with a camera we did see / She said could you please look here / And if you can please s… In a chance … .. it was unseen, no matter how it twisted, no matter how it gleamed. / “Not a chance!” they’d shout and swear, before sh… Legands of Ancrothy Get a pinch of epicness*?, length and magic and this is what you get. A damn long damn good story *I hope. I wrote this when I was ten duri… Conceptual Writing by Creativity Junkie! It`s to long to post so I post the link… David 1917 They were honestly Gypsies, caravans and all / And a fire and later songs, bloody hell and black bread and potatoes, red songs and cheeks a… The Magic of Food in France you will wander the grey wet early morning streets to smell fresh croissants with the cold rush of an ice-melt stream right nearby and be t… The Green Woodpecker. A bridge and a place of breezed rest. A cafe, a studio and a falling water spider legged jetty. Opening my own shop (Mature) POEMS FROM FORT LA LATTE, BRITTANY, FRANCE So I pressed my flesh into the moist grasses / and rubbed my bones against hard, ancient stones / until my body melted into the opening ear… Twin Towns? In France the lads were terrorised / To make them fit to fight As choirboys… To far-off lands – to fight and die / Lads like Tim, Mick, Dave and I. Rochechouart Morning I wake to the sound / Of the first of the day’s camions / Coming on down through the town / From direction St Junien… Prends moi!… Quoi? She said prends moi ! / And I said…Quoi? / She said en français encore un fois…prends moi! / I answerd..purquoi pas!! / But s… ART VIDEOS FROM NEW YORK and FRANCE WHAT IS PAINTING @ THE MOMA in NEW YORK PART 1 / WHAT IS PAINTING? Part 2 / A short peice from the Musuem of Modern art New York / Robert H… FRANCE 98 Then its on to the second round, once more our brilliance will astound. French There was a French girl / Her name was Déjà Vous / I thought I’d met her before / It was my imagination / She had a cat Earth Upheavals, A State of Soul they saw a brilliant globe of light / brighter than the sun / at rest in the ravine. / At first they thought the sun / had fallen down / at… feu d’articice Carcassonne , France Night sky scattering of stars I don’t even know myself I know thy name is Laura for I was born on the Channel Sea. France My life, I left my soul in France. A Brief History of La Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de … At least nine of France’s great gothic cathedrals pre-date that of Beauvais and they are.. France, 8th Sep, 1940 He knew this was no ordinary cave. At the Saturday Market, Montbron, France For the cobbler – who wasn’t actually selling anything as such, merely offering a service – would sit carving fine objects from… Lost In France An Anarchist Hot and wet she waits for me / To sip and lick and make her my own / She’s content to bring me here / I’m content to take her home THE ABBEY SENANQUE Yet, I hate worn stones that tigers no longer prowl upon. Where is the horse shit? Where the sounds of geese arguing? Late Winter In The Aude …this antique land / Whose language I struggle / To understand and yet / Whose rhythmic patterns / Of life and light and loss / I see… My daydreams go something like this… We’d share summer days, lying in the grass, picking flowers, making daisy chains, drinking warm beer, rolling cigarettes. I’d w… Perpignan – an historic note. Perpignan’s ‘Golden Age’ followed the advent of James I, Riverbank painted your lips ‘cherry red’, / slipped on your Paris dress. Postpone your prayers, taste the wine You are looking for tastes and that elusive element that British cuisine always lacks: flavor.

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