Aren’t all fairytales the same? – Six… Once upon a time, / …The End wittle archie (nature walk ) cute wittle ladybird… ladybirds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw they’re just the cutest ,it was a really beautiful day the sun was at its hottest. i wore a t-shirt an… In these four walls (Image Project #1) “Un’altra ora forse,” she mumbled, and she would return in an hour for her cloves of garlic. Deception in four stages He turned his ring tone to silent / And closed his eyes / Could this finally be the peace / He ordered? A Revolution in Kindness in Four Parts I / Imagine a world where: / Sensitivity was respected above all qualities / Corporates listened to the voice of the workers and created sh… I am a Man (Part Four) Ascending to the top of the cellars stairs I wondered why I didn’t use my last wish and ask that genie to take me back to the moment b… The Plot Thickens Featuring The Creature That Wal… What story am I? A DarKnight Within: Chapter 1, Adult at the Age … In the instance he decided to take us out of the car and to leave us there, he decided that I was no longer a child Teddy & Pearl Looking for The Oyster … Teddy fretted. / What was taking her so long? / He’d phoned Kate to see if Pearl had been in contact, which he knew was very probable… Good is a bad word It just wasn’t fair . How come they got all all the bad press? what about Crime? religion? Greed? Fifty Four Reasons I have Grown——part… mother, daughters, sisters, family, love Four letter word The stars told me so… Four Walls Of Grey 1971 I’ve watched as prisoners spat and cursed and walked upon that floor / The sound of steel as doors closed and the jingle of the keys Helen The Little Slave-Girl (an old-fashioned ero… (Mature) A Day of Four Seasons (Mature) Worlds Apart ( A Continuation of the Queens Libra… Opening the large doors, Mez smiled, “ Yes, I cannot find it. It was going to help me defeat another queen in a distant city. Her magic is… The Night Hell Raised. Rated R part four As I walk in the shack I’m hearin’ things I only hear in movies, the kind you take your girl to when you want her to jump in y… Studio fifty four As the strobes reflected across / the eclectic mix of night owls / at studio fifty four, / Manhattans hip place of / the seventies, / The … Woo Hoo 4 more sales What a great surprise to wake up to this morning.. I received a message that a fellow Red Bubbler has bought four of my cards. What a big… four seasons my heart / a fallen snowflake / skullwhite and numb / a deep unmoving stillness / frozen Beware the Coven (Chapter Four) “Well, well Becca dear… Mommy’s got a magical book now and you had just better watch your step.” Four Boys From Parker,Florida Heat, hot, heat with humidity is unknown to anyone who has not lived in the southeast. The days and the nights were filled with such as we… Top Four Weight Loss Myths In these times of misinformation and constant hype, I feel it my duty to dispel a few myths about a subject many can relate: losing weight.… The Immediate – Part four To be read following the first three parts of the story. Four grandsons first granddaughter Thanks to everyone who has taken time to view and comment on my / first granddaughter ! / Pat This Family Of Four Enriched in love and laughter, / These two little people make up this family of four, / will pay you the dividends Four Long Hours Four long hours ticked by, much as watching paint dry. / Then. A blur.  IN FOUR SEASONS Your words / are / the four seasons / of / me chinese culture traditional Chinese painting,the four treasures in the study Brigadiers at the Wall: Part Four It was past midnight. The glow of the television filled the basement sitting room. Greg was on the floor, absentmindedly flipping through t… Four Score It was a miracle waiting for the cry out, the nest waiting for a family, an idea that needed a mind and the dream searching for a heartbeat… WOW FOUR MORE FEATURES! I will also be leaving… is featured in the Deer Me Group! / is featured in the Survivor & Friends Group! / is featured in the AMERICAN VALUES and ART GROUP! … ME, MYSELF, AND I……in four parts Weariness carried my body / to sleep Four Foot Child-woman-baby-face. I promised you the root of it all was in that saline tang… Four Rings Light rain / on the outside, / heavy weather / on the in, / these were the details / of tone. / Four rings did appear / on the southwestern… Four featured works Just got news this morning a fourth work of mine has been featured :-) Thanks to all the hosts concerned. / Latest is 7th month Opera whic… I AM SO HONORED – FOUR FEATURES – WHA… “JUST ABOVE THE TREE TOPS” HAS BEEN FEATURED IN “YOUR MAGIC PLACE” GROUP – THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE HOSTS FOR… FOUR-PACK OF POEMS AN UNKNOWN PIANIST / Her fingers / slid lightly / across the keys / sparks of light / lit the air / transformed the night / and me /… FOUR SEASONS Chilly days / I shiver / Fireplace / Wood withers / Heavy blankets / Hot cocoa / Television / A humorous show / Heat rising / Now seventy d… Four Kings The most elegant was Schemp. White and gray and tall for a cat, the one most comfortable in his fur. When Schemp appeared in a place, he … Don’t You Understand? Four years on this tight rope high above a vast ocean. / For a moment, time stood still… Four Features and 6th place in two Top Ten Challe… in the Survivors & Friends group my photo “baby sleeping” place 6th in the Sleeping Babies top ten challenge. / Also in the… One thousand ninety four. One thousand ninety seven followed by eight / I’ll bide my time and I’ll wait and I’ll wait / for / One thousand ninety n… Fifty Four Reasons I have Grown-part1 father and daughters love, military families, devoted love and respect. The Dream About Four Snakes It’s a dream, that I had a few years ago before the shop was renovated to a larger one with men department and accessory selling. In the realm of machines: prelude, part four 4. / In the factory, some of the robots watched DQ7891SP’s odd escape from im-motion with dully curious eyes; but their interest was … Faith No More? (Faith Is Just A Four Letter Word) i am the second hand of time / a Dead Man Walking backwards into his lover’s arms / and you, you always took your chances, didn’t you? / on… Four words Four words / It took / To make me cry / Just four words / I do not love you / Four words / It took / To make you give up / Just four words… Grandad Four Hearts and the Loch Ness Monster Grandad Four Hearts and the Loch Ness Monster / Grandad Four Hearts was at the bottom of the garden. He was in his shed inventing someth… Fearless Frank Fogarty the Farting Father of Four… Over 30 years ago I met this bloke; his name was Fearless Frank Fogarty the Fighting Father of Four who would Fight Frogs Fortnightly Fortu… Four little words Four little words ring in my ears. / Four little words I can’t forget. / Words spoken in anger. / Consequences beyond your mind’s eye… A four leaf clover I have searched for so long Four Seasons © Sultry summer sunny days / Sitting silent seeing you / Singing songs in heat and haze / Seek to cherish all we do. / Autumn allows a fresh … Foursome (Mature) Martin Thank you for / Sharing your art / Helping us to play our part / Trying our hand / Listening, saying you understand / The cross you gave me… Four Leaf Clover Blades of grass and a hopeful breeze / Send waves across this valley / Dandelion dreams, such scattered yellow gleams / Once, twice too many A piece of me unsure A Suite in Four do something sane instead ANGER THAT OLD FORGOTTEN FEELING : Chapter Four Two more days until my birthday – Ugh! / The children dropped off to their designated destination on time…better morning than yesterdays fa… Bound and Gagged (Four Tanka) he envisions how / the carnage will grace the streets / when his bomb explodes Paranormal Collaboration Part Four There is a shining silver blade hanging on the wall, beautifully crafted with the appearance of being light as a feather, and the slight re… Four Months… I come home, stopping to touch the unfinished painting on the easel; caress the face of Geronimo; stop and stare in wonder at all the beaut… “omg, you found my GPS spot, just hit it fo… My heart was beating so fast and so loud, I am sure the neighbourhood could hear it pounding, my worst fears were about to come true. I wou… Tragedy At Ten Past Four If you have ever lost someone so dear to you in a tragic cicumstance, then you yourself know already the pain that one can endure. Four Legs I always though I was different / From the other kids. / I have four legs. / They all have two. / I have two arms; / Two hands, / Two eyes,… The Dawn of a Royal Flower – Chapter Four Before long a strong breeze started to play with her hair, and before anyone could blink, the breeze turned into a gale and then it and the… four fold as one sublime by the tree that is in the center of the universe…four folds spirit spins in silence as One spirit Four Nights In August after pain / screamed into flames… / smouldering violence / after the terror / released in gathering night / the call / to stop and underst… Four Beds Four beds / Four patients / Four stories / One Event a four legged friend your the one that was there all through my life / parents were abroad, sister was useless / but you, you were the one that comforted me / w… Bad enough So 24! / Where will/ are/ have you been at 24? These Four Roses Love, and Roses Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Four I have never liked my Uncle and hope to be there when he dies. Anything else you’d like to know? Four In One The transition occurs from him too I / But only when dirges reform with a / Sigh. / Fused in a rainbow I sights the way / Surpassing ambiti… Silent Soldier- Chapter Four Harry had come back; I saw his car at the office as I walked across the park. Getting to the door, I stopped and knocked- then, went inside… Four Eyes, Nine Life Times © Four Eyes, Nine Life Times © / BY: Hector A. Encinas / “Chain mail, cover art for the decade. / In witch I discover you. / Magazine d… forbidden four letters. that word- / four letters - / a big mistake - / a wonderful thing - / forbidden to say- / on the tip of the tounges - / of those too young- Tales for Twins – Grandad Four Hearts and D… One day Grandad Four Hearts was sitting with his cousin Doctor Who. They were drinking Caterpillar Juice and eating Polly Parrot Pizza. The… Four letter word Like an unspoken; ineffable, Two Zero One Four I have always preferred words to numbers Alter (Part 4) For a few brief moments I stand with my back to the door, breathing heavily and staring ahead, pressing my body against the wood as thought… Really Hard Findin’ You- C 3-14-92, By Denn… I’ve been wishin’ on a four-leaf clover- / And I’m hopin’ that my search is over- Words Like Wine (Four Tanka) dusty and moldy / the pages flip open with / the sound of bird wings / ready to fly once again / i drink the words in like wine Four Plus Five The air grew thick and heavy like a storm on the horizon. My heart started pounding twice its normal rate. I had no idea what she had in re… Dream the four winds Dream the four winds, the earth and sky. / Let my mind wander through days gone by. / To ride over the prairie and carry a lance. / In vict… The Last Name The last name / In the Annals Love and Piracy Excert (Part of Chapter Four) Meanwhile back on the Conquering Crusader Bruser was having a very heated argument with himself, sort of. / “Bower, what do you mean you do… Part one through to four ‘The Lady of Shallot’ by Alfred Tennyson. / Lines of it I’d share with you, / But understanding is not your virtue. Jainus Sinclair. (part four, five, six and seven) This little creature seemed to be on a different path than most Jainus had met in many years of seeing. The beast stared at him with an int… four corners. one reason. is when you experience all those things and still open your heart to that someone Four by Seven: Low Been low lately, / wanting to go, clueless of direction, / yet so consumed with the thought of going. / Lonely still, / knowing only that… Four Years Later… THIS IS DEDICATED TO DYLANA, MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER. Four Nights In August after pain / screamed into flames… / smouldering violence / after the terror / released in gathering night / the call / to stop and underst… It’s almost twenty-past four It’s almost twenty-past-four / Yes, the light dances on your eyelids / I’m drawn to the weapon that is your- / You. / And I say, with less … Four Haikus blackbird pulsates / amid gathering dark herald / of the coming night / here,there the gulls glide / against the slow setting sun / ending … four in two numbers reel out / between comfort / control and madness / ringing bells / where mists and frosts / dwell / over the damp graveyards / alwa… Kodi’s Choice – Chapter Four “No.This is just a polished steel blade, but I can see why you would think it was silver.” She pulled the blade from her pocket and showed …
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