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I see dead pixels - white ink by geekchic  tees Surfing Lesson with Kunu by matthumphrey forgetting by Dorit Fuhg It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song... by kpop-consultant I see dead pixels - black ink by geekchic  tees Elephants Never Forget by Michael J Armijo Get Him to the Greek - Aldous Snow " Mr. Snow, It Appears You've Got The Clap" by AlexNoir I NEED TO B MY L ON SOMEBODY'S T'S by rule30 Forgetting about time by Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg The Forgetting I’d forgotten how it feels / for your heart to beat just that little bit faster / when the phone beep-beeps… Forgetting Life She knows enough to ask; / connective tissue; blood litmus / combination of awareness and flesh / birthright sends her stars shining green … Forgetting Herself by Dennis Maida Elephants never forget by LydiaWoods A breeze crosses the porch by Marie-Esther Erosion of Memory. by Ben Loveday Forever Missing by Zeanana Get Him To The Greek by MaxFischer98 A Taste for Love by waywardtees Longing and Forgetting Here between sky and sea / what we’ve known / is gradually erased. / The familiar becomes / fuzzy, distant / until what is bird / a… Infant Sorrow by MaxFischer98 having trouble forgetting by scott church No, I am not forgetting the lanes by jchanders Nobody's Forgetting by Paul-M-W _life is forgetting by Larry  Stewart Remembering and Forgetting by WolfmanK The Forgetting by Ginny Schmidt Why England keep losing, the coach keeps forgetting the ball by clickinhistory Remembering the deceased... by Nuh Sarche I Thought I Heard a Silent Sound... by LisaBuchfink forgetting fear by butchart Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars by Paul Dunkel Disinfecting Is anything more brutal / than the thousand endless twinges / of desire? undeck the halls the corridors of memory / are haunted / midnight blue and madness / linger there / i often long / for the eternal sunshine / of the spotles… Pain and Ice Cream Come on laughter and cry aloud / with the madness of ending the staged comedy i see dead pixels by TigerStriped Fading memory by Lior Goldenberg Motherlove in Stone by Zeanana Mila Kunis by Paul Bird Lesson 1 by nymphadora48 Forgetting to Breathe There seems to be a great deal more space of a morning; / so much time - / just sitting there / empty / waiting for what will never come. Saturn by ArtistByDesign for money,and/or winning, forgetting one’s … for the pain of the world I’d cry but / needed is my / sensibility / to rock a shape of knowledge to the / limits some impose / on o… An Abstract Expressionism If only I could by Mitch Labuda The Temptation the Fall! by RealPainter Forgetting Vintage cadavers / The ones that smell like / The fade of luxurious perfume / On a silk dress / The putrid kind of sweetness / That stain… wanting touch (Mature) Remembering and Forgetting by WolfmanK Last trip to the vets Whenever I find myself sitting on the toilet, / My trousers down my legs, / My elbow on my knee and my head in my hand, / I think that it i… Forgetting World I could write about forgiveness, / and mans chosen wars, / I could write about sickness, / suspend man in my pause, The Adornments of Death by Rusty Gentry Hurt but Here by 324heathers Laughter and Forgetting by sedge808 The Lemons by Luke Stevens forgetting to remember by charliethetramp Forgotten I was about four years of age when my mother stopped seeing me. I don’t mean that we were estranged, neither had her sight become dam… Forgetting Love In a Cheating Game Taught me not to love / Until its too late / And you forget / How love looks at you / Till you lose it / In the game Forgetting the Anger She finds it hard to resist / the itch, / just twist, / this shit, / this shit that makes her twitch like this. / It’s it, / That&… Forgetting Everything by Kseniya Nelasova ONCE SLEEP FLEETS why should i want to hold onto the dream / have it recorded to view over and over / satisfied by waking up with the brief memory / similar… Life; Broken, Fragmented... by rharris-images ... am i forgetting something? by highyellla "NOT FORGETTING" by Hilton Luckey NOT KNOWING WHAT I LOOK LIKE  by Thomas Barker-Detwiler forgetting i have almost forgotten / how it feels / to be held / by loving hands / wanting nothing more / but my warmth / next to theirs / or to be k… Coloured Man by thomasberryman Forgetting the Past by Leasha Hooker Forgetting I don’t remember. But I know what you told others. Not me, you didn’t tell me. I don’t remember and it’s probabl… black-magic woman before your selfish / fingers had jammed / themselves into my aorta, / i would’ve walked / right past him Still Here… For the last three months I’ve been telling myself I’m forgetting it, I’m leaving it behind. / But I’m still here. unidentifed man about to fly by jdworldly Forgetting by Jacquelyne Drainville forgetting.. by agawasa Forgetting to Breathe in Kathmandu Nepal. It’s all about mountains, isn’t it? I think as I step off the plane in Kathmandu. But today the Himalayas play hide and seek behind … Chapter 25 Simpkins wakes Face alternatively stinging and sticking Simpkins was in no mood for either idiots or thick indecipherable accent Forgetting Something by Athenawp THE DESOLATION OF FORGETTING by swissman off my mind by wormink forgetting her by mickpro Forgetting The Blues by Rhonda Blais everything turns grey and dies. shedding light on the dusty, forgotten attic only to uncover things that were cleared from memory for a reason. breathing in the built up p… Forgetting It shouldn’t have mattered tonight because it hasn’t mattered before but it would have been nice if things were different, just this once. in the forgetting of the day by colin campbell Chasing Pearls, Forgetting the rainbows by Manish Agrawal Forever Forgetting Theres that smile / And those great eyes / You had my heart / From the moment you said hi / We got on well / Built our life / went through … Statue of Remembering and Forgetting by pwall Forgotten Current mood: complacent / I won’t say I love you. I won’t say you’re mine, / but curiosity kills the time. / I barely … In the Middle of It all is Love by ArmadaVolya Forgetting Venice by Paolo57 Learn to forget The space in front of my eyes / is filled with a dark emptyness / a sadness that lets out no cries / a fear with a sense of hopelessness / … Why Why oh why doest thine heart weep. / For a forsaken lover whose memory thine mind ne’er doth dare to keep? Dost thee understand not … Forgetting Yesterday by ASHes2ASHes Forgetting our Anger On those nights I lean against you and whisper / “the moon is dying” Forgetting Her Faith (Deep In Her Eyes) by andrewcartwork Bad Ways I’m no angel and I won’t be tonight / Sweaty, unforgiving, raw / Ruin me in ways you only know how Toward completion how the depths of black both move me and haunt me / and how much I wish you could see this too and be. Forgetting by Jillian Rodriguez
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