“This love is like a living force / that makes you move along…”

Gaia – The Living Planet

We share . . . dominant, sentient, passionate force . . . created this universe . . . dreamed vivid, detailed dreams . . . manifested on t…

Play Me

you play my body like a well trained musician

domestic ass

his other hand searched & grappled her bosom firmly whilst he mouthed her tense slender neck. one hand strained rhythmically below whi…

Future lovers.

This force holds it all together; / The earth, the ocean, the stars.

The invisible force

The embrace is cold, and the lower half of her body held so far away from mine a runnaway pram could scuttle through unoticed. Her eyes a…

Serial Killer

You build your idol / Thought by idle thought

abandonment… (M)

With a forceful wrench of her extended tangled tresses, / He bowed his scorching greedy mouth down to her bare tender collar.


drawing further, all unaccounted for

Growing Pains


Just Breathe…

It is the first thing we do / When experiencing this life. / It is the last thing we do / When we take our final bow. / As physical beings,…

a force that can wreck you

i want you to fear that i, too / am a force that can wreck you / i want that power, too~


Pain / both physical and mental / bone and psyche deep / beyond your breaking point / momentarily unbearable / until its grip is loosened …


Is it wise…?

Keep ‘The Force’ To Yourself…

… push / yourself, / not others.

Push it

You know better / than to force a dream


You set the course / Of where to go / Heading the wheels

Opian Royal Air Force Series

It’s the year 2439, and the human race has entered a grand age of intergalactic space travel.

Our Love

my hands in yours are held fast / my thoughts of you have no past / my life without you will not last

Opposing Force(pt.2 of Forked Tongue)

Truth fully equipped / Docile dominance / Prominent / Protector / Word chants / Sub-selector / Collector of Ancient / Art and facts / Atta…

Sorry! Not Finished

The scar burned against her skin, flowing through her veins and clinging to her insides.

Arrest On Sight

I had been invited to a party at the local Air Force base where they made a sport of Tequila shots.


I read about this guy who cut through the skin, muscle, tendons and bone of his own arm with a pen knife to free himself when he was trappe…

expressive force

passion’s red rapids / carve canyons through stone hearts like / hot knives through butter


Held back / cliff edge / enveloped / wait / another day / let the wind gather you up / and away / from that ledge


Believe the words of terror, believe the words of a rotting layperson / I know it is in a barren place attached to a null…

the full force of regal equipmunk

what better way to strike up a conversation than through a simple “hello” / but now that it all makes sense, it’s so much…

How Can This Be?

It seems I just took / Giving life to my fingers / To force their way in / Thereby extracting her heart

" In this life force energy conservation law…

The energy that we give to the world will never perish. That energy will come back to us in another form. The good we do must be returned t…

Birmingham, New Street Station

Swarming over concourse and stair
 / A swathe of navy and air force blue
 / Like starlings in the evening air
 / Drowning out all other hue


some like it frozen / some like it fried / some like it after torture / brain dead, still warm, it died

Protesting my arrest

We protested loudly / We made ourselves heard / We let ourselves be known / And together raised the tone.

A force to reckon with – chapter 1

“Is it clear?” I hissed urgently to Pete, who was crouched about ten feet away from me, in a similar patch of scrub to where I was waiting.


she fought a hard and ferocious battle, she submitted to him because she had too, she watched him take her precious blood, but she held ont…

within myself

a force against / you

True Force

You can stop a man, or break a group / but you can’t stop the wish or desire they hold

Blunt Force Trauma

’You’re always talking shit’ / He says / Now she hesitates / before speaking / and the words pile up / skid and screec…


Pursuant to our transit West, the Sun advanced relentless. / Advocating the return of rumoured en’my fire. Contemplating my unlikely …

Coercive control

You must comply / Or we’ll stick our nanoprobes in you / Wonder what Startrek / Was talking about and who / When they wrote the Borg.

Seven of nine

Seven of nine you are so fine / With your luscious lips and pouting boobs, / Ocular implant over the eye / And suit that says: she ain’t sh…


Once / where a fire burned bright / now only / ashes / remain

Kittens Early

the longest-seeming ringing

A Force called Love

Were drawn here by a force called… love / Your the other part of me / Your heart fits my heart

We Are, The Essential Life-Force Being Of Love (7…

We are slaves to the media, / Slaves to the television. / We are corrupted by drugs and alcohol. / We are slaves to the government, / We ha…

UK Task Force on Peak Oil By Chris Nelder

Governments will be forced to intervene to maintain critical levels of oil supply, and limit volatility. / Rationing measures may be unavoi…

Open Letter to Prs. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

f you still spreading hate, suppressing your people freedoms, torturing, despairing and killing Iranians


i scratch at the ready made wounds / droplet after droplet / my mind is lost

Musing on abstracts and different tastes in art

Which again adds great mystery to why abstraction is often found so challenging and visually unexciting or unappealing to so many?


I’m simply another bored monstrosity forged by force of circumstance. / In spite the frequent temporaryisms wrought by my frustration…


A cheap, paper flower / Of scarlet hue / Is all that it takes / To remind me of you.

“Soul Sonic Force…..Renegades of Funk…

The Real

The Force

You are force feeding the words into my mouth, / I can’t bear to speak. / You leave me in silence, / As if I wear a muzzle. / For if …

The Truth

I lie to you / Because I have to

Happy Veterans Day!

To all who have and continue to serve! / THANK YOU / Happy Veterans Day! / Stay safe and healthy and come home soon!

the force of dreams

holding us up / like pillars of smoke / these dreams / we held our hopes upon / and seasons came / and seasons went / shedding their leav…

’ A Part’

I scrape the dust and dirt and grime, from all my seconds lost; and force myself to smile again, at what this war will cost.

Arien Force

half a hope corsoged through my heart pierced-gaged to ten-perfect medal*meddling* with the heroes of this civilian war. A proud march*31* …


It’s not that you don’t care anymore, / that stupidity or cowardice has taken you; / you’re simply sick to death, / of wh…

“Brute Force” featured in the group &…

Thank you so much for the feature in the group “Art in Math”!! The Harley-Davidson SE Softail Springer is such a cool motorcyc…

My oldest daughter graduated from college and the…

My picture on my profile is from my daughters going away party. It was a pose. I grabbed the bottle to pose when my niece grabbed her ca…

Welcome Home Soldier Boy

Food is cooking / Kids are playing / Dog is barking / My hearts swaying / At the news I have received / Feeling stunned and so relieved / M…


I marched past monuments to violence, exhibited plainly for all in dedicated civility; I thought about my brother. To be fair, I’d be…

Air Force Police

Air Force / Cops

life Force

Tribute to Eva Wafford / For all who lost heroes / She entered the dark uncharted waters of widowhood / her son was spared in the semi tr…

What am I?

A loathsome thing that wonders a lonely road? / Alone! And insecure of life’s oddities that I have strangely become. / Afraid and al…

The Palette of Existence

There is no judgment – only learning and pushing yourself beyond the boundaries of your limitations.

elemental force

a metallic sheen to the sky today / the clouds hang heavy, clad in sombre grey / over a dark and moody sea / and there’s a hushed sti…

I Can’t Even Swat You Away

You keep sucking my energy out of me / Like a blood thirsty mosquito / That can’t get its full / You keep coming back to puncture my …

So Quite and So Still…..SILENT

I have never known I could be so still, always moving, swaying…..

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