My Hearts a Mess

Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this.

The Edge Of Night

The enemy’s delusion is thick / so walk by faith and not by sight

Time to Die

I have this pain far inside, / And I continue to ask, why? / There is a voice calling to me, / I feel its’ time to die. . . .

Same Old Song and Dance

I knew in my heart you were a fraud, but I wanted to believe in you. / I wanted to see the good, but that could not be found.

Foolish Girl

Foolish Girl- / One sided heart. / You let it fall… / -Foolish Girl- / ©


My wounds are my treasures; / they have pierced me / like many arrows / to let brightness break out,

Deep Wisdom

Foolish are the people / who play Twister / on the stairs.

He’s a blond!

Men with long fair hair are probably my favourite thing.

My Foolish Mind

Oh, my foolish mind why must you pass this time in sorrow? / Don’t you understand that problems can wait late until tomorrow? / If yo…

Our Earth Still Breathes

Spreading a glow / In her palm / She wraps it around / Her neck / Leaning back / To kiss you, strikingly / The pull of / Of her approval /…

I brought an umbrella, though it wasn’t rai…

Hmmmm, hazy, hot, and humid.. / Said the weatherman, but no rain.. / I stuck my head out the door, it was clear / but I brought my umbrella…


White lies told to not hurt / Bold lies told to agitate / Mean lies told to invoke fear / Loving lies to get you near / Desperate lies to g…

Many foolish things that can’t wait…

I cast them out / Rebut, spurn, banish, vanquish these things / I challenge, castigate, beat / and pummel their one track minds

we are above the foolish rules

you can be concerned / but please don’t worry / we can kiss each other / on the wavelengths / and tie the knots with less / tightness…



Talking into the future

where was the wisdom when I was in the flood / stroking waters against the gutter

Am I foolish!

Am I foolish 2 wish of a romance that defies time itself? / 2 have my hopes and dreams manifested in form? / 2 have him appear 2 me and pro…

‘Letters [iT_01]’

Darlin’, / The fool in me had hoped for a chance to say these things, or at least some itinerant version of it all, to you in person.…


Du machst das Licht nicht mehr an, weil du fragst / dich, was du da noch verloren hast, / an den Fransen, / an der Farbe Rot. / Du windest…


Raindrops hit the windowsill / I hear them at night until / I decide to go to bed / Thoughts going round in my head / Raindrops don’…


my life seems silly and pointless / once I adapt it is okay / I would not say excellent / * / what will bring me down in this venture? / it…


Went for a walk to try to clear my head / Was still tired when I got out of bed / After thirty-five years of wedded bliss / And a wonderful…

Starving Fairy

From a minefield of mind’s filth that’s festering.

Carefree reminiscence

I remember I saw her / a sturdy grey haired / eighty something woman / with pin point pupils / and vacant looking / coldest grey – b…


Her fantasies led her to places unknown / To men with turbins / Who smell of cologne / To brothels where she would lay down / And be paid f…

Foolish Love, foolish heart.

So many tears have been cried over you, why oh why did you have to be so cruel?

stupid, stupid girl

expectations are for the / weak / the stupid / the hopeful. / Stupid, Stupid girl, when will you learn??? / The walls that others put up, t…

Foolish Marietta

Slowly she turned and he was there / Brushing her long golden hair / Stroking her neck and her face / She had a rush and her heart raced / …

Just Foolish Enough

When she got just far enough away / To think that the flowers were fairies / And she was just young enough to know they were dancing

The fable of the foolish fairy

A foolish fairy lived in the cusp of two leaves.


She doesn’t know why she hasn’t told him. Say she’d met this man at the meeting and that she and he went back to his place and had a drink …

The Foolish Bridesmaid

Why should I fret – my lamp is dim but there is lots of time. / I’ll get some oil on the morrow and fill it to the line…


I am darkness. / And i dont understand why / you try to have heart to hearts / with the heartless. / Embrace darkness. / Will you Embrace …

Foolish Love

Picture a man .. not just any man / As tall as the trees, free as a breeze / Wearing a kilt, .. solidly built / How handsome he is, but una…


I am all amiss. Senses seem waylaid this day, by fragments bleeding-through; distracted by fractal echoes, from my life on Mars. / Feel the…

After Party

Wet confetti tears / from after party fears / of always being alone.

Foolish Man

Rivers brake to gurgles / Seas to no prodding tides / Spent and sunken all vessels, / Sailors, no longer ride! / Is a voyage worth the gold…

“My foolish heart”

I would like to thank the person that bought “my foolish heart” … ;-)


An old flame flickers / Poised, to re-ignite / Glowing ember of a memory / Sets hopes aflight / Waltz of re-acquaintance / Danced, imprecis…

Open the Curtain

Take my hand / I’ll protect you from your fears / I know it’s not what we planned / Everything is not as it appears / Nothing i…

human interactions / too much

and i told my mother to fuck off / right in front of my son / ruining his birthday / like a son of a bitch


Sentimentalities obnubilate; I love so clearly blind, to the truths of reality; my mind is compromised. / Logic irrefrangible is left in di…


Be youngBe foolishSmoke a cigaretteAnd blow rings into the night skyGo out drinkingSo hardAs if you might die

The Brave & the Foolish

If you miss it / he’ll show you it’s there / That’s his gift you know / seeing beyond the square / He’ll upend what…

I, The Mistake

Reach out… / prick your finger on the / fragments of a suicide heart. / Sacrifice it all to I, / the mistake. / The blade dancer / in…

The Changeling

Her lips which once with nectar dripped / Puff dragonfire instead


exposed soul naked displayed arrayed smokey mysteries now history worn slightly frayed all the petty attitudes rude and nude no longer magn…

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