Among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars by loveaj saved already by benyuenkk I hope she'll be a fool... by loveaj My Hearts a Mess by Rhonda Strickland When the sun, at last comes down..long time since we played with friends in the streets..Until we learn to love each other..Seems just like the other day..All tired of our foolish play by jammingene Foolishly in love with you by echosingerxx My foolish heart... 2 by Gregoria  Gregoriou Crowe my foolish heart... 4 by Gregoria  Gregoriou Crowe My foolish heart... 1 by Gregoria  Gregoriou Crowe

My Hearts a Mess

Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this.
Puddles Pity Party by papabuju My Foolish Heart by RichesRoad

He’s a blond!

Men with long fair hair are probably my favourite thing.
My Foolish Heart by RC deWinter Evil Inside by papabuju My foolish heart... 3 by Gregoria  Gregoriou Crowe

Our Earth Still Breathes

Spreading a glow / In her palm / She wraps it around / Her neck / Leaning back / To kiss you, strikingly / The pull of / Of her approval /…
Truth by mixedartone Steve Jobs quotes - Don't lose faith. by syshinobi



Am I foolish!

Am I foolish 2 wish of a romance that defies time itself? / 2 have my hopes and dreams manifested in form? / 2 have him appear 2 me and pro…

My Foolish Heart

wanting you / so bad, / a love that I / will never have…

‘Letters [iT_01]’

Darlin’, / The fool in me had hoped for a chance to say these things, or at least some itinerant version of it all, to you in person.…
More fool you by mixedartone


Raindrops hit the windowsill / I hear them at night until / I decide to go to bed / Thoughts going round in my head / Raindrops don’…

Foolish Love, foolish heart.

So many tears have been cried over you, why oh why did you have to be so cruel?


I am darkness. / And i dont understand why / you try to have heart to hearts / with the heartless. / Embrace darkness. / Will you Embrace …

Foolish Love

Picture a man .. not just any man / As tall as the trees, free as a breeze / Wearing a kilt, .. solidly built / How handsome he is, but una…

“My foolish heart”

I would like to thank the person that bought “my foolish heart” … ;-)

Open the Curtain

Take my hand / I’ll protect you from your fears / I know it’s not what we planned / Everything is not as it appears / Nothing i…


Sentimentalities obnubilate; I love so clearly blind, to the truths of reality; my mind is compromised. / Logic irrefrangible is left in di…
Mutilated Love by Xothiaxi The Trust  And The People by NikunjVasoya The foolish woman by Fathers Steve Jobs quotes - Don't lose faith. by syshinobi Steve Jobs quotes - Don't lose faith. by syshinobi Steve Jobs quotes - Don't lose faith. by syshinobi Steve Jobs quotes - Don't lose faith. by syshinobi Accidents Commonly Caused By Women by papabuju Accidents by papabuju Flash Them Boobies by papabuju Grandpa Is The Coolest by papabuju Culmination Of Human Stupidity by papabuju This Guy Is About To Do Something Epicly Stupid by papabuju I Refuse by papabuju I Refuse Free Donuts  by papabuju When I Do Something Stupid by papabuju Make The World Suck Less by papabuju Travel Naked by papabuju Marriage Is A Workshop, Husband Works, Wife Shops by papabuju Bad Ass Mo Fo by papabuju Breaking Bad Breath by papabuju Raccoon by papabuju Lord Of Stars by papabuju Grow Your Root by papabuju Grow Your Baby Root by papabuju Fapman by papabuju Stab by papabuju The Goatee by papabuju Undercover Elf by papabuju Gun Shots by papabuju Nintendumb by papabuju Red Bull by papabuju Balls Are Touching by papabuju Get Drunk by papabuju Body Clockwork by papabuju Johnnie Moonwalker by papabuju Your F*ckin Joke Sucks by papabuju Your Friggin' Joke Sucks by papabuju Revolt by papabuju Puddles Pity Party by papabuju

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