Flying Ships Like Kites

Flying Ships Like Kites / I lay in my cold desolate bed with a void of missing comfort, / Awake in the glowing darkness of the nightlight,…

Flying High

The illusion of being / Is determined by your thoughts, / Words, actions and deeds.

Settling of Debt

I stared at the ceiling fan as it went round and round and round. Feeling dizzy, I slowly looked back towards the front of the classroom w…


we are flying in honey

Aviophobie: uncut

It’s not so ridiculous really. / I’m not afraid to fly, I’m afraid to fall. / Just like everyone else.

Homeward Bound

Homeward bound / As they stretch wings / And merge together as one / big family. Contently she calls / as

The High Flying

of the geese that are high on this frost mountains night.

where are you going?

fly now into / your life / which drizzles / like the wind


I’m sitting, patiently waiting / for our separate Earth’s to collide. / I can feel the sun shining, / but rain falls from the sky. / I can …

let them feel

with the sun closing in on me / i chase my wings, / trying to clip them off / away. / one last feather / clinging to cardigan /…


fly with me…? / I never asked her but she heard me wish it… / we just stood there stumped… in the rain… / I flying…

High Flying Clouds

High flying clouds / Downed to earth / Landing with thuds— / Alternate ego of fluffy stuff; / Flipside of Silver Lining; / The way of the s…

The Flying Banana

One day the aliens on our planet decided it was time to reveal themselves to our world.

Flying To The Stars

Time has carved its lines / Upon my face. / My bones no longer move / With youthful grace. / But I’m still the boy who / Laughed and…

Something for the weekend

So Easy Jet / So easy fly / For all those crow flies miles / So easy come / So easy go / Forgetting worldly trials. / So easy go / So easy…

yellow jacket and flying insect traps

uncooked meat / for flies / 1" of lemonade for / yellow jackets - / at least fifteen struggled. / a wing / or 4 legs / caught - / the …

Daedelus watches

we try our wings

fetch a flying star

five little imps by the seashore / leaped high / plucking stars that flew by / whilst others wondered why / “Here !” one shouts…

Flying Solo

How did we get here / The distance between us so great / Words no longer reaching / Spanning the gulf between us / Lost in our own worlds /…


Balancing by the toes on a warm cragged rock / I look to the horizon at the sunset in the distance / Like a ravenous bird of prey, my gaze …

Bye Bye FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)

No more doubt / No more fear / Now I have flown past them / New horizons opening

What It Takes

What takes a new beginning..?

Imagine Nation

Into the swirls / Of dream lit stars, / The eyes of the above / And when I close my eyes / Up there / All I can see / Is love.

’ Flying High" will have to go"

See you all when I get back / had to fly out all love / do not forget me / all love too you all / Normaje / 14/04/10 / should be in journal…

van Avon tot Santa…

wasn’t your heart beat gently for mine / -I fly……………………….

Flying Dreams

My First Flying Dream (20 Dec 98) / It’s a Maui-warm dusk in a tree-encircled, diffusely lit, stone courtyard filled with round, wood…


Throw us doon a piece…Mammy / Throw it fae the sky / Throw it oot the windae…Mammy / Fae twinty stories high / Throw us doon a …

Top signs your boss is a space alien

Can’t speak a sentence without using the word “Assimilate”

Melancholy (The House of Flying Daggers)

In the house of flying daggers / The remains of the wind are scattered / Flexibility is a mustard seed / The rights of the poor have no li…


flying / surrounded by solitude / emptiness and echoes / of longings let go / only the / reverberating rhythm of / her flapping wings / a…

banner is flying

children crying the world is dieing still fighting for something we did 3000 year’s ago when sala-ha-din fought balia for Jerusalem w…

Taking off at Night

The heartbeat of the wing light / illuminates an instant of tiny raindrops, / Silver needles, frozen for a moment in time. / The night has …

The Flyer

And then one day he did fly.


I have never mustered the courage to do sky diving. / Jumping out of a plane just leaves me weak in the knees to even think about. / But I …


I am honored and happy to have my image, Flying, featured in the Vision of Flight Group. My thanks to the hosts for this!!

Flying high

I am flying high – up into the sky / I am flying to where my soul belongs / High so high – I do fly / see the universes and planets passing…


“Drifting / Sifting / The mysteries of life / At one with the sky / I fly…”

A Quick Lesson on How to Fly

Take a deep breath in, feel the air in your lungs lift you higher.

Over the Seas

Over the seas, / Flecked with white foam…

Blue Paper Planes

writing my thoughts on blue paper…

Flying Fish?

Flying fish, swimming birds? / The craziest thing I’ve ever heard. / Look at me daddy square in the eye / And tell me that it’s not a lie. …

Summer Hummingbird

Of crimson blues and greens, / The rain falls down, the thunder sounds, / But still your feathers gleam.


stream of consciousness plays / knowing that judgments aren’t real / why keep up the illusion through common / combinations of words

flying monkey

i sigh / i wish i could fly

Travel is murder

Screaming, they died. Now we disembark.

they said flying isn’t cool ….


The Sky is Falling

Sometimes when I’m alone, / I hope the sky will fall, / because if it did, / then maybe the stars would too

Flying Palette

Fluttering; frenzied she alights. Happy for that moment she is ready to move on.

Homeward Bound

The sky is mine, homeward bound, / from darkness into crisp clear light. / Feathers with one purpose, / freedom from that night.

Sailplane Nonce

Our Small craft, engineless and mostly wood, / Sits perched at the end of the grass runway, / The yellow tow rope: umbilical cord.

Flying HIgh

As the fear welled up inside me, my last thoughts were why didn’t I have a better breakfast. If things go wrong and I am going to get badl…


I shimmy me weight to one side, manipulating the path of my current and barely missing the pointed branch of a tree.


This bubble inside me is ready to burst / I feel it expanding under my skin / The squeezing pressure quickens my heartbeat / My brain is pu…


…an imparted gift / to fly / is to live

Heaven is on the Wing

I sit confined in this padded chair, / Unwilling inhaling the stale, refurbished air. / I stair out the cubicle grasping a last glance, / O…

an impulsive return to form – 100th episode

“the next flight out will be in the air within the hour with or without you.” part of me hopes your luggage is just slowing you…

A Flying Wonder Is Featured !

Following this great decision, we have a word from the model : / “well, it is an honor to be featured in such a great group (”H…


Can you do the butterfly dance? / Can you sit on a flower? / Can you flutter across the fences, / Hour after hour. / Can you do the butterf…

Theory of Flight – Crows

We wish for improbable flight / While the great assembly gathers above / Higher this time than last / Farther away


I am flying

Wings Are Meant For Flying

Oh yes, you can clip them, / But then / You must clip them again / Inclined to make / Your cuts deeper— / Thinking they are still / Only fe…

no flying buttresses

Always hung by a thread / Having to shout across the comic-strip balloons to people / To no avail / As they laugh inside their Sunday funni…

Flying away

Breath / Don’t take it personally / Your tough / You can handle it / This does not compare to before / When you got mad / Over a sma…

The Cessna

My hands were shaking so hard I swear I was causing the turbulence.


Yesterday you took me to the sky / Taught me how to fly / How come that coming undone / With you – is nothing but fun?! / Whatever it…

A Flying Series of Brilliant Moments

One always is leaning back into the first step, and one always has to be the weight to signal the last word.

Life Canvas

I consider the future yet / refuse to see it too soon. / If it is sketched with rapid charcoaled messages, / as with vapor curling from a m…

Lessons in Flying

Under the wire- Past the guards- -Into my dreams / a grand, raggedy, magnificent entrance / He doesn’t look mad, just crazy:


Cascading light builds an approximation of heaven as Cloud City dances with the wind to its bosom

The Coach Cabin Chronicles

I attempted to distract myself, humming “Georgia on My Mind,” imaging Georgia on my body, but this only reminded me sex on an a…

Interview with an Alien!

Interview with an alien!

I don’t even use a cell phone when driving,…

One in ten commercial pilots carry a gun onto the plane.

It’s Like Flying

You are floating silently above the clouds, / Above the trees, the grass, the ground. / You can see that perfect light, / It’s all so…

" Prayers Flying Home "

For every star that shines throughout the night / The love of someone’s heart filters down / And casts a gleam of hope to those witho…

The Love of Flying

It strange how safe I feel on a plane. / Trapped in a tiny steel tube hurtling through air, / Too cold and too thin for me to breath


We’re at full tilt, / flying head-long. / They call this pace; / ‘Break-neck’. / Volleys eviscerate the breach; / from ov…

Falling Star

I saw a star fall from the skies / It took me by surprise / It set me wondering on “whys” / On truths, and alibis / I saw a star fall from …

Rock Hollow Flying Circus


32,000 Feet

The clouds have faces

::: Flying :::

I am concerned about the well being of being well. / Sick child like I am stuck in a far off place hellish waves of concrete beneath feet s…

Flying Away

And I will run / Until my feet don’t touch the ground / I’m flying away

Love Freed by Flight

It returns

Flying Machines

I helped to build / the flying machines / that struck the towers / and brought them down / all that I can say / is that like human beings…


i hit the tree / with my back / my body / too afraid / to face it

Wonder Bar (The Flying Colours Effect)

To Ramona from a Buick Six / A cross the Libyian waterfront / I can’t get at the welled pretender / Ken and Barbie are up still / Le…


Why does it go, and come, and go? / No changing back so I always know. / Changes are there and in the bubble. / Made all at once or suddenl…


The spiral is growing, it’s hopelessly downwards. / No thermals to lift you just down drafts that pull. / You’re sinking and falling, your …

Thats a Funny Looking Bat

Because most bats are completely black / They cannot be seen / This being a colour I very much lack / Gives me a ghostly sheen

like flying

You cant be what you cant see / you cant know anything completely / you gotta do what you must do / just do whats good, whats good for you …

The Flying Tainted Dove~ <3

The wind is blowing and the sky is blue, / But for some reason I’m only thinking about you. / The day is dull, / Just like a rotten s…

Lotus Influenced (Meaning)

Lotus Influenced: / It means to be inspired by flying lotus to create something beyond your own mind by far making u a better imaginer and …

Epiphany in Economy

I’ve lost the hours / and misplaced the minutes / The seconds have disappeared / and the days, morphed into weeks / I check my clock …

Assumptions about Flying

Assumptions are like a snake. They slide past often absorbing the attention but not stealing the life of the bystander.

Flying Lessons.

Friends that used to be doomed to wander and wonder / if the pacts we made held weight with our promises, / if life acknowledges our respon…

The wrath of the non winged

Wrote in 1 minute, just rambling. Nothing special folks. Thanks for reading.


a pressurized universe that will magically fling me from my home turf
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