inventive lanugage of 1:59 am under the mercury fireflies / they are waiting Why my hands are cold As if they were fireflies stuck in a blue blanket too high to touch / And I wish I could have kept you in a jar Lit From Within Beneath / Grandmother’s lamp / they dance. / Insightful, / stellar guides / intermittently lighting our way / as we seek to advance. Firefly … Dancing under the moonlit sky / I had a dance with a firefly / buzzing and twirling all around me / lighting up the world for me to see / O… The FireFly Song Clickety-clickety-cleckety-click / Her song so loud, so bright, exploding out / Of her chest, and joy rises up to embrace the sun / Higher … come, fly with me as the reflective sparkles / within flowing water droplets / of a cascading waterfall / transpires into our / thoughts, merging together /… Colors of the Wind Painting with the colors of the wind / conjurs up the sights / of humming birds and bees / not forgetting the beautiful / colors of a multi… firefly secrets be still / come into / my presence / gathered / allow my firefly secrets / to accept your darkness / into my soft lights / my own darknes… THE FIREFLY AND YOUNG CHILD You fade and drift / Like the spark of / A fire fly / That lifts up / Over the small hand / Holding the jar / The child of destined / Prom… The Firefly She was a firefly that gently floated in the summer air, illuminating the dark, quiet night time. The flashing brilliance of light delight… The Silent Song of the Firefly It is not the sullen strain of amphibious melody / that draws me to the eve / to descry nature’s resplendent charms. / Nor even the whisper… “Firefly” “Firefly” / Captured sought, little light / Caged in, selfish delight / Glowing not, sadness chagrin / Released free, journey b… the sky is a firefly dancing on my fingertips Crackle and spark fire / Laughter and love people / And the smoke that stays in your woollen jumper / Did you notice the smoke in mine? Firefly Fireflies zigzagging their way through the night / black black black! / zig-zag / a young girls wish to catch one / and put it in a bottle… Such Is The Way A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love. “Firefly” 1985-12-16 Time away from you / Is like life without food / Hunger 4 love can make U / Worry & brood. / And when you’re addicted 2 caviar / … Firefly Firefly Firefly For still in the darkness, / as the shades began to change, / you told me to be careful of the mirrors. A wolf’s last song I hear the wolves howl deep in the night, / a sound so hollowed yet it felt so right. / As the hallowed song took me back to my thoughts, /…

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