The things we lost in the fire

Today I sung horribly in my car / At the top of my lungs and while some looked scoffing / I thought of a memory when I was young / A re…


Chase the emotion / around my heart / until it crystallises / A butterfly landing / on an open flower / Beauty upon beauty / My eyes water …

Tonight I want it like this…..

You talk / And I pretend to listen. / I take another sip of my drink / And I smile at you. / I lean back / And lift my skirt / Just a littl…

the one thing called desire

This is like Magma.

The Girl with the Red Hair

The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a…

Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two

Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence

Six Word Story

Never cook bacon in the nude

1. Report of the Victorian Black Saturday Bushfir…

This report was so important when the fires hit 10 months ago 1500views later I re-post it to remind us not to forget just how quickly such…

the growling goddess of chinatown

For one red moment she thinks she might kick the door in.


“You’re not squeamish, are you, Brigit?”

Mind Reading

What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts?

God’s Wings

After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park, forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno’s damage. / One…

Fire Moon

At night / The mice run away / With the tin-colour lights / And are we are back in our room / Twilight stars and comets / Scattered over th…

Bush Fire

Sap bleeding hues..

violet in the flames

No-one tells her that.


I lazily toss / my legs over the moon / hanging, waiting

The Icarus Syndrome

Today I felt the heat of the Icarus Syndrome… / Scorch marks leave a trail across my tender soul…


you come and go / at your leisure / as pain / engulfs the pleasure / the softest blow / finds the embers / buried deep beneath the ash / b…

the star anise room

I’ve already done worse, she told herself, and for a moment she believed it.

this is a song about honey

And tails.

I Am The Silence

I am the silence / That weaves its way through the blackened sentinels / And binds them together in a tapestry of emptiness. / I am silenc…


My love is a mysterious sigh, / an ancient breath / seeking the whispering of silent spaces.

The Giant Super Market

They will advise you not to waste your time / studying the labels on the back of every god

House Cat

I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made

spell me

When it began, it came from her fingertips.

I didn’t Start the Fire

you see the spirit of the fire / hell for some, a dance for others / cracklin’ embers of yesterdays freedom / burning like a lazy man…

Fire in her Eyes

She was a two fisted fighter with a blood in her eyes and fire coming out her nose.

The passion of the moment

He could feel her body urging him to reach beyond his limits, the pain of her nails in his flesh, the whip of desire to make her his.

A Daughters Farewell Revisited

It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father


I sit precariously on the edge of Gia mother Earth / Staring out into the place that has given us birth / In the moment the two converge / …

in the hands of the volcano doll

Crossed eyes and red lips.

she rises to dance….

she would not touch the fire in real / she just dances to the flickery fame’s soul….

i remember…

A look at life in a different way

The Dragon who lost his fire powers, by 10year ol…

“There is a mountain called Magic Mountain, on its top there is a egg, if you eat the egg your fire powers will come back, but if you…


The heart was half empty / the soul was hollow inside / like it’s having a hole / empty space inside / hollow eyes / empty words we…


I am the ambiguous


My favorite moments / are when I watch you sleep

Umbilical Mother

I hope I didn’t burn the worms…

tabula rasa

I don’t remember you.

~ # Dear CFA Firey Mine # ~

This is the fate of every spouse who’s partner goes to fight / and we shoulder it with gallons of pride for you do what’s more than r…

against the edges of me

My heart is like a burnt out heap, she sleeps and eats and breathes underneath where it’s deep and I wonder when it will leave.

The Distance

The blackest of fires consume me / leaving the ashes behind / always the first to see / what others never can find / sold only to the masse…

pages in a book

All my love / fades and dies / You are the page / left alive

White heat…

I have a rage burning within… / play it out on my skin, play in out on my mind…


grit fills his breathless mouth / cutting tongue / into numb muteness

The Winter Cycle: Painting Sydney Park with fire…

a little bit of the background on how to make a really big painting with fire and lime straight on to the landscape.


somewhere / between the daydreams / and frightning nightmares / the broken faces of dolls / lying everywhere / the lost days / that ended i…

At the Church of St Florian

The church of St Florian, however, is untouched. It rises up amongst the ruined buildings, not gloating but watching over the devastated ci…


where delicate whispers / copied themselves and disappeared,

Teacher Teacher Teacher

Teach me teacher with your good teacher skills

Poem By My Son Mike

Ashes to Ashes / Dust to Dust / Fire Burns / And Water Rusts

my vision of “Infinite Future Chaos”

Infinite future chaos – “whats that?” I here you say, / its the way we shape our future by how we live today…̷…

One Must come to Read #1 —a thread poem

One must come to read again

A Poem

I stand on the frigid grass / and I look at the leaves with their silvered underbellies / in the wintry dawn.


Do you understand what / you did to me when / you poured your fire / over my hearts dry leaves?

“We Lived”

…It is always said, “Didn’t she look like her self?”…

war without end

I’m having enough / then why that kind of perdition / I measured time without end / I collected dreams without fear / All I did and t…

roses on the fire – children has killed by …

let stop that fire / stop the War please!


Floating between heaven and hell / Flames of purgatory licking at your heels / Whilst the light from heaven is calling out / One so far, th…

I walk fire

breathe free / in the victory of today


Why we hate Arson!!! / Finished for now but keep checking; I may add more later !! lol

= Bloody Good Mates =

Dave staggered out on to the bluff above the drop to the sluggish brown water. / ‘Barry mate we’ve made it to the river weR…

Ring of fire

No, I don’t care what they think / or do or whisper about me / I only care about what you think / say and show me

Angels in the Fire Light

A hungry blaze consumes my sin and shame

All work and no play makes Jack

There is a face in the Grandmother Oak / watching, outside my bedroom window; / her leaves playing touch with the glass. / It is skewed and…


I came to Africa / Pluged into violent crimson fire / Gold dripping amber / Riden upon slashed tears of blood / white amethyst sky / Forged…


I am the voice in your deepest mind / I whisper dark things you cannot ignore / My laughter is there when you sleep / between the visions …

smoke signals

barren and shameless / drift to the abys / an oubliette of painted windows / conjure the serpent’s hiss / jagged edges / lure virgin …

Precious Earth

Deeper into unknown space / Shooting stars across our face / Airless, weightless spirits free

The Fart Jar

This true story is about my children and their childhood, in addition to the innocent pranks that went along with it. I realize this story…

Reinventing a Life

I must be clear-eyed now in this new life; / I must sew together these ragtag scraps / of my life’s crazy-quilt into something / that wil…

The fire from within

Love like a wildfire never to be contained / Play as you have only yourself around / Burn at the speed of tomorrow coming to / devour you …

The Adjudicator & The Pianist

She tears open the sky and shakes the earth!


Heat and fear, sweet, sweet desire… / Feel me, feed me to your fire.

Beautiful Autumn

I think the leaves stole the heat / and turned to fire before my eyes.


why did it take so long to find you? / my heart was for so long needing to feel / the beauty of tenderness like this

A White Rose For Peter Pan

Sketches peaked surreptitiously from under notes on Peter Pan.


I always have paper and pencil, in case I need to write or draw. / An oil lamp, a candle, handy in-case the silly electricity goes out. / I…

Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) lesson 9

What will you do with Jesus ?

Were I the Emotional Type

I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh…

Lovers’ Notes: A Found Poem

Within the frame of their forbidden ramblings / she made reference to the inappropriateness of another. / [activated the frame of the lover…

Sunlight through shadow

Cold blue glitter on the air / Sunlight through shadow. / Smoke billowing over the hill. / Death knell for a forest / Where machines hold s…

A Caring Thought From Afar

I can’t be there to fight the flame. Many in this world look in sorrow at all this pain. Life so taken at ease at times. I sit here c…

The Arc Sparks Fire In The Tree Of Knowledge

All the words of thought of men / Hidden within their own delivery

Heart of Fire

Heart of fire, child of the volcano / born from flame and unbridled passion

Fire in Her Belly

Waiting. / Embers of desire spark. / Smouldering. / Lush thoughts… / sweet feelings / that do not allow rest. / Body memories tingle / as…

Give me stick, I give you fire?

alone within / the confines of my mind, / reality, / keeps its distance, / as I watch a magpie / play leapfrog / on the back of the dead,…

Use by dates

Numb, listless / I clean my pantry / Long overdue / Use by dates reach back to 2006! / My mind is pulsing with images of horror / Blackened…

in the subconscious of my libido

watch me. / feel how your shameless intention is melting / down on my neck. / [ touch it. ] / liquidize my perverted fantasies. / [ taste …

~ # until we hear the bush birds sing! # ~

smoke filled skies / choke babies’ cries / when the roar fades / silence fills the glades

Begun as a Whisper

The wind’s whisper shown as an etching in the stone facing / Constant, incessant, roiling, carrying the dust of the day while / The water’s…

Fire Horror

When you live in the country so close to nature, you come to expect some of the hardships that are thrown your way.

lion love

christened with kisses / never to be forgotten / red fire was the next / to blow up my bubble / they expected it would burst / yet your fir…

~ # Face the Beast # ~

Sparks fly on the wind / Igniting the trees / Death on the breeze / Run if you please


Little Raven Head Girl / Your life in a whirl / You’ve met your first love / He came on the wings of a dove / Gypsy in your heart / Y…

salud por el fuego y la lluvia (joy in fire and r…

tomorrow is passion, where hot bread with a soft centre / and crunchy on the crust, is cut up into squares to drop into / vegetable soup. …
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