Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished The Sounds of Comfort Driving across the moon / Weathered Roads and tethered wheels / Ice-cream Bells of rolling rhythm / Ring like warm ice sings, like real / … Hot and Cold,Fire and Ice Hot and cold,fire and ice / Alltogether intervined / You are the most exquisite design / of all design ever designed, / I can’t help … Circles and Cycles o0Oo0Oo i MaDe FiRe FrOm IcE FIRE & ICE He went out every night … mandolin in hand / Everyone knew the Mandolin Man / Francesco sat on the corner…with an open case / S… fire & ice ice ran through his veins / fire engulfed her being / they’d never get along / he’d soon be leaving / he never knew / there was… why did it take so long to see? i didnt know / better Fire & Ice From Watery Deep, blurred starry night / forever embalmed in this twilight mass Cold Darkness The chilling winter breeze touching my skin makes it pulsate, and numb. my nerves fight to stay warm enough to stay ali… fury on a blank white canvas / the artist / with paintbrush in hand / all shades of red / took out his fury / he ravaged the canvas / with stre… Everice – a faerytale Once upon a time there was a town called Everice, where everything was made of ice. Houses of ice, streets of ice and the people were made … Lucky One Jut fight through the night, / and hope for the light. / Take up your strength, / And protect my heart. Fire and Ice The cold / I step again / She steps / The tension inside / Catches a spark to light / I step another step / No cracks yet Fire and Ice Pushing away / Slow as I pull / Want… / Should… / Need? / Wooden spikes all around / Need you to Burn through them / Stone wall… Fire and Ice You feed my soul like no one else can / The way l need you drives me to / the point of madness / When you are away from me / l have such a… Fire and Ice I know of two people, there are probably more, who absolutely love snow. One is my granddaughter Josie and the other is Ardi. I on the othe… An Old Tale Once there lived a man, pure of heart, / Who sought only to help those he loved. / But when the great war came, and the deadly bombs fell, … The Stage Words and songs flowing over my tongue I’d never used before. The Ride Her blonde hair flashes over my face, / As she bites her bottom lip and cries out, / A rebel yell into the wild night, / With her white h… After the Fall I cast my eyes to the tapestry of night. / His voice calling me from emptiness to emptiness, / Those penetrating eyes following me… /… The Fall of Ormo See, Ormo was his dearest friend, / All the way to his very sad end. / “It’s all right, Igbo,” Ormo would say, / “I…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of fire ice writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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