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Father Figure The clues were all there if I’d only just thought, “WRONGFUL BIRTH”. A juridical figure.… How can we say that a life in "wrongful"…? how can we say it? And worse..even worse…that a birth has been wrongful? little toe – (PG) He whispered in her ear hoarsely ‘it’s me hot stuff, relax…’ Vanishing act I was out one day with my metal detector searching the lanes and fields around the village of Selbourne Hampshire. My days searching wer… New Series Hey Everybody! / So I am on a mission to create a series I like to call “See Through Me” / To see the first one of the series … Budding beauty Age of purity and innocence, / this time of change / meets a blooming maturity / Fulfilling form, stylising figure; / nature produces fine … breeze and mountain green across metallic black / with scarlet red strips lying in between / was that an exceptional UFO at end? Can you paint a public figure? Yes you can….but watch out! Figure .03 Adapted from a song by Linkin Park (Figure .09) and also some of Langston Hughes’ work, I wrote this because it’s who I am. Scribe’s Ballet its music is rhythmic melody, / its voice is song birds and crickets. / Its storie is one of ages past; / Ancient souls rehearse the tale. Excerpt from Figure.03 doubt your belief and believe your doubt Go Figure…… Engaging the endorphines / Delivers / A curious response to / That that’s sitting / Not entirely quitting / But opening a door … Moulding will create my masterpiece Could I be? Could I be your shining light? George, i can’t figure George, i can’t figure / and i find that curious…. Figure Therapy “So where are we today?” / Sulky eyes and a sneer replied, “in session, perhaps?” / The therapist took a deep breath and thought longingly … to foretell dreams… reminisce / bloom…. Gnats Do Figure 8’s As The World Quakes I remember I belted out a loud growl as the moon slipped and the earth lifted and full moon bloomed like a demonic bell – around the … T Shirt Templates…..I can’t figure it… I am totally baffled with the T Shirt Templates and the processes needed to upload designs for T Shirts. / I have followed the processes to… The Beauty In Bitemarks okay, it’s your guess Wretched The beads so clear now turn to red / They show the truth of all I dread Jean M Laffitau Said Yes: For the Human Figure Wo… Jean M. Laffitau has agreed to allow me to try my hand at Translating/Referencing his photograph titled Modern Rodin. As you will read bel… Figure Drawing .. im sure i’ll figure it out all this time the fantasy of happiness consumed me… Practice Makes i always hope you’ll stop by. and with a cherry on top, the sentences unfold. still to the naked female anatomy, a whistling right ar… The one thing I asked of the figure that formed i… “Are you God, or the devil?”, I asked. / “I am both, and I am neither…”, said he. Figure Eight Trapped inside the figure eight of my mind I traverse and travel the lines of time. Gotta figure the Draws were Full / ( And we can’t say of what…) / And the Cupboard lay / Propped up in a corner / Happy as Larry / And could… The Deviled Figure I stare into the mirror. / And what is it that I see? / Two blank crazy eyes staring back at me. / My sanity lost, my soul drifted awayR… Dark Figure Of Death Dark Figure of Death by MrMayjhaaEvil / Dark Figure of Death, either take me away or leave my life alone / Stop tearing the seams between m… Gotta figure… Why can’t it be simple? / That I have just one way… / Oh no! / There has to be / The push / The pull / From which I’m / Torn in two… FIGURE OF NIGHT But with a breeze the fog lifted and my eyes could soon see, / that this figure of fog turned out to be me. Duplex Silent as it turns out, it was only my reflection. sure, come on in. we’ve many tales to trade, and the water.. is doing just fine Figure It Out I keep thinking that one day you’ll realize, / Through all those lies, you where wrong. / And I’ve second-guessed every second chance, / I … all dressed up and trying to figure out where to … i answer the door / and a woman wearing / a batman costume / carrying a / bottle of rum / pushes me aside / walks into my room / and shouts… all dressed up and trying to figure out where to … i answer the door / and a woman wearing / a batman costume / carrying a / bottle of rum / pushes me aside / walks into my room / and shouts… Go Figure by: jonathan rosenthal / we are the caterpillars wingless and scared, / questioning the chaos, / wondering in vein, / would a change toward… My Idol Mom Usually, everyone has an idol. Father Figure. When you’re seven, the world makes / Perfect sense ,Granted, / The world hardly exists / Past your own imagination, / But the bes… The Figure Study Collection A description of the “Figure Study” collection.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of figure writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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