self pity happens don’t fight it write it out

i know what is wrong; i can measure it by the length my brethren have walked. there is a sound i hear just before i close my eyes. i often…

Top 5 Ways to Fight Depression

balloons are over there but now I’m over here and there’s someone’s dog and there’s an inflatable giraffe and now I…

A Knight In Shining Armour – A True Story

man thumped a pregnant women in the face / she fell onto the floor / just going to give her another kick.

Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice

All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re…

Tyler Durden: Anti-Hero of the 90’s

Tyler Durden is the archetypical male warrior who is strong, self reliant and courageous and is glorified by the “Fight Club” culture becau…


You’re blue around the mouth and the rope is too tight and you need to loosen up and spit it out and sit and talk and let me build you a sw…

Top 10 things to say before a fight

[Video] / 1. You should know I have a gym membership… so… well I mean I filled most of the forms out and everything but I haven…

Football & Slavery

Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election

Humanity- Fight to Exist

I revive my tears / I wanna fight to exist

Night tiger

I found the poem to go with my picture Night Tiger, thought it was lost for good, hope you like it. Tiger’s are on the endangered li…

My fight for rain is over

… / and it has lasted all day long / sounds that are normal to my existence / feel like they’re fumbling all around… lik…

No More !!!

Carry on my friend / Cos you’re never coming back / Hit me till my life’s gone / Or hit me now and go!

Ode to Fight Club

I am on a road to nowhere

La Hermana

I didn’t hate you when I did it / it was purely out of anger / I snapped the hairbrush handle / like a bottle on a bar

how to fight zombies

for my dear wallaby / do not go into that room! / stay with someone smart! / do not hang out with idiots that go into that room! / nail shi…


Yearning stance / Bound by thrust / Not to your delight. / I’ll stand my ground / I will have my right.

and then the fight started !

and then the fight started

It’s Time To Face The Devil

It’s time to fight in the power of the Holy Spirit

More Wrong Than Right

I don’t know why, / Nothing ever goes as planned, / It’s a disaster, / I built with my own two hands.

Real Strength

We all have our Demons / Some in this life / Real to the touch, / Some grew from the past / Gaining strength through our worries. / Some l…

Pit Bull

I was afraid of my own dog. What scared me about her was her monstrous strength.

Pain and Exhaustion and dis-ease

Exhaustion and pain live just beneath my skin / they penetrate muscle, bone, and all within / I reach deep within and fight with both fists…


all for love

When the gypsy wanted a fight and the wind blew u…

…they were jumping through it while singing: Imme, heb jij je Jopie lief? (Imme. Do you love Jo?) And the answer was No.

A Fight for Control

The word spread throughout the kingdom that Gildeman’s impostor was captured. No one yet knew his real named or how many people were …


WAR is a state of mind, a physical struggle, discord, antagonism, conflict between people, nations, factions, states.

You Promised Me Forever – You Kept You Prom…

You promised me forever / This promise to me you gave. / Now I am yours forever, / Buried in an unmarked grave. . .

Fight against MS

From today March 30 until April 30, any sales I make will go to help the fight against MS. A very close friend of my just found out she has…

I Give You My All

I was traveling down the dark and lonely halls in my life / with the glimpe of Paradise flickering far in front of me

MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life

…I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live…

People Fight…

People fight, / The world burns, / Millions die, / All is lost, / A new day Dawns, / People fight…

The War in the Cove

It was the itchy-hot middle of summer, and the neighborhood children were restless in their homes. Siblings glared evilly at one another, p…

little toe – (PG)

He whispered in her ear hoarsely ‘it’s me hot stuff, relax…’

So Hard to Say No

So hard to say No / when my heart is shredded / seeing the monsters of your creation / controlling you with fear and anxiety.

The CH one (language alert)


Fight for Survival – Last of the Orangutans

The Orangutan is a remarkable creature as it is the world’s largest arboreal primate. Now faced with the possibility of extinction in…

Shadow King

My mind grapples with the thought / of blackness deeply trained / energies misspent only rot / with a dark and bloody stain / hated by misg…

The Night of the Hunter

We are both sizing the other up with our trained muscles tensing in preparation. Then at a silent signal we charge as one and clash togethe…

Just Words

I can easily recollect that night / When I was four miles from home / I saw a car wreck / The accordion car looked just like yours / And wi…

When you going to wake up and fight

Somewhere in the darkness lies the truth / Somewhere in the night in between the dreams / A broken sword of loneliness / Slashing toward…

Stripped Bare

I sit here and contemplate that I can either fall apart and succumb to total breakdown…or…I could possibly count my blessings.

Atmosphere is empty

Show me what you got / I can see what you’re not

the good fight

when my work is done / till tomorrows sun comes / in my dreams i laugh and play / and i don’t really care / what they think over there / no…

change my mind.

Haunt me this evening / Stand below the / Every light / Skim past my side / When he takes my hand / Whisper to me your / Sense – infuse m…

Vick’s Dogs

They will never love you / the way that you love them / He will never hurt for you / the way you hurt for him

CORE: 2nd Encounter

A woman and girl traveling in a decaying world, on a mission to find the phenomenon known as CORE, which is said to bring them to the parad…

Motor City Mayhem 1982

A gang of black men came running with chains and clubs. We were out numbered…



your fight

you fought your fight / you put up your best / but there’s a sinking feeling / in my chest / that things might not / go so well / …

How many more?

On daily basis these soldiers / meet challenging situations / Proud are they / to be deployed / Facing their missions / on behalf of the…


Should I call someone to help? / Go back to sleep, you fool. / They will be fine in the morning, / when their tempers cool. / But …

come along.

Should we sit like angry porcelain / Or connect the shadows of these stars / I try to leave it up to you / But words can dash so neatly


The dust in the air / makes my breath fade / the last reign of sunshine / is now a distant shade / if I never wake tomorrow / when the twil…

we fight (M)

Your weight / On my body / Our tissue connects in sweet, compressed, saline symbiosis.

Mystree Deep – Part 5 – The Dragons

And then she came upon the carcass. Lying right in front of her house was a mighty Black Dragon, one of the most evil creatures known to e…

We Were Soldiers Once, And Young

To live as soldiers was our pride / To fight for freedom or

Wanna Fight? …

… let’s bout / the doubt out. / :)

The Fight

One punch. Boy falls. Wear Black

Don’t Fight The Sun

He sat by the window writing a poem about rain in the summer. / He didn’t feel like talking to anyone that day. Just like everyday. / So wh…


Huddled down tightly, scared to the bone / Wishing that I, was out all alone / Many dead bodies, washed in with the foam / Our friends – th…

Dreams and Dust

You gave yourself to another / untrusting soul / And I belong to no one / untrusting soul

A Deeper Understanding (Story)

Edward took the card, saying, ‘Thank you,’ before realising his language choice and fumbled for the words in Japanese. / ‘Save it,’ said th…

Don’t fight over me… no point

Not being / The religious sort / Unless you add / All the morals / That hold me / In my place / With weathered heart / That knows / Where…


Once upon a dread day dreary / whence fortunes crashed and lanced so speary / rank on rank and file on file / the grind of flesh and scream…


Lo, i walk with this fire through the / caverns of uncertainty, / and prepare for a battle which i have chosen to win


You ever fucking exploded??

Ready Freddy- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht

She said- don’t worry Fred- I will pay off in bed- / And if you win- I’ll give you a lot !

The Best Part

the best part, you sonofabitch, / is looking for the exact word…

This Purple Cure

This purple cure runs through my veins, / And tortures me and causes pain.

I can’t fight the world today

soon marketing will be a secondary year school subject / forget English, forget Math / we measure success from the price of your autograph

The Ideas of the Mind…

The Ideas of the mind are quite extraordinary… / They play, may fight, cause confusion, forget, dream… / Dream they do, discove…

Cup of Fear

The taste of dark fear / will be your dark end. / You shall soon wither / and with moonlight ascend.

Angel Song

Above, the chorus of angel song / Carolling for one so warm / A song of healing, light and grace / For one on earth with an angel’s face / …

The Compass Tree

The tree still stands as it has for 600 years as proud as ever before / Like a soldier returned bears a lost limb

The Truth

No one is allowed to know what I am thinking. / Because I’m afraid.

Roman Souls

All the souls of crumbled pages / Followed kings and murdered queens / Dripping fear across the ages

The Thing One Man Fears

When the battle is lost and another life is claimed, / The war still rages on, fueled by fear and rage.

Fight at sea

I opened my eyes to a blurry contrast of black and blue, and realized I couldn’t breathe. I was burning all over and yet, I felt so …

bring me trouble

…and when you find this out you’ll fall apart / cos where there is no light it’s only dark…

The Fighter


To all my fellow red bubblers….

To all of the beautiful souls out there who became aware of and offered support to my best friend Heather King. With your help she IS getti…

One for the Road

The piano in the corner is silent / Now Johnny’s gone, shot down over France / And the bar is so much quieter / After Toby died with some F…

The Boxer

Enter backstage / As muscle of rage / The life I fight / Is on live tonight; / This is a rematch / You want to catch. / Hype on the news / …

The plauge of fate

I watched as the stars gave into your demands and exploded in a dazzling display.

The soldier

He will fight and trudge on for his peoples’ defense, / in his battle for just there will be no relent.

how to fight loneliness

I’m so hollow and tired / of endless nights without sleep / of dull colours in a kaleidoscope without end / cold and heavy weather / consta…

The Hellion Hunters

The woman was clothed in a flowing green gown of the lightest material, pale and almost transparent, it clung to her skin like my tongue cl…

Gun Fight at the OK Corral

Bang, bang, bang, ping, bang, Argggh!


I am woman at birth… What shame, I am discarded… I am woman. / I am woman and I am excised / I am a promised woman / I am woman…

That Friend

Have you ever had a friend / That was always right / The friend that would say / I told you so, don’t even try to fight / Well alway…

my heart has cauliflower ears

I am my own fight club



what will be.

Go on and love her / Awaken her as your longing / Leave these steps of ours in the / Speed of your tarnished pace / What will I do without…

How I Hate Thee…

I do not hate you for who you are / That would be wrong of me / When I take what is rightfully mine / I don’t want you to think ill of me /…

What do you do

What do you do when the enemy’s inside? / When the thing that hurts is the thing you can’t bear to hide? / Can you break down the walls of …

the fight

Twisted swords / chasin their aim / With their sharp edge / cuttin through the thick air / Little red raindrops / lingers on the blade / TH…
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