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the bare bones lies and deception / illusion and a deceit / tricks intended / the bare bones of the soul / heart’s a frightened child / tired of … Picket Fence She quietly closed the door behind her… Unforgotten Pasts, Beautiful Presents and the Mys… This photograph was taken on the road from Point Reyes National Park to San Rafael, CA. / The Fence / Certain remnants of the past will alw… patches of dense fog restrict freedom / surround with a fence / divide one belief from another with a fence / divide one heart from another / fenced with barbe… The Track That Disappeared Bulldust flowed down the window…. cattle obliterate the track……greeted by a dog with an unwelcoming ferocity…I came… Jump The Fence Your not going to finish this reading. The human mind would dictate that anything unpleasant should be avoided. The human spirit however, i… Outside the fence As I look into / my world, / the loneliness of yesteryear / walks quietly by my side, / grasping at straws / I smile / just a little / for … My Grandmother’s Garden …the sun and the rain nourished the seeds until they popped out of their shell and began their journey… BULL DUST! Run for it son … get going … don’t stop to look or take a breath …. These Three Trees These three trees they stand as one / united by the earth and sun / Speak not to us, of what they’ve seen / Nor do we know, how long it’s b… White Picket Fence Angela never thought her life would end this way. Nice, dull people like Angela don’t usually draw their last breath in the midst of viole… I wanted to be a red fence I squashed tomatoes all over my face and hands and I became a red fence. Lime washed fence Standing tall, / scythe / grasped in weathered / hands, / memories release me / from my burdens, / sweat of brow / stained / the butchered… Orchid child By breathless chance she was there / Along the side of splintered planks / Piercing, they were up into the sky / Boarding the lands of diff… ~ Over the Fence. ~ The grass is always greener on the other side of any fence! :o) Freedom to Just Be Stand alone / Relish your freedom / I stand not / In front of or behind / The fence / For I have choices / With wings I can soar / High abo… The Dingo Fence from Drovers Diary Two hundred hungry dingos waiting for old George to snore Gone The fear was real, and it lingers. some peace from over the fence She was often thankful that a beating heart was in involuntary action, or she might forget to do that too. Backyard Art Featured my Backyard Thanks ever so much to the Backyard Art group and moderators for the feature of my backyard, i’m very pleased and this has made my al… Little Bird She listens just to hear their calls, / Ever searching as evening falls. / Sunrise will bring another day / And memories too will go away. … The Fence My dog loves the fence, she walks it daily, a look I perceive of as a hunger for freedom, a desire to explore. / When the gate is opened sh… The fence of false pretence I live in a world of people… / Who pretend they are something, / they are not. / They live in there own selfish world. / And forget t… I Miss You i miss / breaking every rule and reservation i ever set / for you / i miss creeping out into the deep black blue velvet of the night sky / … beyond the realms of the tree outside my fence,i … imprisoned by the beauty / of reality, / fantasies obliterated, / expectations / on high, / i ask / the emptiness of this world, / no one … old and rusty old and rusty / cobweb gathering / it stands / wrung round with wire / old and tired / barbed and worn / by the years passed by Got a feature;…Don`t fence me in’vaca… Got a feature;…Don`t fence me in’vacation serie V!… He saw them later out near the pool fence He was an observer of people.. he knew that much. / It was not an unusual habit, he also knew this, yet he was uncomfortable with his vicar… changing of the dog fence guards Well said the first his ciggy half spent / don’t leave a bloke in suspence / did you get up to anything or not / during your month aw… That small dark hole in the fence We will easily slip through that small dark hole in the fence Thank you “Don’t Fence Me In” F… Many thanks to the moderators of the group Don’t Fence Me In for featuring my photo Frosty Fence. It is always a thrill and I apprec… Dopeless Romantic god’s in the phone book, look her up Behind the Fence A young girl, sitting in the grass underneath a tree, / aching to be behind the fence, / beyond the fence / to the better life, better plac… Meet Me At The Fence We first became acquainted, / When we chatted at the fence. / It’s always been the perfect place / To visit ever since. / So now we have th… We Broke It Once Before… i want to tear down this fence / break it down like we did once before Drovers diary, The fence So as I hung just dangling in the air, Fence Feature thanks to the Don’t Fence Me In Group for featuring My Birch Fence Photo….on another note ..still having problems viewing a lot… just inside the gate it was a little girl who hid away behind the gate / but time passes and girls grow / sorrow deadens and she’s back in control… The Fence My dad and I built a fence / Of six foot feather board panels. / It stretched the 120 foot length / Across the bottom of his garden, Fence My fingers poke through the gap, / and I prod for a reaction. / I feel it, and it’s nice.. / but do I dare feel any longer…? Between the Fence and the Universe A protection or a prison? / I hope I really have a voice / For the one thing that gives me freedom / Is the power to make my choice The Fence Our chemistry became a compund of / pain. Shock. energy. stuck on the fence (Mature) Leaning on the fence For how long he stood there, it was of no importance, the hat now all battered with holes in it, creased with years of wear, a crusty white… the blue fence the blue fence the black fields the green air and the brown hand prints that stain / the walls / the winds are erratic in narrow patterns … Palings on the Fence of Life The sound of sexy secrets whizzing through the air / As diabetic monitors lay on the ground so bare / Of birds flying backward into the bla… Haiku 57 trailing the cat / through a gap in my fence - / autumn arrives Green Fence Chair Adirondack chair / By the green garden fence / Fragrance of pollen in the still spring air / Black and yellow. 228 beats per second. / P… Padlocks On The Iron-Wire Fence Is it sign ? / Or it’s only iron and steel / Without any meaning / And then, who’s going to believe ? / Is it love ? / Or it… Vaulting the fence to trespass in the vast hidden estates SHOOT BEFORE THE FENCE GOES UP Black light backlight sewn oats & shriveled apples, gold candy / elixir; votive candles fly in formation. His cherry blue house / rolle… Broken Fence Broken Fence / Possibly the strangest way to start a piece and its ultimate purpose is to cry for our country it has so / Many elements le… Solar-powered Electric Fencing – - Its Eco-… Utility of Solar Electric Fencing / Solar Electric Boundary is actually a fresh replacement of the acquainted techniques of fence in order … On the Fence The word graffiti comes from the Italian graffiato, which sounds like a really tasty sandwich, but actually means “unemployed vandals who b…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of fence writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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