HELEN AND THE MASSAGE THERAPIST: An Old-Fashione… (Mature) Women Who Fuck Like Men: An Essay Concerning the … (Mature) Helen: The Horny Little Nurse ( A Simple Old-Fash… (Mature) Truth to Power You will not drag us back / to servitude or own our bodies. / Those chains have long been melted, / forged into the strength of unity. Act as one (Mature) Close my eyes If I close my eyes will I dream a world… Prettier Than Me I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me Succulent Succubus…of Dark Blood and Fucking (Mature) Fallen Woman I saw him / as the answer / to all my questions / But I was wrong… Not a Toy! I am not a / marionette / with strings / for you to pull / to twitch your fingers / to make me jerk / this way and that Playboy Bunnies on LSD When i was a little girl, i was enthralled with the big Playboy sign, hanging in all its pink neon glory from the Drake Club Hotel off of … No Heroines Skinny girls in skinny skirts / Pouting for the camera / Showing off size zero figures / With not a word to say Just Don’t Don’t put me in a cage / Don’t slide me in a drawer / Don’t label me / Don’t shut me in a box. Im afraid im replacing my girlfriend. I, Ashleigh, have fallen in love with a woman. Domestic Bliss The lulling, dangerous promise of the howling breeze was penetrated by a howl more unnerving, yet natural. The baby felt his mother’s momen… Because you’re a girl Dear women, / I like Twitter and Facebook as much as the next person, but on Thursday, 8 March 2012, I have to admit, I was kind of trembli… Woman She… do the birds go to sleep? do the birds go to sleep… / when it’s 1 AM / and it’s dark as death / quiet as a coffin / and even the crickets don’… Playing Hooky I am a truant from my own life. / I ran away to foreign fields / to escape the life that was looming large. / And in my explorations I lear… Fantasy vs Feminism – Romance in today̵… To be cherished and know that you are. To be whisked away from the normalcy and boredom of everyday life, or to merely be reminded that you… Proper In that life she had played at being dead while her eyes had shone with a dark life of their own. Now she had lost her graveyard pallor but… Taming of The Shrew ‘This wilful shrew, she will be tame, / I’ll pound her down before I’m lame.’ / That wretched weakness snarled unheard, / But the goddess w… Religion and Femimism I was viewed as objects of temptation ; / Young, I was condemmened for it / And old, scorned for having lost it. Story within a Story From / Vicki’s / Jack / in old London / to / last night / in Soho one woman i imagine today if more women’s hearts had been expressed (or viewed) in the past, through their art…imagine the centuries tha… the old whore (Mature) Her Sun & Moon …each sensation nourished by bites of fear consumed by her anger then dissolved and digested in a rising pool of her bile. FEMINISTS SUCK (in my opinion) (Mature) Shattered Beams, Holes and Ripped Seams Shattered Beams, Holes and Ripped Seams / As I evaporated into the eternal. / The man I loved; / the creature that vowed such actions. Su… I’ve seen you weeping. your lies are like two fragile leaves / blown gracelessly where Sisters weave / and prayers are chanted through electric casements. Afghanistan Groups of girls hurrying to school, / To prevent acid to the face; / They should know their place. It’s happened again (Mature) her abortion (Mature) I crawl through the tunnels of the dead (Mature) I AM WOMAN I am woman at birth… What shame, I am discarded… I am woman. / I am woman and I am excised / I am a promised woman / I am woman… She is she was all there was / until in a fit of ennui / she declared herself north / then issued forth the south / attraction played out / in the… Bide You have to break a vow, / or break a heart to be immortalized. / I’d have to fall apart or be lead astray, / to ever become moralize… Dykes. [erotic content] (Mature) The Final Act – A Catharsis Infuriation is such a destructive emotion, and Diana is torn between fulfilment and a nauseating terror at seeing Irma provoked by mere lac… Pawn Shop “So many that don’t have the damage, the baggage, the miles, / The wear and tear. / So many that are in better condition; / And you’re in… HUMAN RIGHTS (Mature) i’m not a display case maybe one day / I will be able to look below myself / at you Interview Of an Earth Woman by an Alien Alien / Thank you very much for having shared so much of your life with us. / Woman, preening / Well, I’m honoured to have been chosen. / A… Sanity Check- 06.08.2012 I hate being considered “pretty” / Because people often feel their entitled to give me their comments on how to be “better” / “Oh you’re so… A “Mouth Washing” For The Mayor (Sham… “Each time that I see her the face and those “morritos” (literally thick lips..and sometimes used for hot expressions) I… Witch Switch And when I finally knew that / I would never have another lover / I looked inside and embraced my shadow… Goodbye, Mr Ibbs (Mature) Dragonfly possibilities As a girl / chasing dandelions, / she once considered, / dreamed, that perhaps / she wanted to act. / One day, far away / she thought about… Falling To Rise (Inspired by ‘The Black Sw… Weaving a riddled truth / From her sweet sun stained tears / And splintering kisses. / In her midnight black feathered sight / A meaning … feminism, jazz and later even after washing my jakcet pocket pretty well, twice if precision is your thing, it still feels and faintly smells of the lunch that was … I AM YOUR WHAT? Featuring ludicrous yet very real personas with a palpable desperation to be desired.‘I AM YOUR SEX THING’ and I invite you to … Portrait of a Feminist This weekend, I went to a reunion. It was fun sharing memories of sleepovers, sports, and old times. I got a chance to catch up with some o… Solitude Invoke the inner Goddess / Seek within yourself / Knowledge of your heart’s desire / A true ancient queen / Unblinded by fear and hat… song Here is a field --- green grass, / a few pieces of concrete. / Marked by high metal fence. / There are nine entrances, / Women sit with the… To know thyself as friend. Do you have the power to choose your own thoughts? Own words? Acts? Deeds? Or are you functioning from the considered “appropriate use” cat… FAREWELL SILENCE Over 200 letters by women from all over the world. The art of writing adorn the walls. They creatively express current events, love, abuse,… G.R.O. the music plays / and the lights flicker / in a dim stage / as i begin my number / i start my dance / i swing my hips / i spread my wings /… Blood Of My Mother Ancesters feed me with their blood, / dna, / i say, / all the way back! DOMINATRIX Her only goal / Take control / Heart and soul / Swallow you whole Art Review “Fur, velvet, satin … stretched, torn, knotted, folded, these are the things that fire up my imagination …” Bitch, I respect you so much (Mature) La grossesse Je n’ai pas voulu savoir / J’ai dit que je voulais / Avoir la surprise / Je ne voulais pas y croire / J’ai dit qu’il voulait en avoir / Av… 45 ans en 68 Tu avais quarante-cinq ans en soixante-huit / Quarante-cinq ans / Age qui pourrait être un commencement / Qui aurait pu être un commencemen… OPEN CALL FOR FEMALE FEMINIST ARTISTS The “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” celebrates the creative contributions women make and the influence it had on the Feminist …

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