THE NEVER-ENDING ADVENTURES OF OUR TWO CATS, MAO … Mao will eventually realise that Mitch is just a loveable little pest who means him no harm. Today (5th January 2009) we had a rare glimps… Absolutely Preposterous …conspicuously eyeballing me and taking up / as much space as you possibly could… Fat Feline Maybe it was / The cheesy treats / Or the chicken / And various other meat feasts Mistress Kitty He was afraid of her eyes. / He was meant to be. A Purrfect Life They’ve got to let me out soon. It’s not dark anymore. Tom Puuskatte. Fable of a feline-female transformation No longer weak, she sharpened her claws and teeth. The Eyes of the Isis Cat Inside this sleek and pointed head, / My eyes are luminous green, / They’re watching every move you make, / They’re accurate an… The Mafia Cats Bugsy prowled stealthily up and down the alleyway, his tail taut, whilst Joey counted the fish they had just been paid in. Knuckles, as usu… A Fel-in-e Many a time it was only her sensing that alerted her to his presence – when he chose he could be absolutely silent in his stealth. Cat Warning! cut short by a tabby cat’s claw! Lion He paces a few square feet / A map of Africa in his head, / With an instinct not yet dead RedBubble featured Carmel! Yay! I’m soooo excited right now ~ Carmel is on RedBubble’s featured page today! Woo hoo! I would never have known if Angie had… NaPoWriMo #18 Smoothways, sleekways / Stretchways, slinkways / Paws in the door, dash! / The mice are here, the cat plays Kitten (Mature) Singing at the Crossroads in the Shadow of Your S… Remember, you too are divine,and worthy of praise… Feline she is no hero / no saviour / a dark taste flavour / paint licked / dripped / dipped / into curvaceous black / scented exotic / a feline / … Feline Thoughts I’ll smell the freshness of the grass / And feel the warm sun’s rays……………. Catwoman Transforms I reach down from the ledge / Claws catch leather… Feline Fears and Strange behavoirs Just want to share some strange and unusual feline behavoir I witness on a daily basis around here … / First feline fears… / 1.… feline We dont keep in touch anymore / Its been a while / Since ive held your hand / Or see you smile. / With bitter regret / And acidic heart / … Oriental Cat All cat lovers ……. you will understand the emotive tones in this poem. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee PHOTOS SEEN HERE! Featured in ‘’Paws n Claws’R… Hunters Eyes our pet Cat Neika bird watching from inside . / A great Thank you to the group & moderators for featuring this image , its… 19-SEP-2010 – WINNER!!! IN FELINE GRACE CHA… CATS AND DOGS GROUP / THANKS TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR MY IMAGE Thank You For The Feature!!! Thank you You’re Accepted Group members and hosts for choosing my image “Here Kitty..Kitty” for a featured work. I am so grateful for… Featured in Paws n Claws thankyou very much to the Paws n Claws group for the feature of little Neika our tortise shell puddy tat. / very honoured to be in the grou… Today’s Blue And Gray record timing, owing instant. striking as female hands, alive and scent a while ago. our personal forward The Blue Jewel i can’t afford an aura Cat And Pollen Pollen Powder / Pollen Power / Pollen EVERYWHERE! … Feline tonight Lets go out on Halloween night / A playboy bunny, a witch or simply a feline / Took a skytrain with my cousine / and BLAH…BLAH…… Contemptible Humans!!!!! Written from the point of view of one of my cats who is particularly mischievous. Insight into the mind of the fickle feline

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of feline writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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