Bush by Jonathan baez The Joys of Feedback ;-) I had written him a letter / which I thought would make things better / And I sent it where they said to / Through the Bugs and Feedback tab Eternity's constant feedback loop by Bill Brouard Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… In delving into the past of the fair land of Ordine, we must necessarily fall deep into the wellspring of both mystery and legend. It woul… kennedy by Jonathan baez war by Jonathan baez Feedback loop by inkspire Artistic Feedback by peyote Save Our Animals. We rope them off. / We take away there habitat. / We eat them. / We make slaves of them.. / We use them for experimentation. / We abuse the… Is it me? if I’ve taken a rubbish shot or made a complete balls of using a process, I want to know that… To Feel The Wind Eagles and Owls survive on the wind / without them the world would be sad / So why let all the others decline in our midst / so let us stan… Synthetic technolochy by Karol Choinski Depression I tremble at the thought of living another day / and the memories that always lay ahead / So I lose myself in the imagination of my mind / … Jimi Hendrix portrait by Mario Senica by HOLOgraf Feedback by Donna-R The I.T. Feedback Process I hate that this can’t be more like a movie. That there will be no moment where I can fight my way past the ninja minions of the head… Ō Totoro by Gemma1995 The Best Feedback An Artist Can Receive Is Cash!! by freebornman U2 (design 3) by artistformerly How bad can T-Mobile be? .. it’s like having to tell the guy who’s stalking you on Facebook what your home address and phone number is to make him stop. The Bright and Morning Star by aprilann What We Do With This Life We are dying, and we are watching everything around us die. / It makes me feel useless. Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Foreword: / This is the first book of a series that seeks to answer some most important questions of life, such as: What is truth? Are ther… Peace Love and Powerpop by mytshirtfort My Valentine to all the women on RB. The love of a woman for her partner will shine / for the rest of the world to see. Call for Feedback. If anyone out there who has enjoyed viewing and giving feedback on my images has a spare few minutes…… #84 by MyInnereyeMike #102 by MyInnereyeMike #101 by MyInnereyeMike Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… Examples of other mysteries abound, of the sort that are of much more import to the masses of common folk which litter the various worlds i… Yellow Feedback by Elisabeth and Barry King™ by BE2gether ALLY Network WIP by shanmclean Bless Them That Curse You by aprilann ColAberration-04 - feedback 02 by BrainCandy Feedback Please :) by shanmclean THIS SENTENCE IS FALSE by Carlos D. Toledo-Suárez Cartoon Universe computer having feedback with real- world Counterpart by Dragoncat Creative – Individual – Free I am but one who has achieved in this life / Something that talent can give / I may not be famous, or rich, or have power / But with nature… Brilliant or simply outstanding by cherrilynnn Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… From all over this fair planet of ours come reports made by persons of very different walks of life, of strange objects seen flitting throu… 'Quartered Question Feedback' by Scott Bricker ALWAYS POST FEEDBACK/COMMENTS ON MY ARTWORK NOT J… Lack of comments, and always faving, start leaving comments guys. Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Another legend says that, if you were to, instead, turn right at the / gates of Piccolo Rancido and were then to travel for twenty miles o… Your Feedback is Important to Us It’s about as asinine and tactless as telling a man dying of thirst that you can’t help him, but perhaps he should find some wa… The Way I Feel About The Truth For darknes has power that the sun has not / and the strength that lies within, / does bring forth what nature does combine / from the toge… Loop #0 by Carlos D. Toledo-Suárez POSTINGS Inspiration / Words without end / Opinions left / No need to defend THIS SENTENCE IS FALSE by Carlos D. Toledo-Suárez I AM A STRANGE LOOP by Carlos D. Toledo-Suárez ColAberration-03 - feedback 01 by BrainCandy I AM A STRANGE LOOP by Carlos D. Toledo-Suárez I Am What I Am *Yet hope is eternal, and our hope will live on / And I am who I am, and my heart feels so strong.& FEEDBACK by Gordon Tant Yet Made We Not Our Prayer Before The Lord by aprilann feedback I enjoy / When you let me know / You enjoy / What I do Who's that girl by CiaoBella Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… The girl woke to the sound of nagging voices: / “Oh, Angela! Where are my socks? I put them up to dry last night,and, / they aren’t there!… Feedback by Azellah Loop #1 by Carlos D. Toledo-Suárez Blue feedback by judith murphy New idea for sorting artworks in your gallery, pl… Look what I’ve put to RB feedback: /… Feedback loop Backside! by inkspire FEEDBACK by Giannis Vassilopoulos In A Dream Do We Search. For we hope and we pray, to be better than we are / so in sleep do we travel, without any car. Urban Feedback by maxwell78 A Mother's Love........Feedback Please by Kristy  Dorris ©HCS Eternal Feedback IIIA Monochromatic by OmarHernandez Lead Me in a Plain Path by aprilann 'Passage Feedback' by Scott Bricker Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Many an environmentalist came to Piccolo Rancido, hoping to shed / a little light in a very unenlightened community. They spoke of soft, … Quantum Entanglement by Ron Battjes Meeting Fairie’s and Dreaming. For to dream without want, is to dream without love / To dream with a cause, is to fly like a dove. Feedback by BarryZ Feedback by Paul  Green Feedback loop by su2anne Broken Glass “The Beginning” The tile was smooth. It was cold against my skin. I rubbed my hand across the ground to get the texture of the flowers imprinted on it….I f… Coping -WORK IN PROGRESS- I stare at the boy in front of me and wonder whether he’s real or I’m crazy. 'Janus Texture Feedback Spiral 1' by Scott Bricker A Mexican experiment - feedback please by Paul Grinzi Broken Glass “Moving” Sylvia was wearing a pair of corduroy pants and a big purple T-shirt. It was covered by a black and green striped apron. ©HCS Eternal Feedback II Monochromatic F by OmarHernandez U2 (design 2) by artistformerly I Lost My Mind A Long Time Ago – PLEASE GIV… He’s dug himself so deep, the lights out of his reach, / So ready for the final sleep, he’s already counting the sheep, photo feedback opinions, criticism, photo critiques Banana Feedback by DawnCooke Forces of Nature 0.3 by neilacid blue again by leapdaybride Santa Monica Beach (Tilt Shift - feedback please!) by Barb White To gain the feedback you crave… …you must first participate. / whether you single out what you were looking for / or accept what was said as it was meant / is entire… Blue Green Vortex by Phil Drury Feedback at the end of a relationship. by KateTaylor gafapas - client feedback by cocoe VOTE HERE: Have My OWN Affiliates Army! (family, … VOTE HERE: Have My OWN Affiliates Army! (family, friends who want to promote our work, biz partners!) Zombie Story To Yet Be Named Of course he was flailing his arms at me and managed to make me bleed a little by digging his nails into my skin. I made a smirk, and stuck… Formal Jazzman by Jazzman88 feedback random banter fuels the day / with quiet slices of intelligence / minutes bleed the hours away / in laughter, and in silence. / walk throug…
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