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Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast

Slow down / You’re moving too fast / seek God’s help defore you loose control

fast and furious

I feel it in the marrow of my bones / I feel you in the creases of my skin

New Religion

Love the madness of serving yourself…..

My Heart Beats Fast in The Highlands

I’ll give my soul / to Burns / tonight; / whisky will flow / down / in glasses(!) / like river Coe / through wild heather -

Written Rush

rush to your nearest heart store and seek refuge

always move fast

suffocating on air / and screaming our release

the never ending dash

my heart has been running for some time

Difficult life

A world I do not know moves around me / It never sleeps. / It never stops. / A constant movement. / Stand still long enough, / And you’ll l…

They Fell Fast Into Love Under A Crescent Moon

In sleepy twilight / Promises between lovers / Are written in stardust / Cast across night’s sky. / Like electric confetti / Firewor…

The Race

In my neighborhood I could win a race around the block or to a tree, but my home was on the wrong side of the tracks.


Slow moves, / Quick hands, / Soft touch, / Too rough, / Dizzy height, / Low to ground, / Silent moan, / Much too loud. / Hard embrace, / No…


The paradox of more or less: / more gadgets, less intimacy; / more information, less insight; / more pharmaceuticals, less health. / The pa…

Fastest Spiders In The World

We’ve some Spiders in our car, / They come with us both near and far. / One web hangs up in the corner, / A spidery version of Lil…

No Kand Do

" Hopelessly, he tapped the keys and clicked the mouse. His eyes flew over the display, looking for a way to contact someone. But of c…

Beautiful Madness

But I came to remember one thing / That I almost forgot

domestic ass

his other hand searched & grappled her bosom firmly whilst he mouthed her tense slender neck. one hand strained rhythmically below whi…


You start the engine, / You hear the sound, / You plunge the accelerator, / The pistons pound. / You find a road, / Put your foot to the fl…

time to fast (so slow)

a question of perception


Davina hated being chased, so why was she even in that situation? She glanced behind her. The men dressed in black were catching up. Davina…


New Stuff to show you quite quickly what art has done over a couple of centuries / And some good weird stuff too.

Featured (Flying Fast)

Hello, Flying Fast has just been featured in the waterfowl group, and I would like to thank everyone for their support.

Love Song

Dance for me baby, / Make my heart beat, / Sing me the melody, / And I’ll be the riff. / Come on now, don’t be shy, / Show me what you got …

hold fast

Flew a kite yesterday.

The time we have

A human-being was supposed to be unfulfilled, but in the end, the short time that is given us to learn, comes to an end and goes to the pas…

Not So Fast

My challenger waited. I tilted the brim of my hat down lower, and stepped outside.

The Baby Bird That Tries To Fly Too Soon Is Sure …

she met him in one night / in a moment of heat and passion / flashing lights and pounding music / swaying bodies that caged bleeding hearts…


Swirling chairs of children, on sugar highs, / Elderly couples, slowly masticating their apple pies. / Never ask for chips, they only have …

Freezing Fast

…veil of thick cloud but no blue…


written on a spur of the moment for a girl i loved back in 1991 on a piece of paper in the Great Hall at Hervey Bay High School. It just po…

Happy holidays

…..looking back its seems to have gone like a a movie on fast forward…

The Happy Meal

As if a flabby hamburger and a plastic dinosaur could possibly nourish body or soul, he muses sadly as he watches his son across the table.

Dream Shot #01

Reality and words

“The daylight goes so fast”

Then the night with all the glory / To so many people not too all / Some are still working some are not / Some have houses or to the like o…

Don’t Look Down

I look. Down. We’re so high all you can do is look down. But it’s a long way away.

“Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can̵…

Ready! Pull back hard….. and…. RELEASE!!!! (Splat) Aim a little lower… and to the left….. pull back…. and LE…


I tried to follow him / But he was going too fast / To love him was not something / That would last / A quick adventure / He would say / Th…

-Breaking Fast-

I will eat the bread of their genius, and take my fill of wrinkly thoughts, under Time.


Lovers moan in quietened epitaphs of juicy co-mingled forbidden fruits

My Fast

The test of time will have taken / it’s toll on your tongue


Devil Horse / No remorse / Eyes glowing red / White crest on his head / Black as night / Will give fright / Never caught / Always sought / …

A Sinatra quote. He was right.

I gonna live until I die.

To dream a dream in halves…

“Hurry!” she whispers. I begin to run but I don’t know where I’m going. “Make me safe! Please.” She says desperately, once again her lips n…

Tram Rider

I stop to think while I / race past the world and I / pause to breathe while it / takes my breath away

Fast Girls

These insolent ones whose souls are brittle, / slicked back like their hair.

Stay fast captain

set sail and don’t look back, I wont be behind you. I heard your words form a distance your favorite way to convey how you feel, I th…

My Reply

not to share-n-boast / but to catch the very moment that the Lord chose / to grace me w/ His presence and speak to me.

love is fading fast


Personal Outrage

Sweet Motion, Candy Ocean

an accident waiting to happen

going, going, gone….

She talked fast…

sometimes you had to listen real hard to hear what was behind the / stuff she said


Running As Fast As I Can / I need to search / To find out who I am / Away from the sound of voices / I no longer want to hear / It is my ti…

Fast Reynolds

The Yearning of Reynolds always did move quite fast. There is always The Force causing The Yearning to hurry. Even though Reynolds is a pla…

Come Fast And Sure

Myst is all around, covering the moments that are yet to be known.



in the fast night she was singular

oh, heavens, she thought in the second he’d come in / where to go or how to be / then within a minute at the very most / he was scoop…

Remember When

It dont seem so long ago / when you were just a baby in my arms / I still remember the first time that you smiled at me / And the sound of …

Fast and Furious

The things he saw were fast and furious. They whispered in his ear and none of us saw them. We were afraid but not for long.

Race Cars Go Fast!

I wish I was a race car, / so I could go super fast! / I wish I was a jet plane, / so I could fly up high in the air!

Going Nowhere Fast

He thinks he’s got it all figured out / But there’s truth in Cliche. / His best friend thinks he’s a dud, / And he’…

Break the Fast

to preserve in a seashell / to love in a teepee / to nail the sun to the sky / and the sky to itself / to sit beneath the priestess / under…

Only Fast Running Would Do


Old McDonald’s

Old McDonald’s had a plan, e-aye-e-aye-o / To peddle crap in every land, e-aye-e-aye-o

the cause of a fast death

He watched from a distance as the doctor stalked off with pride. His grandmother lay weak in bed and now, this made his emotions tangle up.…


Gravel grinding and crunching under rubber encased steel, / Driving fast, rushing air surrounding me the only thing to feel. / Music pumpin…

think fast to hatred

Turn and say what you were thinking. / i know it wasn’t good. / say it to my face, please i am begging you to. / Its not me your hurt…


We started out fast and heavy / Then distance stepped in / And slowed the pace / But heavy still stayed


in the pan

Heavy Heart

Slow goes the clock when a sigh is muttered, / Echoes through the halls of the heavy-hearted. / Ticks and tocks do ring out clear, / Alas t…

Courage is the price

he car came to a stop, broken and shaken he looked at his little brother , he had the face of tragedy ,in the broken wreck Bronson carried …

words before the awkward silence

i find myself slowly dying on the couch in the living room of the… neighbors. if you could say they were neighbors, you could say the…

Fast Track Singapore Sling

Well – weekend came and went but boy was it the longest weekend of my / life!!!! / Started on Friday – after going the IT Fair …

Fast Cars and Dark Night

Palestine the Holy Land, / Serani on the radio, and flashes of / phosphorescence, an artificial brilliance, / in the lights of every dreami…

Moving Far, Moving Fast – Peering Through

Moving so far / Moving so fast / Don’t know where / The time is going / It just disapears / Somewhere / I don’t know / The deep…

For John

So lets start something new and see how long this white truck will last. / Yea babe lets go anywhere, yea anywhere fast.

Fast Break

Soaked to the flesh with sacred graze / And the green futures of Tycho / Making a living, a noble death, secondly / Getting dressed hurried…

Happy ending.

“Skip to the last, paragraph, just before we start, / To see the happy ending, or the broken heart.” / - The Futureheads.

fast, a sleep

quick to judge, justified by another’s love / 2 × 2, the fallen timber of humanity is / carved up into the realms of image-natio…

A neighbourly thing.

I want to be better than him.

I want fast forward, huntsman spiders

There is a bulge in the pole of the hills hoist in our garden, which has been designed to fit perfectly the curvature of my neck. The metal…



Dream Shot #13

" … to the living dream’s reel of choices make."

Dream Shot #11

" … living lies come true."

Dream Shot #12

“You can tell by the blood on your hands …”

Dream Shot #15

“…there is more to life than work for money’s sake …”

lets do several cities really fast?


Dream Shot #14

“Once upon a risk factor of your dreams; the ones you are living and …”

Dream Shot #16

" …the ones that come to destroy your living dreams alive, but …

Dream Shot #03

" … to be the vapors of thoughts once caged …"



Burger King Blues

You know you’ve hit rock bottom / When you seek Whoppers over friends.

measuring up on a hapless run to nowhere fast

she walked in / sat a ruler / on the bartop / and announced / “AWRIGHT BOYS / I’M HERE TA SEE / WHICH ONE OF YA / IS MAN ENUFF / TA SHACK U…

Dream Shot #02

… a question one …

fast money?

tricky chicky drivers???

Better Half

We are said to be created with four / slit in half longing for that better half / that would help that time past so fast / those worries…

Hold Fast

Awfully torn and mangled, awash in red / augers of stone, the salient matters remain

Fast Food

Sixty million burgers sold, / Obesity up a hundred fold
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