My Own Makeover/Photoshoot! (Photos Here) So on Saturday April 10th, my makeup artist, Kelsey Johnson ( ) came over and made me over into a classic beauty then to… Bloody paper cut Crime, passion and paper cuts – good combo I reckon “They Gonna Hang me from a Tree” Hold me down little Mama, don’t you let me up free. / Hold me down little Mama, don’t you let me up free. / ‘Cause I got … Mephisto dans le Métro The train of six, sealed canisters, articulated to form a gleaming, electrified worm, dips between the tapering, concrete walls of the entr… Beauty Inside I can look good in a pair of heels / If my ankles play along / And I find my ample butt cheeks / Support a lacey thong I loves me spray on jeans I loves me spray on jeans / I think they fit just right / it takes some time to load ‘em, / tho’ tis always worth the fight. / … Luminary Fashion such is to be shaken from / and to have the freedom to see… A Wicked Distraction Do you ever catch yourself thinking inappropriate thoughts, due to your rebellious mind wanting to override your willingness to be decent? … preapocalyptic moscow fashion. i am rather enjoying pre-apocalyptic moscow. / the already prodigous heat has been joined by it’s best friend, smoke, as 63 strangely… Looking for a model Model required in Adelaide SA for a fashion and wedding dress shoot An Old Fashion Romance With a daunting smile I waved at you that night, / Somehow the way you looked at me didn’t feel so right. / Puzzled and embarrassed I… An Illuminating Assurance The brilliant gold shimmered and reflected, casting its brightness on the plainer, more earthen tones near it. / Red lips spoke the words: … the toilet wont flush oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my god and im in a rush / what a mess as i hurridly blush / oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my go… New Old Jazz Blues When Ornette played the blues / He blew with passion not fashion / Freeing jazz from restriction / With conviction Budding beauty Age of purity and innocence, / this time of change / meets a blooming maturity / Fulfilling form, stylising figure; / nature produces fine … red bum cheeks clearley remembering the good old days / playing in the fields climbing trees / jumping over gardens chap door run / home from school with … Pennywish Sitting on the couch / with my fingers crossed, / I’ve tossed my pride off the top rock. / Oh, stop, / to see what the goblin got in… wittle archies close call ( wear your seat belt i… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age from a village called sauchie in scotland uk… / t… wittle archies bwirthday suwrprise hi their wittle archie here im jwust a boy of only shevan yearsh old and im from a village in clackmannanshire called sauchie in scotland i… MAKING CHOICES = TAKING CHANCES ‘Are you ready, or should we wait?’ She asked even though she knew the answer. / ‘We can’t wait.’ / ‘Let’s go,’ Jane called. / Togeth… wittle archie-are you a good sprout or bad sprout… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age / from a village in scotland called sauchie in the uk /… All synthetics are man-made (Barren Seed extract) “Do you think you could ever satisfy her? Do you think you are good enough to take her to heaven? But you don’t know what heaven I am talki… wittle archie-be a friend ( school bullying ) end… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jwust sheven years old today im going to tell you a poem about school / today i went to school / t… c’est la mode come check out my pumping pumps….oh la la wittle archies new teacher and redbubble art day hi everybody my names wittle archie im shevan years old and im from a small village in clackmannanshire scotland uk called sauchie / iR… wittle archies new pet silver and trip to the fun… hi my names wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire uk scotland, tod… wittle archie-swing fun ( could be dangerous ) hi my name is wittle archie, if we havent met before then im very pleased to meet you……… / im only sheven yearsh of age a… the scary dream i had last night……… dreams, dreams, be honest about your dreams Pride I picture her presenting / herself to St. Peter one day / and getting / the brushoff Home Sitting My friend, Jeff rang. “Hey Gale,” he said in his usual lazy drawl. “Wanna house sit my buddies place?” / I wasnR… wittle archies call for help ( save the world ) hi my name is wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a small village in scotland called sauchie in clackmannanhi… Victimless Crimes…the usual suspects. guilty, and old favorite cast aside for something cheap glitzy but very cool Laconic Mimus Lassiez-faire / handmaid / scones / demonized / taut tuchus / thrones. / Ashen skin / and / tawny port / mingled / phage / in / fettered /… wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow )… hi my name is wittle archie im jusht shevan years of age and im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / hi to all m… The Black Pit but instead drinks the bitter brew of / faded memories, regret and / pride which / match the colours of the bulldog, / and the shamrock and… wittle archies windy experience hi my name is archie and im jwusht a wittle boy of only shevan yearsh of age and im fwrom a village in scotland uk called sauchie / to-dwa… From This to This (a different article) This is the article as it was sent to me; me being asked to “cute” it up: / Lexiana Salazar, 3 years is asked to be in a fashio… What I want But I want to be beautiful. Anita Norris Models On November 14 2009 I was asked to take part in the shooting of a fashion show at Masonville Mall in London, Ontario. Anita Norris runs a m… Gifts from the Red Carpet The Oscars would live on, but instead we might hear interesting dialogue on where a few thousand US dollars can make a vast difference. Article- burlesque fashion Burlesque revival! How to get the look… / Who saw the Burlesque special on Faking It? / You’ve probably heard of the Burlesque revival even… The Cat Walk Vanity Vendor, / Image blender, / Reflection warper, / Perfection sorter, / Anorexia promoter, / Morale demoter, / Life bender, / Ego ende… “Johanna” Wins Fashion Pinup Challeng… Many thanks to all those who voted for my image “Johanna” in the “Creative Fashion Photography group” Fashion Pinu… THE ANSWER I was looking for an answer / Didn’t know where to look / Thought maybe perhaps / I’d look in a romance book / There was nothin… Advice Please. Help! The Wrong Hat. I blame myself of course and short of burying it in the park, or causing it mysteriously to spontaneously combust, I will have to live with… Spoof newspaper article all for those extra deep puddles, Great Fashion News!! Good News for fashion! If you noticed, I’ve always used models who weren’t thin and had diversity, so I’m happy to read this on /… The Lament of the Country Girl’s Shoe “But they’re practical” is the battle cry heard everywhere Change for the Better? ‘It’s about time they let us out of these cages,’ says the younger sister. The Lament of the Country Girl the hideous shoes of my loved ones and neighbours Good Old’ Fashion Love Good Old’ Fashion Love / The kind of love that I’m looking for … Little Black Dress Event III Taking photos of the models getting their hair and makeup done, and eventually wardrobe. Then we take all that and put it into a slideshow … Saratov, Russia stamping color into the dirty ground with every click of their heels Louis Vuitton Under His Under Arm Alex Tarrand / Announced recently on the BBC wire was the remarkable news that Mikhail Gorbachev is now a model for Louis Vuitton luxury h… You F L Y… You sport fashion with great F L A I R, / With a unique style that is so R A R E. / You hold the W O N D E R / Of a child, / Your charming,… Coco Fashionistas in search of faux pas… / I’m feeling a bit ennui. / This week it’s angora… / Next week it’s pashmina. 2009 PARIS FASHION PARIS FASHIONS NOW / Not sure why exactly but I’m a bit fixated on Fashion @ the Moment. / I guess it is stimulating. How many ways a… The In Crowd …Mindless dribble exchanging lips, / Further the soul eating disease, / Until all I see are droids, / Clones, copies, duplicates̷… Old fashion tinkerbell shoes Old fashion tinkerbell shoes pit-a-pat between the sound where my footsteps collide, / In high heels I sit crouched comfortably, / feeling… Threads of Life She was no longer defiant or embittered and this was not about winning, her next statement was an honest plea. fashion show you could wear / those garments / some clingy / some draped / like togas / some filmy / and ready for action / you could pull it off / you … amazing fashion – but the designer dies I was drawn to read an article in the weekend paper about a fashion designer who recently died. Lee Alexander McQueen / I checked his works… Band of Gods From far enough away, / the band appears as if / atop Olympus / wielding their thunderbolts / Hephaestus striking great brash blows / his a… Nighttime Fashion Is the music loud enough tonight? / Because this dance is all we have. / Is the love stronger than lust right now? / Because this kiss is a… Tell Me were not still in an 80’s fashion g… I have yet to see a video as simply as FUNKY AS THIS / Seriously though Fashion has a long way to go. The “LOOK” now is not dis… My life exists in a broken linear fashion My life exists in a broken linear fashion, which means I realize that my everyday life follows some sort of straight line pattern, but my p… Designer D Watch me watch you Designer D / as you polish you nails and file your needs / Watch me dance and play with life / Designer D the ultimate w… I Am Pretty Transparent I have been thinking… / you gather people around you to confirm your version of reality. Fashion show in the forest In the magic silver sheen of the forest / the fairy queen is seen / wearing a dewdrop covered cobweb dress / which shines like diamonds / s… How Far Away is Four Blocks? Little does she know, in an apartment four blocks away, sits the boy / who just can’t stop thinking about / how beautiful she is. Glass Heart Half Full and to this day, i’ve yet to hear her side of the story. Branding Research ::: Tell Me Is it All Just Spin? Now no one wants to do a survey. / Usually they are time consuming and a little irritating like a pap smear or prostate examination. / But … THIS LADY MAKES FASHION “ANNA WINTOUR ": / MRS. VOGUE HMSlatex interview for Paris is known for its gourmet food, its landmarks and its innate sense of style. The latter is embodied by HMSlatex- designed by Sophie Ri… BABY BRANDS ::: BRANDS OF BABYS TOO! Do you demonstrate self worth and integrity in your decision making and lifestyle or are you impressing upon them the importance of brandin… I made a Sale : ) I Just Sold A T-Shirt: / fashion show she slipped off the runway / and right into my arms / I’ll buy it for you / but, she said she didn’t like it / and, that was ro… Now This is a FASHION SHOW THAT ID ATTEND Fashion Lady I see you walking smartly down the pavement. / A model from some fashion magazine? / Your face made up with all the latest colours. / Your … Summer Fashion Tips Tip 8. Lose ya gag reflex. And if yer gonna work here, yer sense of disgust and belief in a moral universe. High Street Haiku – H&M Very loud music / Wearing mass produced fashion / People look the same iPhone dust plug Don’t let harmful dust, dirt, and other foreign particles invade your iphone ! why not plug up those uncovered ports with a little o… Astonishment and subtle screwing up Ebahissement et fin plissement / D’un cil à poudre étoile… / - / Astonishment and subtle screwing up / Star powdered eyelash… / (Translated… she taught me fashion from the moment she reads this she knows she is her / she takes time to listen, appreciates when i’m clear / my sentimental companion… Journal of a fashion model who loves Syd Barrett I love Syd Barrett / I hate Mr. Rogers- “its a beautiful day in the neighborhood” / you know what-it’s not a beautiful da… How to buy wholesale korean fashion and hongkong … A certain cute trendy clothes wholesaler that guarantees you of quality and affordability, opt for the collection of wholesale korean fashi… Linen Fashion Online Store from Linen fabric is a timeless stylish wardrobe staple that has never gone out of style since it entered in the market. For people who know wha… Catch up with the trend of wholesale korean fashi… Come and visit the online boutique: They provide Korean ,hongkong fashion clothing and other online boutique … God You know sometimes, / I just sit there and think, / How much it all really doesn’t matter, / and then I think about how much I care a… ::: FANTASTIC FUTURISTIC FASHION ::: Perspex dress? Aluminium Skirt? Sure! climb aboard the murder train cars are found flying over houses and the oil fields are all set ablaze but the only reason is this: there is a limit to how much self pity… Fitflops shoe fashion design Finding the proper pair of shoes <a href="">frou fitflo… Blink No More Hitler would have loved me, she thought, placing her hand on her face. Hitler would have loved me. BRANDING BABY??? Children are so brand saturated by the time they enter school it is ridiculous – is your child (niece, nephew, stepchild, godchild, f… Mikhil Saluja Fashion Photographer MIkhil Saluja is the top fashion advertising photographer in Delhi NCR and Mumbai India. The editorial photographer is best in commercial a… Memphis Design in the 1980’s ::: NGV Memphis Design at the NGV
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