A Very Wet Dream (Mature) Delusional He knew he was in trouble the day he started seeing fairies in the garden. 18 seconds Poison is eating every part of my body. A Vision from the Ocean Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf. When I was Blond I watched him head to toe / So that I could see his face. / He saw me do it but didn’t care. / He loved my love for him. The Horrible Coma Call’d Living Michael blinked, and the shadows receded to the spaces between the stacks, and along the exposed spines of the books. It was cold tonight, … Enchantment …Her full, blood red lips were moist and seemed to beckon… / …As his desire intensified, John Black thought to himself &#… A day in the life… The doorbell rings just as I’m feeding my hair, and for one teeny moment I forget, and open the door without putting on my glasses fi… Notes on The tree of Life The cypress tree’s mythology is extensive; from Japan and China across Europe and over to the Americas from Oregon to Costa Rica. It is tho… MASTURBATION STATION: Chapter Two. MASTURBATION STATION / At the small desk in her bedroom she tried to focus, Stay positive, use your time creatively, don’t become bitter, a… Long For You I long for you to be in a safest place- / a room with summer breeze, / vitrage flying whips on my legs and feet / melting the color … The Fairyloon Man Deeply hidden in the woods resides quite a vision to see, / Here you’ll find the Fairyloon man, who waits to set you free! Erotica – Designated Driver (Mature) Roc A Bye Baby Jimbo retreated with increasing speed as a pinkish, slimy creature emerged and fell with a squish into the tunnel. It opened a huge eye and… Edward Cullen Is Not Real. There are no blood-red roses and moonlit walks at midnight. / There is no dude out there whose deathly-pale skin sends chills down your spi… For You (Mature) AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… A young Godling My knowledge was boundless within the cage of what it knew. I Think You Like This (Mature) THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… The Secret Keepers Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old. The Zodiacs for a comp called Zodiac13!!! Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend “Ianto” / “Ianto” / Captain Jack Harkness cries out in his sleep, thrashing in his cot in the Hub, his eye’s screwed shut, reaching out in … The Amulet Shalala made the first move. One pawn, two spaces forward. Quolo followed suit. In silence the game continued. Shalala’s first pawn finally… Dancing With God Sometimes dancing with God is as simple as opening your eyes. a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l… my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted Dream My dream was thus: / A wooded glade, and moonlight streaming down / like scarves of silk, so delicate, through trees and leaves / and to th… The Legacy But then the horde stopped its relentless advance. Their leader, wreathed in writhing fire, spoke to the routed fighters, the quivering of … Answer to You a dreaming Colors of love….. The colors of love are dancing in my head / I am flushed with hues of pink yellow and red / I think of your touch your gentle caress / I … The Titan’s story (White Kings Rook and pawns) Episode 7 of the ever expanding saga called the Game of Kings Alpha and Omega Writing Challenge “Tears of… “It is a dragon’s tear,” Khol’shar illustrated, turning it over in his fingers. “Very rare, and highly potent in eldritch content. This is … Indifference Apathy turns empathy / Into just another word. / To just pretend it does not exist / Is pretty damn absurd.. life goes on…with quick steps and heartbeats days pass / likened to petals falling from roses / nights pass / likened to embers from time burnt / life goes on / with quick steps and he… Erotica – Couch Quickie (Mature) Schoolgirl crush Something forbidden, foolish Frog Girl Olsen sat silently on the wet shiny rock in the middle of the lake and pondered. He often found himself perched there in the wee small hou… I felt you in my dreams …. I woke this morning / After beautiful dreams / You crept in for a moment / Then disappeared / I felt your presence / The warmth of your tou… Erotica – Slow Day at Work (Mature) Martin meets a Someone “Why did you move here?” Martin asked, mainly to make her talk again so he could listen to her voice some more. The Prize “Dead to a man”, he said leaving the door flung wide. There would be no one to disturb their reverie. Perception makes one sense, reality another, fant… hooded Naja naja / neurotoxin wedding bells, toll / your bloodthirsty mongoose waits in a penguin suit / Minerva slashed Arachne’s loom … Silverly Silverly, silverly the rain patters down, / Silently, silently like the tears of a clown. / Raindrops of diamond gleam in the skies, / Soft… The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 1) En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… Bookshelves Tomorrow again / We’ll treat ourselves / With treasures / From the bookshelves Tim’s Dreamer It was the last sticky and compressed / Moisture soaking / Blessed day / Of the journey’s / Final leg / And Tim was horny for home … Read All About It! (A short story) The widow Anna gets a nice surprise, lighting up her eternal gloom for a brief but pleasant moment… Treacherous Encounters a story poem by RestLeSsD Was it really worth all this? / Could this pain be justified? / For a love so forbidden / By those who had never tried. May and across the street / the rain shed its life unto / the leaking roof and broken / gutters spilled the deluge / into the rising flood. Girls with Gun and Dog – The story behind t… They were lucky to find this place; they’d have no hope without it. They had to get out and to her grandfather. Hide and Seek They used their bright minds to create for themselves / An imaginary world of fairies and elves. / I’ll bet if you tried you could think up… Facts About Picasso, Warhol, Lichenstein, They LI… We all hope for a passion don’t we? Don’t you love the idea of being so obsessed with something that you cannot get it out of y… The Fantasy of a Fat Girl I can change my cover, / still be a good book, / turn inside out / and be the woman / any man would want? The White King-Bishop’s Story Episode 6.6555555 of the ever-continuing saga that is the Game of Kings… Lunch Distractions (Mature) I have untamed thoughts I have untamed thoughts. / I’ll drive fast razor red cars just so I can screech corners. / I’ll go places I don’t need to be. / Places I … The Journey of Peace (Prologue) The paths that led me to this point were long and winding. They were filled with sorrow and agony, failure and treachery, loss and hopeless… Bed time story. Giant angel sat knitting hills and trees Let me be your Angel…. Let me be your Angel keeper of your heart / I will be your comfort if love falls apart / I will sooth your pain and hold you tight / I wil… “As You Love” May your Love be as innocent as your Breathing. / Knowing only, that as you freely Breathe Love out, you surely again shall Breathe Love in. Robots Ate My Tricycle Robots ate my tricycle! / They ate it fast and sore / They’d lost some of their parts, you see, / And found they needed more, / Well…… The Find The obsidian eyes turned and regarded them with a basilisk glare; then, seeing no threat in the three dumbfounded humans, it flexed its gre… The Bloodaxe Saga (an excerpt) “That’s dwarf, sir”, shot the dwarf. “Spelled D-W-A-R-F, and I’m only doing my job”. The delirious ravings of an exhausted mother Vodka, cigarettes, escapism. Advice, Please And tell me of the heart whose cadence mirrors that of mine, / when truth be told there is none outside my mind’s parade. From Fantasy to Reality “I love you,” he said / and drew lines / in the sand of his emotions The War in the Cove It was the itchy-hot middle of summer, and the neighborhood children were restless in their homes. Siblings glared evilly at one another, p… The Sisters. (Mature) Fantasy Fulfilled (Mature) Story – Lost in Time I can feel their thoughts. They reach out to me like ribbons of smoke and light, slowly gaining substance. I can hold them and feel them. A… Spirit Rising In front of him was a majestic sight, a pure white light eminating all around from a central source within a circle of people. Both light a… The Last Leaves of Autumn (Part One) ‘If you must go into that terrible forest, do not forget it be Samhain, child.’ / ‘Samhain?’ Siobhan repeated, puzzled, ‘You mean Halloween… Velvetine Flakes. Sparkling flowers on midnight breeze / Magic a spell to make it rain / All laid out on velvetine with sentry Fantasy, reality or a poet in denial? It was 25 below, / snowing,cold,lonely, / single again, / they always leave, / when the going gets tough, / I pondered, / as I ran across t… in the subconscious of my libido watch me. / feel how your shameless intention is melting / down on my neck. / [ touch it. ] / liquidize my perverted fantasies. / [ taste … Fantasy Land Poem Fantasy Land Poem! The Moon’s Children clans, much like the gangs that roamed … the counrty years before, … every single clan is willing to draw blood, deals in dark … Inside My MusicBox… In Wind… In Cloud… In Note… / Taken By My MusicBox / Place …Where , / My Place / No One Knows… CAUTION-EROTICA I need to be fucked. / I need to take someone and throw them against the wall and rip their clothes off while they tear away at mine. / I n… Everdark Pt 1: In The Beginning… This is no tale of fancy, it is the story of your ancestors and their war to win freedom from the Centaurs. The end of the entire race of h… I Have Seen Her She Floats…effervescent, / Through the pale night air, / Silhoetted by the moon, / The wind in her hair… / Sheer wings glow lik… Fantasy vs Feminism – Romance in today̵… To be cherished and know that you are. To be whisked away from the normalcy and boredom of everyday life, or to merely be reminded that you… Dragon Terror The problem was, I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for. I could smell it, yet couldn’t identify it. I could hear it still, breathing somewhe… I want Today, my baby / you seem so very far away / so desperately / out of my reach / I so want to / wrap you up within my heat / my limbs, my l… The Special Project (Mature) Spark of Dark Light – text Alway looking for the light, he fell to the pavement, reached for a hand and closed his fist. The gutter loomed higher as he tried to lift … Under a Twin-Moon Sky Even dying together would not be as bad as this death-in-life of gnawing loss. Urban were intro (explicit language warning) It’s going to hurt like fuck, especially when the quickening hits, only a fully grown body can support Lycanthropy so your going to h… What Was She Thinking? (The Passing) The beginning of the end and how it effects family of women. Volcanic Eruptions (Mature) Angry Days, Whisky Nights She was a woman with eyes like strawberries and lips like the sea. invoking the dragon oh leathern-wingêd dragon! / i would live with you / in your lamplit lair Elven Shelves Know not I to use them well / Sixteen books on magic spells / Stacked on hidden elven shelves / Locked inside where dragons dwell BANNERS Raise your banners / Hold them high above your heads / Tell them I am coming! / To conquer, not be conquored / To give life, not to bring d… replay now whatever madness / was between us / is done for good and aye What I Want I want to be me / I want to be real / I want to feel what I feel.
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