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Daddy’s Little Girl What would it be like to be Wolverine’s daughter? What would your life be like? What would your friends think!? / Those are the is… Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election Showcase : Your Work Featured by me:: Wonderful A… community inspiring artistic displays links people redbubble fan featuring showing marketing promoting others work “A Dark Knight to Remember”. part 2 r… Long black shinny wavy hair that bounced from side to side as she walked. Her hair was as long as the entire length of her back. And those… The Fan Step on the crack… break ya mama back, hot peas, girls in jellies and dungarees / double dutch… My first OzFest: A true story. An encounter with the Oz man himself :) You’re A Fan of Mine :) … … you set / the embers of my heart / aglow. a montague’s note The nobles spun in whirls of color and the hiss of rich fabrics, all the while laughing and twisting their wrists with the gleaming bells, … Before you kill a fly Before you kill a fly is a tribute to the amazing work of Pat aka Eyestrange “A Dark Knight to Remember”. part 3 r… As Batman walks around the back he spots red drips leading a trail to the back door. And there, on the white painted door, in big red spray… Thanks you to the Fan Frenzy group!!!! Featured in Fan Frenzy group! JIM – FanMan When Jim was born he was different to the other babies. Instead of a head Jim had a…. The fan Rosebud green eyes over a fan / sphinx cut hair / sparkling green dress topped with a halter neck. / She deliberately unfolds the dark red … Mr. Carton You will understand if you have read a Tale of Two Cities…or seen the movie versions…I suppose. Hyde-ing Screams tease my ears / like the sound of sakura trees / swinging in the spring air. / I open my mouth to taste each one / before I kiss t… Thank you Fan Frenzy I want to thank Patricia and the group at Fan Frenzy for featuring my photo of David Ragan….. / It is a very special photo to me sinc… Hitting the fan the great unspoken is aired, / and for one teeny weeny, miniscule second / of our blind, deaf and dumb earthly existence … / we are real. THE SUNBATHER When all chores were done / She would sit out in the sun / And enjoy being alone / To have an hour on her own / Her chairs on the grass so … got a fan page on Facebook / If ya interested! a little story (a fanfic if you wish to call it t… Now a year ago exactly this week I had my heart broken by the man I had loved for 5 years it was a truly horrible experience and left me in… The BIGGER fan…. When I clicked the fan to the high setting, the house lights dimmed. Actually, I am sure the lights dimmed … An Eye For an Eye Two lovers, walk hand in hand / down an old country road. / And walking past the endless farmland / they share eachother’s load. / An… Facebook Hi all / Just a quick note to those of you who are on facebook. / I’ve recently set up a facebook “fan” page showing all… Free from Choice : Born a Beatles Fan -Colin Boyd… I understand that people born in other countries are free to choose what bands they like. Still, I am grateful to have been born a Beatles… Gyrating Fan Gyrating fan, / Your cooling breeze / Sweeps over me, calms me / Restores me / You’re so cruel fan, / You leave me nervous / As you turn … Celebrity If you could find an easy way / To relieve me of my intellect / (And social skills) / I’d be your biggest fan. If I Should Fade And if I should fade tomorrow / who would remember me? me on facebook become my fan on facebook Please Visit My Animal Friends at The Mob Fan Club - / I have five great buddies who have their / own Redbubble page please go check / them out. / = / The Mob Fan Club / - Whisper of the fan As I lay in my bed / In the dark of the night / I whisper, I will not hear or feel the pain. / I can hear the fan’s motor as it spins abo… 1. Fan I used to be your number one fan. / I’d log on to your website just to read your blog. / To see when your next work would be publishe… Summer Fan I have a 50’s fan in my room, for the  / nights (hot steamy thick lamplit cricket-soundtrack) / when summer kicks in. / It has metal … Dragonflies, Peacock and Kimono Turquoise peacock fan I’m His Biggest Fan My hero doesn’t wear a cape / Or some stupid black mask / He’s there when I have a scrape / Or a difficult task Fan Mail To The Excitable Boy A little too little spoken a little too late, but still said. Doctor Who Fan Based Short Opening Chapter Opening for a fan based short for Doctor Who. Lovers from the Same Soil [aka True Eden] I once met a pair of elderly gardeners / Who worked the land anew. / Day after day, they found joy in their work / Because they had eachoth… When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 12, … People think that the only thing outside of the box is a pile of dead babies, half machine, half organic velociraptor rapists, a looping ta… The Fan Are you sweeping or alake? you should know you should know, you have a pretty name. / and i feel like no matter what you say / your still my biggest fan / my saving grace / my though… Axtelera-Ray The Rise Of Astrone [Video] / * The idea of Axtelera-Ray (once I practised saying it a few times) is one of the most / exciting ideas I have ever come across.… shit hit the fan When should we start? / There’s a he, a him, and a you. / I know the exact second / everything took a turn for the worst. / Your ex s… Torchwood, Jack and Tamrah She turned her gaze straight to the screen and helooked deep into her eyes, “I love you Jack. My Ja-” Her words were interrupte… When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 14: … Would you consider a butterfly to be any more godly than the caterpillar and the pod that it burst from? sarah i asked her for her name and that was all / its a busy time after curtain call / her movie set is outside my window / she is the only star … BIGOTRY EQUALS CRUELTY WE NEVER LEAVE THE SANDBOX, IT JUST GETS BIGGER. When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 6, &… Now if you’ve scooped the shock-induced poop from your pants or panties, picked up your jaw and wiped away the tears, you may proceed… When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 7, &… Tranny is now off limits. So is fag, retard, and indian giver. They even go as far to say honky, cracker, and whitey are bad words. Since w… excerpt from The Travels of Rowan She took another long drink of scotch, pulling the glass up to eye level to admire the shimmering amber liquid swirling like molten gemston… Fan or Follower I look at evangelicals… Entity – A short chapter opening for a fan … Freddy Krueger is awaiting his return to Elm Street. My date with destiny and a man called Dr Who (Pt … I met a man once,… / It seemed like such an ordinary meeting and yet it changed everything I knew and loved. Prelude to Summer Whirring in a fan

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